On the cosmic scale, the shift into the next cosmic cycle continues. Areas completely free of quantum fluctuations primary anomaly that exist mostly in intergalactic space (called Islands of Paradise) are still not stabilized, but interstellar intel sources report vast positive changes happening throughout the universe that are indicators of the cosmic phase transition.

Surface population of this planet is finally beginning to taste true Galactic consciousness, as it is becoming aware that there are far better places than planet Earth:


As we are getting closer to the transition, the Light Forces are still asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, until the moment of the Compression Breakthrough, to assist in stabilizing the energy grid around the planet utilizing Flower of Life meditation:


At this moment, the surface of the planet is still 85% under the control of the dark forces, and the Jesuit plan to infiltrate the Eastern Alliance was quite successful. All BRICS countries (except Russia to a degree) have been infiltrated by Jesuit agents in the last 5 years, and the BRICS today is not the same BRICS as when Lula was the president of Brazil:


The Jesuit-backed bankers are now openly advocating their own version of the financial Reset:




Mark Carney was educated by the Jesuits at St. Francis Xavier College in Edmonton, Alberta:


The Jesuit plan is to engineer a worldwide financial collapse in January 2020, and then introduce a cashless global financial system where Libra or similar globalist cryptocurrencies would replace US dollar, everybody would pay with their smartphones and global social score would determine their solvency.

Most likely, the financial collapse would be triggered via cascading events that would put a critical mass of central banks into bankruptcy:


The only thing I can say about the Jesuit plan is that there are certain things Jesuits are not aware of.

My only other comment about January 2020 situation is the following picture, as I did not yet receive clearance to say more:

Jesuit agents have infiltrated also at least 80% of the alternative media. This situation will be addressed when the time is right.

The awareness that 2020-2025 era is a period when there might be an irreversible collapse of the old system, is slowly going mainstream:


The following intel about the hit contract on Epstein by Koch brothers has been confirmed by reliable sources:


The Archon invasion of 1996 is in its final phases. It is darkest just before the dawn, and now the Draco/Reptilian elements of the surface society are openly promoting cannibalism:



The reason for those excesses is that Reptilians are being cleared out from the surface of the planet and therefore they are freaking out. Independent surface intel sources are claiming that many of the fires in Brazil and central Africa are in fact Light Forces clearing out the remaining Reptilians:

In the next few months, there will be drastic increase of activity in sublunar space, and the military is taking notice:


In the next few months, if things go according to the plan, I will be able to release much more intel than I could in the last 18 months, and hopefully I will be able to be much less cryptic in my intel releases.

Recently I have noticed an increase of negative, disrespectful, stupid and meaningless comments on my blog. Two courses of action remain open. One, to approve strictly and only comments that are meaningful and bring value to community and two, to disable comments section altogether. The choice is yours.

Victory of the Light!


Source: 2012portal.blogspot.com

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  1. Jestem wdzięczna za informacje.Dają siły i otuchy że Światło i lekcy robotnicy
    mamy z każdym dniem przebudzenie bardziej


  3. This is what I attempted to post in Cobra’s site under this same article,… “Greg,… You are absolutely right,… “Censorship of any kind is a step backwards”,… many people still don’t understand why that is true,… especially those that like to censor & decide what others can or cannot say, & those that would like to think that they know how to “love”.” but it being censored. I have no respect for Cobra or anyone for that matter who does not respect the 1st Amendment of the Contitution of the U.S.

  4. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey ,salute dear Cobra, thank you so so much for the peace, love and light , the beauty of union , the oneness of the universal love. Blessings of ” MAA” in the Victory of the light. Always love. I AM.

  5. I TOO am most grateful COBRA for the lofty, insider perspective on current events, reframing many seeming negatives as surprisingly positive. SO please continue your updates and simply discard or remove the negative comments. If these negative ones don’t like or resonate with what they read here, they can leave. They’ll soon get the idea. Your reports aid my “Keeping the Faith”. They’re encouraging.
    MY OWN comments, attempts to educate and pass along LIGHT information are themselves being REMOVED, sometimes ridiculed, from mainstream blogs and site.

  6. Thank you cobra! It sucks people are being nasty on your blog. I would say to approve comments don’t disable entirely! Positivity only! Victory of the light!

  7. Thank you for all the information.

    Everyday, I look up this website for stuff like this as it help me become more awakening and bring more lights to continue with the liberation.

    I know that people on earth are still negative, disrespectful, stupid and meaningless as you mention.
    But that why I have faith in everyone here on this planet. Everyone here know well that this isn’t the way to live. Living in darkness isn’t way.

    I always smile whenever there darkness in front of me because I know that I’m going to shine lights where no shadow can exist.

    If you’re reading this now.
    I always have faith in you cobra, the whole light forces, and all the glactic family.
    I know it’s hard work for all of us. I know that some hated us for what we do on earth.

    But know this….

    I will not leave until I bring light and peace on this planet with others who have deicated their live to this mission.
    I will be here for you, for everyone.
    Until the end.

  8. So we are no longer allowed to question Cobras info. Everything stated has to be accepted without question. No scrutiny allowed. Sounds like conditions experienced by alot of people throughout the world today.

  9. I noticed there was a reference to Sorcha Faal supposedly from www.whatdoesitmean.com. I tried to do some digging on this “reporter” and have yet to find anything concrete on him/her. While I tend to enjoy information from “Cobra”, I’d like to know if Cobra has any basis for using this website article information from said “Sorcha Faal”. Just curious. Look forward to any comments regarding this reference if possible. Thank you.

  10. I guess negativity is occuring because of the amount of time taking to reach the event. One example : In previous updates we are told that the Cabal have been somewhat blinded with the loss of a sattelite “Big Bird”. Other updates over a year ago stated that we were now in a silence period, making it believe we were so close now. Therese even stated around June 2018 that she would not be suprised if this time next year the event has taken place, yet now it just seems that we have years to go still. Bubbles of Heaven came out of the blue a little while ago. Just when one problem is resolved, another is introduced. Why no mention of Bubbles of Heaven years ago, ie tell us all that needs to be accomplished. Why was Bubbles of Heaven kept so secretive?. I want to know all what has to be achieved, not made to believe that a certain issue is the main obstacle to then be introduced to another new one. Its very deflating. This is constructive criticism. I realise these things take time but i was led to believe that the Cabal was losing big time and in panic mode, yet here we are told that their influence and infiltration grows. The whole situation now does not feel like victory to the light is anytime soon.

  11. What comments would have you censor everyone? Comment back. …..the social credit system won’t allow even a bootstrap, the bit where one can work only if you had money before, or I pay with a smart phone only, — up in my koolaide like Barbara Jean would say. it is so vicious in concept that it announces fairness is not true at all. …to announce this has poor people invading every psychos home who is for this system.. My home now, paco.. Fairness is not true…. That’s the problem with deddos. ….the regulators again need to occur; but deddos work only, have a plan. They have that army protecting their home. Let’s go to wheeling west VA. And invade the Jesuits. Put them in jail should already be. So invade all the courthouses.
    Let’s live in tents on all public property. …. See deddos are dead permanently. ….and anyone who goes along anymore….. There always is more of us than them. Always was, if you have to tuck in your shirt at school: no one would, so the rule was discarded. ……I believe the sun will announce their departure. Meanwhile, …i will move into an abandoned mansion if I can find one. If too big, others will live with us. ….

  12. Thank You for the information.
    I will pass the information on the staff at the Shree Muktananda Ashram in South Fallsburg. New York. Their phone number: 845-434-2000

  13. Your blog notes are so important to me. This post today is a little discouraging, but no one said this process was going to be easy. Thank you so much for your dedication and service to humanity.


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