By Amanda Akesson, medical review by Dr. Bret Scher M.D.,


Ever since Lani’s weight struggles began in her late 20s, her New Year’s resolution was to lose the excessive pounds.

Although she never succeeded with “balanced” eating, it never crossed her mind that she might be on the wrong diet. Instead she blamed herself and thought that she simply didn’t have enough willpower to lose weight.

Fortunately, she discovered the keto diet this year. And the results so far have been transformative:

Lani’s story

My name is Lani and I live in Ithaca, New York. My story is a familiar one. I started putting on weight in my late 20s and got heavier as the years flew by. I joined Weight Watchers every January 2nd, for 25 consecutive years. I just KNEW it was the BEST way to eat. After all, it was a healthy balanced eating plan that followed the Standard American Diet. Not to mention that I was convinced “I” was the problem for having NO will power. So I made my New Year’s Resolution every year, to get the weight off and conquer my inadequacies once and for all, only to feel more like a failure year by year.

Fast forward to March 2019, when I happened upon the Diet Doctor website after hearing about the ketogenic diet. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. For the first time in ever, I know I can stay the course. Sure, I’ve already had my ups and downs but what’s different with this lifestyle is, even if I choose to forgo “low carb” for a weekend or even for a week, I am confident that I can jump back into the fray and carry on. What’s really interesting is that I am getting to the point that I do not need to risk a weekend “off keto”. I like the way keto makes me feel!

My starting weight (March 25, 2019) was 234 lbs (106 kg), and my current weight (September 19, 2019) is 197 lbs (89 kg). Naturally, I had expected to be at least 60 lbs (27 kg) down by the 6-month mark, but with the help of all the wonderful people on the Diet Doctor website and Facebook community, I have learned that every body is different and that this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

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  1. Hi yes Keto has definitely change my life. I would go up an down with my Weight. But since Keto it has shown me a different way to eat so I can keep the Weight off for Good. An the Keto recipes are Delicious. The same food I ate anyway. I was 206 pounds. Now Im 180. From a size 14 pants to a 12. Thanks Keto

  2. I inadvertently began eating the keto dietary lifestyle way because it simply was how I like to eat and has eaten as a younger thin person -I had been a vegetarian/vegan for 25 years and found my weight at an all time high, and my health deteriorating due to inflammation.
    I have lost five sizes in jeans in about a years time, two bra sizes , and I still feel that the next size down of jeans are just waiting for me- I have lost roughly 75 pounds and have about 10-15 to go.
    This has been an effortless experience for me, and I am grateful to have finally started to listen to my body again rather than my heart which lead me to the vegetarian/vegan dietary lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong- for many that is a healthy way to maintain their bodies- for me- just too many carbs and not enough quality protein. To each their own!

  3. Hello.

    272 lbs a year and a half ago before keto… H1C 12.2 doc diagnosed with diabetes talking insulin pumps.

    157 lbs. H1C 5.5 0 medicine on keto. Cholesterol etc all labs are amazing, the doctor is flabbergasted and tells me to keep up the good work.

    Fear of needles drove me to this extent however if your diagnosis is early donot let them change your body chemistry via injection, that’s a lifetime change and your a customer of their medicine for life.

    No, I refused that Doctors diagnoses and changed my future… you can too.


    • Hi my name is Nora I’m 54yr old and I have literallybeen struggling with my wait since I was in elementary school. In 2015 I had my thyroid removed and I am now taking 300mc of thyroid medication just recently I lost my sister to Diabetes and I am so scared. Can you please help me also at this time I don’t have a job to be able to afford experience.

  4. Lani and l share many stats. Age, weight, history.
    I had lost about 25 lbs the first 1-2 months then plateaued for 4 months. Was discouraged.
    I ‘m back on it, feeling great like she says and l want to be successful this time.
    Is it possible to find out what her diet was like and her daily routines( exercise, activities).

    • Barbara, I believe a diabetic will thrive on keto. My chiropractor has advised me what to do to lose weight and he also stressed that I should eat smaller meals often to keep blood sugar stable. I have been eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours for a long time and always carry nuts, protein bars in my purse at all times so am not caught away from home and hungry. Thanks for your info. Good luck

      • I feel so much better on KETO diet. Over one year I lost 35 lbs. I seek out beef from grass fed, humanely treated cows. Eggs must be free range organic. (Not cage free. Free range is the best). Chicken stick with Kosher organic from a farm such as Empire. I bless everything I put in my mouth including vegetables. Thank them for the healing they are bringing me.

        The diet calls for 10 to 12 cups of greens and vegetables per day. It is a high good fat, moderate protein (so don’t eat too much); very low carb diet. There is a way for vegetarians to do this diet. Not sure how. I didn’t look too much into it because at this point in time I think most humans (me) are not evolved enough to be vegetarians. That day will come. For now, accept the gift the animals we are consuming have come here to give us. Most people are sick and in pain and need this diet.

  5. I am full of joy for her courage to start and her willingness to share her success. My story is very similar. I’m 78 years old and I’ve lost 38 pounds so far and my blood work is very good. My doctor is thrilled with my success. He printed out a chart showing my weight loss from 208 lb to 170 and told me to take it home and frame it. Easiest and most satisfying thing I’ve ever done.


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