By Mike Adams,

The Holocaust of history saw the coordinated, government-run murder of six million Jews, capping off one of the most horrifying chapters of human history. Yet another holocaust is being repeated right now by the vaccine industry, also run by fascist government much like the Third Reich. Except this holocaust’s impact goes far beyond six million people; it involves the maiming, injury and deaths of hundreds of millions of people around the world, spanning at least three decades.

Just like Adolf Hitler criminalized anyone criticizing his authoritarian regime, the vaccine deep state in America — led by the criminal CDC — has achieved the coordinated censorship of all criticism of vaccines across every tech platform of today: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and others. All channels containing content or videos that dare point out the government-admitted statistics of children being killed by vaccines — quarterly stats are readily available via — are systematically de-platformed and censored.

At the same time, the vaccine industry continues to enjoy a “special deal” of legal immunity, thanks to the corrupt U.S. government and its complicity with the pharma cartels. No person harmed by a vaccine on the childhood immunization schedule can sue the manufacturer of that faulty product. This means vaccine manufacturers have zero motivation for quality control and can technically put literally any chemical they want into vaccines… including chemicals that cause autism, neurological damage and death.

These two factors — the coordinated censorship of all whistleblowers and the “special deal” legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers — add up to a perfect storm for a global vaccine holocaust that can never be stopped, since no whistleblowers are allowed to be heard.

Vaccine pushers have become crazed, cult-like fanatics

Defenders of the scientific static quo claim that science is “self correcting.” But there can be no self correction when no voices of dissent are allowed to be heard. Vaccines have become a cult-like “faith” matter across the scientific community, where total belief in vaccines is required at all times, or you will be fired from your job, stripped of your medical license, isolated from research funding, denounced by the medical establishment and censored by the tech giants. No dissent is allowed to be voiced, which means vaccines aren’t “scientific” at all. They represent an absolutist, cult-like fanaticism that smacks of deep intellectual corruption, not rational thought.

No one is allowed to criticize vaccines. No whistleblowers are covered in the media. No investigative findings can be shared on social media. The cover-up is now complete, and the vaccine industry answers to no one, but hopes to violate everyone.

Mass death has now descended upon us, and it’s all being carried out in the name of “science.”

Watch my stunning mini-documentary video to learn more, and share everywhere. This video is available exclusively on, since Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube have all banned Natural News content for the reasons noted above.

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  1. Every single thing this "hero", Edward Morgan forecasted, in this article by Mike Morgan,, said in this video was well in advance of "COVID", and everything he forecasted happened to the letter…TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  2. I have always been sus on Vaccines..I won’t even get the flu shot
    The thing that gets me is…We alll know we cant trust Politicians and the Government
    The whole system is corrupt, and when the Government wants us ALL to do something to save our lives FOR FREE and making it mandatory in a lot of work places, well, I think to myself What are they up to? what do they get out of it????? What do they want?? Nothing is for free in this world.
    There is something seriously wrong with this world. But there shouldn’t be. Most people in this world, lets say 90% of the population are beautiful loving peaceful beings, who want to live in peace and harmony. The other 10% cause all the devastation and Imbalance..Hmmmm 10% makes one wonder??
    And how is it possible that 1- 10% of so-called Human beings, call all the shots?? Over all of US
    WHAT IS GOING ON???? Who is really in charge here?
    Not us Humans

  3. What I would like to know is, What is planning to do with 6 billion souls passing at relatively the same time? I thought his game was using Humankind as playthings.. so to speak..

  4. So why exactly did the holocaust need to be brought up along with “Jewish suffering” you could just talk about vaccines without being a pandering faggot who still talks about nazis in 2019 get over it

  5. Unless you understand basic chemistry you shouldn’t criticism vaccines. They work. And they don’t cause autism, cancer, any side effects besides the ones who have be tested by actual professionals who have no stand point on this issue. No bias testing. So don’t be some dooms day shenanigans boy/girl and share this link it’s complete and utter baloney. I understand if your allergic to the actual vaccine doesn’t mean everyone else is allergic there is no way of knowing until your body has it’s first allergic reaction. So your fine. But the government isn’t a corrupt thing at every corner of the world. They literally are trying to help and you’re denying the vaccine and getting other kids sick who can’t get the vaccine. I just don’t understand how people still argue about it it’s the equivalent of the flat Earth conspiracy. Disease isn’t something we can fight alone. We already are down this road and can’t turn back. It’s a one way road so buckle in if it’s gonna go wrong cause it’s not. Nothing will happen except you guys making the likely hood of measles which was completely dead in USA comeback. I respect your opinion just understand that this has been tested multiple times ok no one is gonna poison you purposely. Not these days.

  6. Hi
    As a Doctor for 30+ years, being a pathologist & Obgyn, these comments are absurd, crazy & very, very dangerous for poor Kids, these paranoids without having any knowledge of science let alone Medicine making lots of stupid comments and this will cost lives of millions of innocent children, their comments only make sense to idiots and Nazi like themselves, I will vaccinate my love ones because it’s saving their lives from Germs like you guys

    • Let’s begin with Edward Jenner. What did he discover, and what happened after that?
      And when did the conspiracy theories about vaccines began to emerge?

    • Amazing that I am alive today. I had the measles, chicken pox, mumps, rheumatic fever, and every other childhood disease that could be imagined and survived. 70 years old and still working. I guess these snowflake kids of today are pretty weak and puny. Millions will die. Sure, and I am the tooth fairy.

    • Dr. Kaye
      Ok, if vaccines are safe as you’re pontificating; Is the Doctor in these videos just waffling?

  7. Oh. I watched it. Well, I stick with what is already known but ignored (i.e. doctors must batter the child in order to deliver their wishful panaceas).
    Stabbing is a trespass & battery every time; criminal under current law.

  8. IT IS TOO LATE for the pro vaccine deep state nazis. We the People know and have been able to get the truth out. I carry a non-vaccine card in my wallet that states the Universal Law that nothing can be put into my body without my consent.

    • Unfortunately, the United States is flooded with brainwashed human beings. I don’t know where you are from, but if you live in the United States you may not survive as a non-vaccinated person for too long. There is no freedom in the United States any more, and the morons who live in this country gang up against any one who dares to challenge their vaccine “religion”.

  9. True.
    In Jesus & the Unabomber, circumcision is
    termed the Holocaust of Monotheism, with repeated stabbings of newborns also called out as trauma.


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