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In this episode with Benjamin recorded on 31st October 2019 we delve into who is really the top of the pyramid and who is causing the cabal to lash out. We take a look at the circus that is the trump impeachment. Al-Baghdadi is not who he seems an is MOSSAD, Zug Switzerland being the heart of the corruption and all the computers need taking out. Many lower cabal members are being removed and there are more signs that a real war is raging!

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  1. Oh they are? I mean Jose, is that how you feel? It’s mid November and wake up, it’s happening. Ben might be a little smarter than you think.

  2. yes I don’t disagree with the above comment.
    Jordan Maxwell was asked is there any hope?
    he went on to say imagine humans are like the gazelles on the plane of the Serengeti whilst the leaders are like the lions
    if you don’t understand the analogy there you go

  3. The lltest news on PFC.We ‘re opwnling our eyes on the western crippling economy abd society. We as people can begin to change first.

  4. Thank you for upplifting info:) how can I try to get this kind of info to the super corrupt Norwegian government/ news media who is always giving out the UNagenda 2030/anti Trump propaganda? They also always gives us health adwice that is 180° opposite of healthy of course!;)

  5. Fulford Is a good guy but his intel is suspect and his analysis of the current situation is seriously flawed. The USA is the most powerful and negative human oriented people on the planet, even the UK and the other cabal nations pale in comparison to the American gangsters who run the planet. Nothing is ever changing on planet Earth, it has been the a-hole of the galaxy for a long time, and the chief A-holes are in A-merica… Rome has never been defeated, it uses the UK, France, and USA for their mercenary army. There is not one thing that Fulford has said in the last 5 years that I have followed him that is true regarding the so-called white hat elements of the USA…Fulford has said time and time again there are thousands of indictments against the cabal…? Only the low hanging fruit like Epstein are getting rubbed out…the rest have no worries… They own the Justice Department, the CIA, NSA.. etc… Forget it folks, the only the way this planet changes is if you wipe out the entire planet…. Humans are fatally flawed, they were created flawed, and they are constantly being manipulated to stay that way forever…..


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