By S. D. Wells,

Science is founded on and thrives from critical thinkers asking tough questions, but that’s the last thing Merck scientists want any vaccine recipients doing. You can’t make this stuff up. Scientist Jorge Araujo says that quality controls and all-important safety practices are simply not there at Merck pharmaceuticals, one of the “Pharma Five” that dominates the vaccine producing industry. This scientist may not work at Merck right now, but when he did, there simply were not any signs of “robust science” to be found, and that’s why he refuses to stick needles full of genetically mutated viruses, foreign animal proteins and mercury into his children’s muscle tissue.

Araujo’s wife is a nurse and she completely agreed that it’s simply not safe. In fact, vaccines are very dangerous and experimental, but still the CDC pushes them all on the country full of naïve “patients for life” with the big slogan LIE that claims they’re all always “safe and effective.”

The former producer of “The Doctors” TV talk show and producer of the film “Vaxxed,” Del Bigtree, recently interviewed Merck’s former vaccine scientist, who blew the whistle on Merck’s total lack of vaccine sterile qualities in the lab. The more questions you ask about vaccine safety and quality control, the faster the industry will label you “anti-vax” and a conspiracy theorist, but the truth hurts, and so does dirty medicine.

Here’s the video of the interview. Check it out before YouTube bans it, like they do when anyone exposes the truth about America’s dirty medicine racket.

The truth hurts, but not as much as dirty medicine

The question isn’t whether vaccines are safe, but just how DIRTY are they? The former lead supervisor of quality control, sterility and safety at Merck has never had any of his children injected with dirty medicine, and some of those kids are teenagers and young adults now, and they’re perfectly healthy. That makes sense.

We should all take that advice, as it comes from a scientist who worked for years at the very place where the vaccines are concocted. It takes courage to be a whistle-blower, especially when you’re exposing the multi-billion-dollar vaccine criminals.

Araujo also attests that several other scientists who work or worked for Merck are also NOT vaccinating their own children. Can you imagine if your own doctor prescribed you medicine that he or she wouldn’t dare take themselves or give to their own children, for fear of permanent brain damage and auto-immune disorder?

Follow empirical data and evidence and you’ll be shocked at what you find out about the dirty and demented vaccine industry in the U.S.A.

Did you know that the Rotavirus vaccine called “Rotateq” contains two strains of a deadly pig virus called Circovirus, that’s already wiped out millions of pigs in Asia? Why would the CDC allow this deadly pig virus in a childhood vaccine? That’s dirty medicine.

Did you know that several flu shots (multi-jab influenza vaccines) contain 25,000 times the mercury (listed as thimerosal) that the EPA says is very dangerous to consume via drinking water and fish? That’s dirty medicine.

Were you aware that the small pox vaccine, the polio vaccine, and the DTaP vaccine ALL contain African Green Monkey kidney cells (listed as Vero cells) that have been infected with GM bacteria and multiple, unpredictable viral strains? That’s dirty medicine.

A former vaccine scientist from Merck is screaming the truth to the world right now so you better listen and let it sink in. Here’s what he said in a recent interview: “So what I do, is I follow evidence. I am an empirical data guy. I am here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism.”

The science is NOT there when it comes to vaccine safety, sterility or effectiveness. Nobody in the vaccine manufacturing business would ever dare compare rates of autism between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Amish children don’t get vaccines, and they don’t get autism either – coincidence?

One statistic from a recent study based on CDC data, that you probably don’t know about, shows that children who receive mercury-laced vaccines are 27 times more likely to develop autism than those who don’t. If the doctor or nurse said that to you and warned you of the truth – the science behind vaccines, right before your children (and yourself) got injected with the infamous flu shot, would you still proceed? The Amish know better than to “accept” dirty medicine, so let’s take a close look into it.

For starters, children are not born with autism spectrum disorder. Doctors may claim it’s genetic, but it’s certainly not inherited. Autism is brought on during the first few years of life from an overload of neurotoxins that damage the brain and central nervous system. To understand why autism is virtually non-existent among the Amish, realize that they’ve all veered clear of American medical “progress” for over a century.

The Amish parents know that vaccines contain dangerous bacteria and “serum” from animals and human abortions. It’s horrific and it’s forced cannibalism. No human should ever have these devilish pathogens and parasites injected into their body, no matter how often the American media runs their propaganda-filled scare tactics.

Vaccine proponents always argue “science, science, science!” Now the science behind this dirty medicine is getting exposed, and by the very scientists in charge of safety and sterility.

Tune in to for updates on dirty medicine in America pushed by the CDC and the FDA for cold hard cash revenue at dirty clinics near you.

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