By Rosanne Lyndsay, Naturopath,

Mandates are now a part of the “freedom” landscape in America; from vaccines to smart meters. It’s enough to make you feel exploited and controlled.

Not only are healthcare workers coerced into accepting “the jab” or threatened with being fired from their jobs. But if you, as a homeowner refuse a smart meter on your home, it means you pay to not to have your privacy invaded.

In an upside down world, the vaccine industry can describe their main product as “wrong” or “mismatched” year after year, and not only be guaranteed billions of dollars in profit from sales, but also benefit with no liability for the known failures of its products.

expert warns.

The energy industry can claim that health effects from smart meter technology “has not been studied,” but everyone must accept the new untested emissions.

In another reality, a trend of failure of a medical product, such as a flu vaccine, would trigger a shutdown of the vaccine program, and an in-depth investigation. New “smart” technology would pass the conditions of The Precautionary Principle to ensure no harm comes to humans or the environment.

Any product, be it a vaccine or a smart meter, must provide you the choice to accept it or reject it. Threats of mandates should make you pause, especially with headlines promoting fear, like this:

How the Flu Turns Deadly

In the case of smart meters, the assertion is that you would be dumb not to accept a “smart meter” monitoring your every energy usage move. The Electric and Gas companies may claim that without accepting their unsafe utility “smart meter” they will shut off your electricity. In the case of vaccine mandates, the hospitals claim they can deny medical services. The government claims it can refuse your children a public education.

Avoid The ‘Opt-Out’ Contract

The Opt-Out Contract is the contract the big institutions try to get you to sign if you don’t want to sign their contracts. – Jerry Day.

The promoters of smart meters allow for Opt-Out Contracts. Yet, an opt out contact means that:

1. you agree to not sue them for the harm they know they will cause.
2. It is a one-sided contract with all risk to you and all benefit to them.

“Never sign an Opt-Out Contract,” says Jerry Day. Always know that you have “Right of Contract” which means that on any contract, your signature must be fully voluntary, and not coerced. Refuse the offer.

The law gives you three days to change your mind on any contract. If what they offer involves any risk to you, they must insure you against that risk. So you give them a contract to sign!

The Conditional Acceptance

This contract is one prepared by you, that the company must sign before you sign their contract. This contact says that you will accept their harmful proposal IF they insure you against the risk.

Where there is risk, you have every right to refuse their offer or receive insurance to cover that risk. You only need to require them to admit the risk in writing before you accept their offer. A responsible individual must promise to pay all damages for any negative consequences of a policy they are attempting to force upon you.

Go to to download free documents:

  • Notice: Refusal of Unsafe and Unlawful Metering.
  • Vaccination Notice

See Jerry Day explain it all here:

The game is rigged. There is no law that says a contract has to be fair or mutually beneficial. Only you can determine that by reading and writing a contract. To protect yourself and your family, know the law and take action.

Rosanne Lindsay is a writer, blogger, and Naturopathic healer. She is the author of two books, The Nature of Healing: Heal the Body, Heal the Planet, and her story of thyroid disease reversal: Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her at Nature of Healing on Facebook. Consult with Rosanne to create a custom healing plan via Skype or Zoom or phone. Contact her at Subscribe to her blog for updates at and visit her podcast on Blogtalkradio, Thursdays at 5 pm CDT.


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  1. If u all ready have a sm art meter on u house can u still get it taking off u house why I ask this is because I have never been so sick before till this came on my house

  2. The wifi portion of a smart meter can be disabled at your request, and you can pay for someone to manually read your meter. If you see their existence as an invasion of privacy, you shouldn’t be on the internet or own a cellphone, because those are far more intrusive… Get your head out of your ass and get down to reality. Shame on you for fear mongering like this.

    Vaccines work. You are alive because of them, you owe your life to mainstream science and medicine, dozens of times over. Shame on you again

    • Dear Kenny,
      This is not to tell you WHAT TO DO! It is simply WARNING that these immunizations will begin to kill more and more of your children and maim many more. The results are going to be everything from nervous inattention and misbehavior to autism and death. The symptoms may well not be seen in major extent for years–until the person is hit with a whopper like a simple retrovirus. Contained in these injectables extremely poisonous and toxic ingredients, other elements such as aborted baby cells will cause autism within months or after few years of vaccination. To mention just few of the despicable highly toxic elements included in the poison brew of vaccines we find everything from cow-pus to mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, nail-polish remover, many human carcinogens, neuron inhibitors, hormone inhibitors and suppressors, etc.

      If you need a substantial, authoritative source, there are several books we can recommend beginning with Dr. Mendelsohn’s book, The Medical Heretic and Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins, and last but now least is, VACCINATION by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D. These books can give all the information about vaccinations and the industry that now feeds on the lives and happiness of the world population.


      It isnopublichealth urgent and CRITICAL that you get INFORMED–NOW!! You are “finished” if you allow a LAW to come about and be enforced making it legally mandatory to vaccinate your babies. That practice is DEADLY against the many dangers of vaccines and you label them as just ‘conspiracy theorists’ perhaps you have been grossly misinformed, we believe that if you carefully read the information gathered within the links of our long research below you will quickly change your mind.

  3. Welcome to world war 3. Genocide by microwaves and lethal injections masquerading as vaccines. The enemy are the corporate cartels.

  4. In short, we are toast. We refused the installation of a smart meter in our home and to have that “luxury”, we have to pay extra. I call it the extortion fee. And after all of that, I realized our neighbor has one and it is only a few feet from our house. Before I retired from our healthcare cartel, I was always at odds with our hospital’s infection control officer. I refused the flu vaccine and pointed out the inaccurate data he was posting yearly on the hospital’s bulletin board to scare people into getting the flu vaccine. I told him I would quit before I would get the vaccine. To this day I still send him the latest uncovered CDC lies (He made a mistake of giving me his email address). We may think we live in a republic with some form of democracy, but it sure feels like a totalitarian society. They just have not announced it yet.


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