As may readers of this article already know, debt is a common issue among people today. In fact, around 80% of people are in debt currently. But, student debt stands in a class of its own. This is because student debt hold a few unique factors which separate it from other loans and owings.

Firstly, a student loan is one of the hardest loans to default on. It’s also not forgiven by bankruptcy, unlike almost every other type of debt. Interest rates can also vary depending on whether you get a private student loan or a federal loan. This can lead to expensive repayments.

Secondly, student loans are not directly given to you. Instead, they are provided to the college or institution you’re attending. If you’re receiving a private student loan, you also probably started repaying it immediately. This is instead of after graduation, as is the case with federal student loans. You may also have a co-signer who you’d have to worry about if you couldn’t make repayments.

This, along with rising college costs, make it obvious why student debt has crossed $1.4 trillion in the U.S. It is now the highest form of debt in the country. It also takes up to 25 years to be forgiven on, after a lengthy process.

But, if you’re reading this, you probably already know how much of a nuisance student debt is. The big question is, how can I get rid of it quicker?

Fortunately, the best way to deal with it is the how you might deal with any debt. Namely, increase your income or lower your cost of living. Because many students and graduates already live a very low-cost lifestyle,this means increasing income is a safer bet.

Below, we list a few side hustles you can do to help augment your income and pay off your student debt quicker.

Side Hustles To Pay Off Your Student Debt

Freelance jobs

One of the most common side hustle jobs is freelance work. The rise of online freelance work and sites like and makes them available to everyone it’s a fast and easy way to boost your income.

There are also a wide variety of jobs available, meaning anyone can find one that suits their skills. Examples of these jobs might include social media work, writing articles, or designing.

These jobs may require a high volume of work to be done, but they can be done anywhere and usually have flexible deadlines. So, mixing these with a normal 9 to 5 job can help you pay off your debt quicker.

Moonlight jobs

For those who prefer bricks-and-mortar jobs, moonlighting is one of the oldest ways to bring in some extra cash. Common jobs include waiting, security work or even lifeguard work for those who can swim.

Many of the jobs can be low stress and pay well. The one drawback to this is a reduced amount of personal time. This can get tiring after a while. So, taking a break from moonlighting every now and again can help you sustain your side hustle and your extra income.

“Share economy” income

A huge source of easy extra income, which a lot of people overlook is “share economy” income. Ride-sharing like Uber, renting out a spare room you have on Airbnb, or renting your car are all examples of share economy sources of income.

These are great because most of them are sources of passive income, meaning you don’t have to actively work for the extra money. This means you can increase your cash while keeping your time free.

So, these can make a great addition to a freelance or moonlight job to massively increase your cash flow.

Temporary or “once-off” jobs

For students or graduates who are just looking for a way to fight a slow month, once-off jobs are great. Examples of these include promotional work as a brand ambassador, or labour work on a construction site.

These can all pay well and have no strings attached. The drawback here is that these jobs will rarely offer regular work. So, they are only useful for times where money is tight.

Selling items online

This is a side hustle that is usually used by kids to collect some extra money. But, it can be just as useful for students or graduates. Posting old, unwanted items on eBay or Amazon can make you a lot of money.

But, like the once-off jobs, it isn’t a sustainable way to increase your income. So, selling your old stuff online is best suited for if you hit a rough patch and need some extra cash for your student repayments.

Wrap Up And Take Home Points

Student debt is one of the biggest, and most persistent, debts you will ever have. Depending on the type of student loan you have, you may have to start paying it back quickly. High and variable interest rates also means your repayments can be steep.

Increasing your income can offer a way to pay off your loan quicker and save you a headache. It can also help you repair your bad credit, which can help you get future loans. You can learn how to repair your credit  to keep yourself informed on its benefits.

By combining the above job opportunities, you can add to your income from your regular job and make repayments more comfortable and keep your credit rating high.

Some of this you can do without putting in any additional work too. This can leave you with more disposable income to spend on yourself.


Simon is a creative and passionate business leader dedicated to having fun in the pursuit of high performance and personal development. He is co-founder of Applied Change, a Business Change consultancy based in the UK. Simon is also an Ambassador for Gloucestershire business. Simon is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development.



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  1. anyone graduating with a b of a in anything, can teach english in so korea to pay off student loans, my son did, he is debit free, still lives overseas, he took matters into his own hands and did just did it. Was a shock at first, for him…I do not believe in debit forgiveness, no one can pay me back for the yrs he has not been in my life because of. Colleges are just brainwashing anyways

  2. There’s a significant portion of student lending that is nothing but predatory lending that plays on the hopes and fears of people who are not capable of making informed decisions. I’ve never understood why this debt can’t be discharged like any other though bankruptcy, but I image that is the result of some back room dealing between the lenders and government regulators.

  3. I would add blogging/vlogging as a platform to sell affiliate products. Even only done a few hours a week can build up to your own business.

  4. You forgot a big ONE. Dont pay for an education at all. Dont go into debt. Educate yourself. A very potent, practical and authentic education can be had by paying attention to, observing and storing, then revisiting your own experiences and insights and remaining in a state of creativity. I get deeper understandings of those insights by meditation and accessing my Higher Future self sans Ego or what some call, the “Monkey Mind”. Outward observation leads to more questions, inward introspection leads to deep understanding, compassion and experiencing every ONE as yourself. Most “Truth” worth having, you will never have to pay ANYONE for. You have an innate tutor built in, Your Future Higher Self.

    In addition, I doubt you will find that “renting your car” is a wise thing to do. Today car ownership is expensive and a huge liability. Growing up when you had car insurance, your car was covered with any licensed driver operating the car. Due to unbridled Insurance Co (Banks) greed, they have been aloud to be state mandated and allowed to put very strict limitations on what you can and cannot do with your car. The more the car is driven the more likely the miles will add up devaluating your “investment”. The more the car is driven, the more chances you have to incur heavy damage or abuse to your car, or worse still very expensive hospital bills. In fact I would suggest you calculate the cost of even having a Job that you have to drive many miles to. To own a car legally and a cell phone, most employers require you to have now costs a minimum of $7000 a year. That’s right, you working for the man will cost you $7000 a year just to start off depending on your circumstances. I am a freelance Illustrator graphic designer working from home (staying off the roads) for the past 12 years. Stop being a debt slave to entitled institutions that teach you wrong information and educate yourself. Namaste


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