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The LGBT agenda has made its way into law enforcement, and the consequences are terrifying. One local mom found out just how real things could get when she called out a “transgender” individual online.

Before she knew what hit her, the police showed up to arrest her in front of her children, and you won’t believe their reasoning.

The young mom apparently posted online “insulting” a male, who “identifies” as a woman. The man was deeply offended with being referred to by his biological sex, so he reported the young mom to the authorities.

One would think the authorities would dismiss this case. But they didn’t.

In fact, not only did they not dismiss the case, they decided to arrest the young mom in front of her children and haul her down to the police station.

LifeSite News reported:

“Three police officers showed up at her home and detained her, carting her off to the station and then interrogating her for having an argument with a transgender activist about “deadnaming,” and for referring to a biological man who identifies as a woman as a man. For this supposed offence, Scottow was arrested, photographed, had her DNA and fingerprints taken, and was locked up for seven hours on December 1 of last year.

The arrest took place in front of her ten-year-old autistic daughter and 20-month-old son, who is still breastfed. She is still apparently under investigation, and the police have not returned her cell phone or her laptop, which she needs for her ongoing studies pursuing a Masters’ degree in forensic psychology.”

One can’t imagine the horror this young child with special needs felt, watching her mother detained by authorities.

It’s a scary world we live in when one can be arrested for simply daring to speak out against the LGBT agenda.

And it shows just how far the “tolerance” argument can be taken.

LGBT activists are using those in authority to provide cover for their warped agenda. As it turns out, the courts actually sided with the “transgender” individual.

The arrested mother, Kate Scottow, was forbidden by the courts to refer to the “transgender” by his actual biological sex.

LifeSite News continues:

“Scottow has been served with a court order that bans her from referring to Hayden as a male. There is no such thing as free speech in England. Transgender activists are using the cops as their own personal militia.”

While this case may appear extreme, let it sound as a dire warning to just how far the LGBT agenda has gone.

And if we think it can’t happen here in America – it is already happening.

Schools are ignoring parental rights and counselors are persuading vulnerable teens to “live out their felt gender identify” – even if it means as a member of the opposite sex.

Teachers are being fired right here in America for refusing to go along with the LGBT agenda.

Radical leftist judges are siding with the LGBT lobby.

It’s only a matter of time before law enforcement begins to harass and punish those who dare speak out against a “transgender.”

Make no mistake, America is not immune to the LGBT agenda – in fact – we are already living it.

Our only hope is a divine supernatural intervention from above.

In the meantime, as parents we must continue to be vigilant and stay alert at the latest schemes and as it depends on us, to do what we can to protect our children.

Do you think this mom should have been arrested simply for refusing to refer to a “transgender” by his “preferred” gender?

Why do you think the world continues to cave to the LGBT agenda?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. If you believe that the current epidemic (yes, epidemic) of Transgenderism exists because that’s what the people want/need, then you may be hopelessly out of touch. Why are so many CHILDREN suddenly so confused about their sexuality at an age when they don’t yet even understand what sexuality is? It’s because “teachers” and administrators from kindergarten on up have begun shoving this crap down kid’s throats when the reality is that it IS NOT their place to do so. They have planted seeds in the heads of their impressionable young minds, when in fact these kids don’t have the ability to truly comprehend the circumstances. You have six year olds questioning whether or not they should be transgender, when there is NO reason on earth that they should even be familiar with that term at their age. None. A friend brought their cat to the vet last month and took their seven year old son along. Out of the blue the child asked the vet if the cat was transgendered! Why in hell is the child being taught this at that age? It serves no POSITIVE purpose at all. Do you really believe that it is healthy or natural for pre-school children to be read stories at public libraries around the country by freaks who look like maniacal clowns from low-budget 1990’s movies?
    So, to that confused attention craving sleaze bag who called the police on the mother who was arrested, you may not be much of a man, but you’re sure as hell not a woman. And perhaps even worse are those mindless cops that either followed orders or took it upon themselves to go and arrest any woman on those charges. They are truly scum of the earth.

  2. The deep state is a group of evil people, cooperating with each other for as far as they share the same goal of parasiting on the rest of us. They are in the business to divert the sheeple’s attention from that fact by creating as much division and hatred and problems for everyone else. Divide, and as a consequence, stay in power (or rule) is their main trick. By pushing the LBGT-etc agenda they create antagonism/hatred in all directions, which keeps the sheeple very busy. As a nice side effect, there will be fewer traditional heterosexual couples having children, which helps the depopulation agenda. Depopulating the planet will make it their planet rather than ours, and they only need about half a billion slaves, so all the rest of us will be sacrificed because “we are just useless eaters”.

  3. This is part of an agenda to make people forget who/what they are. We are not our bodies, race, sex ect. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience the body being part of that experience and we must all remember that with compassion for all

  4. How do the police know the person isn’t a woman impersonating a man impersonating a woman? What proof do they have that the individual even exists? What proof do they have that the person is or is not transgender? If the police come to your door, tell them you have no idea what sex the person is they are taiking about and you were deeply offended that the individual thought you were a whatever. When they come, ask the male appearing cops if they need to use the ladies room, or need any women’s hygiene products, and if they scoff, look at them blankly and say, “Aren;t you a woman? You are dressed like a woman trying to look like a man. I was just wondering if you were having your period and needed any supplies Sir.”

  5. Who cares.. Seriously! If we take out the ‘G’ out of LBGT ou end up with less than 0.2% of the population with the other issues.

    That figure is the same for Schizophrenia, Aspergers and other mental disorders. Its a health issue for sure but to try and mainstream these issues and even put the Police behind it is such ”1984” totalitarian behaviour..

    What the left doesn’t realise is once the Communist/Marxist/Totalitarian state is established ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WILL BE ROUNDED UP AND SHOT! These people don’t understand we are actually protecting them and once you bite the hand that feeds you the end state is of your doing..

  6. This episode obviously happened somewhere in the UK. That kind of thing has been happening there for a long time partly for the same reason that tyrannical gun control has been happening. England never had a written constitution. The government just kind of grew from seed and evolved through conditions. There is no Bill of Rights save for the Great Charter, circa 1215 thereabout. There, like here, libtards are obviously running seriously amok to the point of looking to be as completely mad (“crazy” in American dialect). We can only hope that libtardinal scum the world over will be roundly defeated by their electorates in democratic countries. Europe and Britain need some Donald Trump clones.

  7. What happened to this woman is certainly outrageous. I think people should be able to say whatever the hell they want to say. I’m really getting sick of living here in Los Angeles amongst liberals where you can’t even say the name Trump without getting attacked by all of them. No discussion even allowed. I find myself wanting to scream racial slurs even though I don’t mean them, be politically incorrect on purpose or just act crazy on purpose. At Beverly Hills High School the kids, all races, are calling each other “nigga” just because they aren’t supposed to use that word. Agree with Joe above. May God guide us on how to respond.

  8. If I state my opinion here on LBGT, will I be arrested? If I say that the world has gone mad, will the mad be mad at me? What insanity! Ugh!

  9. They are in massive denial. The chromosomes do not change nor does manipulated chemistry change the innate, biological DNA.
    Wow, the brain washing techniques are powerful, but our higher divine mind is even more powerful and we must all not forget that. Never stop using it. Once we do, intervention will break through and wither away. Start now.

  10. Do not judge lest you be judged.
    Transgender is the next step to adrogenous in the next dimension.
    Live and let live.

  11. No offence Joe, but “God” has let this mess get to where it is. I cant see how “God” will help any of us now. If we are to believe biblical context, then this realm is HELL. We were all made to believe things will happen very quickly after declass. But still nothing. Just the war hawks baying for yet another war. Seem they want the last of W Bush’s axis of evil. I dispair with this world. Nothing appears to change, and no one seems to want it to either

  12. I have a hard time believing this is a real story. I have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and I miss the days we were quietly treated at a clinic and the mass media had no idea we existed. Arresting people who are rude and insensitive about our condition will not win hearts and minds. I’d much rather educate people this is a real condition determined by atypical brain development. And yes, teens who have this condition of gender dysphoria should be treated for it. Parents who don’t give their teens proper treatment for gender dysphoria and ignore it are putting their children at huge suicide risk, so I do agree authorities should step in these cases. I hope Edward Morgran can learn to be supportive and sensitive to people who suffer from gender dysphoria, while recognizing people shouldn’t be arrested for simply being uneducated and insensitive. I invite him to email me, and I can give him some further educational material for him to read about gender dysphoria and the causes. Because he seems to think transgender people as a whole even have an agenda beyond feeling more comfortable. The only thing transgender people as a whole want is not to be referred to by the body they are at odds with. Sort of a dick move to refer to someone as the sex they feel uncomfortable with.

    • Yeah where do the transgender people who agree that the elite shouldn’t use “LGBTQ” to unfairly arrest and censor people speak up? Being used as a human shield doesn’t mean you are on the side of the enemy blocking attacks with your body, and it’s clear to any LGBTQ activist that the movement was co-opted for corporate branding unity, to save old businesses like IBM who sport a rainbow logo this month but really have zero interest in justice.

      All transgender people want is rights, space to feel the way they feel. If you’re into holistic/occult magic at all, you already know there are 3 gender kundalini forces, and one is androgynous energy. Also, all 3 energies inhabit everybody, so we each have a balance (or imbalance) of masc/femme energy too. Maybe some people have a strong imbalance and are trying to adjust to it through a collectively-participated-in identity shift to align with how their consciousness feels in the body vehicle.

      Are you denying that people feel this way? Or is the feeling itself the agenda? Or do you have a nano-tech wackadoo tin foil hat explanation for where the innate instinct to explore gender comes from? Is it in the chem trail metals that makes a trans person trans? Then why aren’t we all in drag?

      I think it’s funny — half of this disclosure stuff is true 5D awakening and non-duality, half of it is using 3D BINARY terms (male/female) to reintroduce the same kind of fear-mongering that Fulford claims to fight against. I think if you’re concerned about collective ascension and humanity’s awakening, where people use the bathroom should not be on your priorities list. Because why? The elites are probably laughing at us because the old divides (race/class/gender) still really work.

      I’m as able to access Christ Consciousness as much as all of you, and we are one in the supreme reality (which we were denied in school, which is being disclosed to us now). That’s a fundamental rule unchanged by anybody’s propoganda about where you or I come from. I don’t like how this Fulffy site rejects some propoganda but keeps (without sourcing/explaining) this kind of dualistic un-ascended and un-Christian ignorance. If the Children of God joined forces with total inclusivity, without conditions, the light would have it’s victory.

      Say whatever you want about LGBTQ people, but know that the cops and the government are the ones arresting you, it’s not the LGBTQ people busting down your door. LGBTQ people have the same hard time with cops and fascist new world order control as much as the guy getting his guns taken away. We have more in common with each other than with the elites.

      We are all experiencing life under a police state all the same.

      This writing needs to get better to do the readers their full and true justice. Otherwise, consider it a partial disclosure at best. The real deal wouldn’t pick a partisanship.

      • Excellent answer M. Fipp. It is true. The LGBT movement has been co-opted by corporations to serve a dark agenda while putting the communities against one another. The truth is not in the left or right but somewhere in the middle. More people like you need to speak up and perhaps write articles regarding this heated issue.

      • Well said! I am surprised and saddened by all the emotional and heated and low vibration responses this article generated. Was that your intent Ed? To further divide those who support and desire ascension? No wonder the deep state hasn’t collapsed yet. They have people in this supposed light worker community doing their dirty work for them. We should be supporting each other not vilifying an already marginalized community.

  13. I think that it is time for the people to stand up for what is right. If enough of us fight against this, with Gods help , we can stop this persecution .I will always defend my beliefs and faith in God. I can only say that the life hereafter in heaven will be worth the suffering on the Devils earth.


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