By Daisy Magnun,

If you walked through almost any western household, you will likely find aluminum foil tucked in their cabinet. And while this multipurpose kitchen staple has so many handy uses, it can be quite bad for you.

It has many side effects and the benefits of wrapping our leftovers in it, or wrapping our grilled foods in it before tossing it on the grill do not outweigh the cons. Of course, many of us understand to some degree that using it isn’t the best thing in the world, but I would bet that most people don’t understand the extent of the harm it can cause. While there is a lot of compelling research for both sides, the best way to use it is minimally.

When we use aluminum foil regularly, we can end up with hypertrophy. This is what causes a decline of red blood cells in our body, which eventually leads our entire body to become impaired.

2. Toxins could be leached into our foods.

While there is not enough research to show that aluminum foil causes immediate harm, there might still be some cause for concern. Overall, I think it might depend on how you use aluminum foil and the temperatures that you cooking at while using it.

According to the World Health Organization, the human body is capable of properly releasing small amounts of aluminum efficiently, so it is generally considered safe to ingest up to 40mg per kilogram of body weight. Unfortunately, the average person is probably consuming more.

According to a study carried out by the Journal of Electrochemical Science, “In the present work, leaching of aluminum from aluminum foil in different food solutions was studied. Minced meat was used to prepare six different food solutions using tomato juice, citric acid, apple vinegar, salt, and spices. The results indicate that the use of aluminum foil for cooking contributes significantly to the daily intake of aluminum through the cooked foods. The amount of leaching was found to be high in acidic solutions, and even higher with the addition of spices.”

3. It can damage our brain.

Aluminum can cause neurotoxicity which is when our mitochondria of brain cells become altered thus causing us to age faster and degenerate at a much faster rate.

4. It might cause Alzheimer’s.

There is a lot of research linking Alzheimer’s with aluminum exposure; however, according to Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation:

“There is no consistent or compelling evidence to associate aluminum with Alzheimer’s disease. Although a few studies have found associations between aluminum levels and Alzheimer’s risk, many others found no such associations. Due to the inconclusive nature of the findings, it may be advisable to limit excessive exposure.”

Some studies to look at:

So although there is no definitive link, decreasing exposure could be one way to go about it to be 100% sure.

5. It can destroy our lungs.

When we breathe in particles of aluminum, it can cause us immense respiratory problems such as pulmonary fibrosis. Even grilling aluminum can cause us to inhale these toxins, thus damaging the safety of our lungs.

Some things to look at in association with lung disease:

So should you stop cooking with aluminum foil? The general consensus is that we should, at the very least, cut way back.



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