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  1. Sure a few smart or wealthy people managed to be part of an advanced law suite and get a lot of money for it. But What about the rest the world who just got sick, cancer etc and didn’t want any of it beeliving the BS that these American companies pumped out to the rest of the world…

  2. It’s time to pull the mask of these huge CORPORATION’S and hold the real owners personally responsible finacially and criminally for the actions of their BUSINESS. How these rich people that control the money bought off the Supreme Court to give their CORPORATIONS the same rights as people IDK but it needs to stop right now. Our legal system doesn’t recognize any rights of a CORPORATION in court you can’t face your accuser that doesn’t exist in reality and you can’t have a jury of your peers when you aren’t an actual person. These people need to face the court of public opinion where all eyes can see just who these men are that would corrupt our Republic, poison the people and the planet, drag us into endless war, waste billions on military spending while the public need is ignored and neglected, encourage hate and division, operate from the shadows and have their secret clubs where they decide the AGENDA and assign the people’s authority unto themselves. Not only will justice be served when these people are brought to trial and they return all the money they stole from us in the first place but all their victims can rest assured they won’t ever be commiting crimes against all humanity ever again.

  3. I’m confused the Germans are such brilliant engineers designers etc.and have been the economic catallist that has carried the european econamy, so how can they be so stupid to buy chrysler, adopt refugees who are still being created by countries that are warring on them,and finally just before Monsanto is about to fall in the sewer of its own creation,bayer buys them,montsanto must be thinking fat man leiderhosen and tuba music.

  4. Thank God!
    Hopefully it is not too late for affected places, people, plants, and animals ….the WORLD ….to recover.

  5. To write about these big compagnies nowadays, is a risky business.. You can’t write about the truth anymore. How many men/ doctors who found something against cancer were found dead in a river. People working at governments are already hiding behind the excuse that they will work for the climate change, a day later they say they can’t, because the others don’t go along. The greed of people is enormous
    My only hope is the Creator and Ashtar Shirad of the “New Jerusalem” and the Archangels and so many more people who are really courageous.

    I am already quiet old, but I hope to see it all before I have to go home.
    I surely hope that in my next life, it is a much better world. We surely need it.

    • The damage this company and the people running and benefitting from it is atrocious. Go down with the ship Captains.

  6. a great steep forward against the corrupt corporate elite who don’t care about the people and are destroying the planet with chemical poison for their benefit, killing living being around for their greed satisfaction.


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