The 444 synchronicity activation is in the process of getting triggered.

Lightworkers, earth warriors, volunteers, prepare yourself to integrate these upgrades in your life. No more facades or masks, it is the time to be your true self.

1. Being able to connect to very high frequencies of lighter energies.

2. Very clear and lucid dreams, experiencing astral projection and the likes.

3. Ability to discern what is really going on behind the scenes of politics.

4. Being very sensitive of the existence of surrounding energy fields.

5. Being more mindful of the chi and the solar, root and sakra chakras.

6. Experiencing and appreciating synchronicity as a sign of the deeply embedded codes of nature.

7. Experiencing a lot more deja vu, fluctuations of time, flashbacks etc as you become more aware.

8. Fresh energy and drive to make your mission of healing the earth successful.

9. Physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, nausea, low blood pressure, flu and aches, signs of the activation of your chakras.

10. People being attracted and drawn to you.

11. And some people being averse.

12. Experiencing a difficulty in putting on your masks which you’ve adopted for this matrix.

13. Your body being drawn to practices such as reiki and yoga for inner fluidity if movement.

14. More empathy for others and a need to remove negative energy from your surroundings.

15. Knowing that the flow of universal love will take care that what’s right for you, will happen.

16. Practicing yoga and meditation so as to rebalance and manifest your inner vibrations.

17. Purging of karmic toxins from the body accompanied by physical symptoms such as heatwaves, shivering and nausea.

18. Being consciously aware of the working of the matrix and heightened awareness which will help you to detach yourself from it.

19. Experiencing occasional bouts of depression, restlessness and despair brought on by the need for your consciousness to expand.

20. The overwhelming feeling of being part of a whole, connectedness with everyone and everything else.


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  1. Yes, indeed my dear, together we are all in the light of the summit , letting go all that is no more needed in all that is light and love. Thank you so much , always. blessings of ” MAA” with the Victory of the light. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute . So be it. So it is . I AM. ” SITARAM”.

  2. Well done Paul, much the same here tho’ I pushed the ‘Christmas’ out of my life many years ago. I’m now at the point of letting go of certain friends as I’m finding it being with them very hard going, they’re so stuck in their same old energies and refusing to learn. I’m a seeker after Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom not blind beliefs and so looking forward to change. Great Blessings on all Truth Seekers.

  3. Lovely. Thank you. I have recently been lucid dreaming. It started 3 days ago and has not stopped. I have the heatwaves, shivers and nausea. Hard to find agreeable things to eat other than fruit. I am very excited and will do my best and rise to the occasion. Blessings.

  4. December Solstice Meditation on Friday, December 21st at 10:23 PM UTC

  5. I believe we are on the threshold of a dream. I also believe we will eventually see the sealed inditmentments being opened in the new year as well as the quantum financial system coming online. The deep state players will continue to be removed or “retired”
    The one thing I struggle with is first contact. Although I believe disclosure is the way to go, and I have faith our cosic brethren are in orbit, the reality of “landings” does seem out of this world, if you pardon the pun.
    2019 holds big changes, I’m sure of it and I wait in anticipation.
    I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and “happy holidays” for you Americans. WWG1WGA
    God bless COBRA and God bless POTUS

    • Agree with you, Paul, and to Dyhana because I also anxiously await the Event. I keep wondering if many people need something like full disclosure or the Event before they will wake up. Many are still so glued to MSM. Appreciate this article, though, because I’ve been experiencing so many of the characteristics. A very happy new year to all!


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