By guest writer Jessica Smith,

The relationship between meditation and cannabis is complicated. Meditation involves analyzing your inner self to produce positive thoughts and attitudes. It is a practice that can alleviate many tribulations and frustrations of life. The power of meditation depends on your ability to distance yourself from the world and enter into a realm that allows you to view things from a distance perspective. 

Combining marijuana with meditation has become a widespread practice. Since its legalization, most people are exploring the health benefits of cannabis. Some of the widely researched benefits include pain and inflammation relief, management of depression and anxiety, and for treating insomnia. In this article, we explore this unique connection between marijuana and meditation.


What is the Connection?


1. Mind-calming Effects


Both marijuana and meditation produce mind-calming effects, and that is why their combination produces magic. Meditation is a great way to quiet and relax your mind and offers physical and psychological effects that are beneficial to your body. When meditating, you let go of all worries and concentrate on one aspect of your life to change it for the better. Similarly, scientists report that cannabis reacts with the endocannabinoid system to bring you a sense of peace. Smoking pot may help you to relax your mind. It is a perfect ingredient to include in your meditation practice because it will enhance these mind-calming effects of meditation.


2. Stress and Anxiety Relief


Meditation and marijuana help to relieve stress and anxiety. Research shows that meditation is a simple step that goes for about 10 minutes daily, and that can help to reduce anxiety and stress and achieve relaxation. Under reflection, your mind stops wandering, and when you focus on parts of your body that cause stress, you allow your brain to release these negative effects and leave you feeling refreshed. The sole aim of meditation is to eliminate the negative things and focus on the positive ones. In one study, the authors discuss how mindfulness-based meditation is fruitful in reducing anxiety and stress among university students. Therefore, if you feel anxious or stressful, consider meditating.

Cannabis also produCannabisreaching benefits when it comes to anxiety and stress. It contains various cannabinoids that work similarly with the natural endocannabinoids produced by your body. As such, when you consume marijuana, it will react with the receptors in this system to regulate hormones responsible for causing stress. Cannabis helps to reduce excessive levels of cortisol and dopamine hormones, and this, in turn, reduces stress and anxiety. Alternatively, With advancements in technology, growing Cannabis at home has become easier than ever. You have to pick Indoor seeds and supply them with a specific controlled environment, and within no time you own homegrown, Cannabis would be ready.



3. Improve Cardiovascular Health


There is a connection between marijuana and meditation because they both enhance heart health. Current evidence posits that meditation may promote cardiovascular health and reduce heart risk. It will help to lower your blood pressure, reduce death due to heart disorders, and decrease high-stress levels that can affect the heart. For example, it changes how you cope with stress, which in turn positively affects the health of your heart. People who meditation daily have a low risk of getting a stroke or heart attack.

People combine meditation with cannabis because it improves heart health. In patients who suffer from heart failure where the heart muscle cannot pump sufficient blood to meet the demands of the body, those that utilize marijuana don’t experience this atrial fibrillation. Diseases such as obesity and diabetes can lead to heart issues, and cannabis can improve heart health by reducing body weight. People who use marijuana have lower levels of insulin resistance and fasting insulin, and this keeps them at a lower risk of heart conditions. This evidence from research proves that cannabis is good for your heart.


4. Fight Insomnia and Improve Sleep


Improvement in sleep is yet another similarity between marijuana and meditation. Meditation is a natural way to treat insomnia and reduce your reliance on sleeping pills. It helps your mind and body to relax, which in turn reduces stress, and ultimately enables you to sleep. On the same note, cannabis is famous for its ability to alleviate insomnia. It reacts with receptors in your body system that regulates sleep and is a perfect choice for those looking for a good night’s sleep. So those who want to get rid of sleepless nights must consider buying High-quality cannabis from sources like online dispensary Canada.

Should I meditate with cannabis? 

You should meditate with cannabis because it produces similar effects to meditation practices. Cannabis will help to enhance your meditation sessions without producing any adverse health effects. However, if you choose to meditate with weed, understand well the marijuana varieties for meditation. Not all strains go well with meditation, and you probably want a variety that will give you the most benefits. Besides, you may want to learn ways to medicate with cannabis.



The bottom line is that there is a positive connection between cannabis and meditation. Both produce similar effects required to relax the mind and body. Some of the aims of meditation, such as to reduce stress and anxiety, improve heart health and calm the mind, are present in marijuana. 

Marijuana can help to deepen your meditation practice by interacting with endocannabinoids in your brain and nervous system to produce positive responses. There are various ways to consume cannabis for meditation. You can take them in the form of CBD capsules, which are available in online stores to enjoy full-spectrum CBD



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  1. Studies show that psychedelics (including cannabis) can improve meditation, and vice versa: Have a look at this recent study that proves a positive correlation (there are other articles and studies on the same topic on this site below for anyone who cares to investigate).

    Here’s a quote from this article:

    “At the four-month follow-up, the meditation experts who had been given psilocybin demonstrated more beneficial changes in psychosocial functioning, better self-acceptance and more empathy than the placebo control group.”

    Ooops! That must be a mistake. No, afraid not. The study also shows that psychedelics also improve depression and anxiety. These substances are positive for humans if used correctly (dose, set and setting). Otherwise, why did Source make them in the first place?

    Opinions are okay, but facts are better, don’t you agree? Here are the facts on how psychedelics improve mental health, meditation, and over-all well-being; There is a surge of new research happening on the positive effects of psychedelics. Check it out!

    Enjoy…. :o)

  2. I have been meditating twice daily for over 40 years. I disagree with the correlation of meditation and cannabis. I believe it is important to have clarity, which meditation can provide, without clouding this important connection with spirit by using cannabis. It may not be respectful to the masters or the angels or to others present, when you are using something while meditating. The whole point of meditation is to connect with your soul in an unobstructed way.

  3. It’s true, Marilyn, we don’t need to take cannabis to meditate. However, what Jessica says is true: cannabis enhances the meditative experience. I am a long time meditator (25 + years), and I still occasionally use cannabis when meditating. Some of my deepest experiences (i.e. the little me disappearing into total silent stillness) have been while meditating under the effects of cannabis. Is it necessary to use cannabis? No. Can it be helpful? Definitely, yes.

    Have you ever heard of the Ganja-Baba’s of India? Check it out. It’s a whole spiritual sect in India that uses cannabis exclusively for meditation. I hung around with several of them when I was travelling in India. There are enlightened masters who have “woken up” through their cannabis meditation practices. A good friend of mine spent time with one in India.

    Bottom line: it works for some, and it won’t work for others. There is no need to be dogmatic either way on this topic.

    The only thing I would have changed in Jessica’s article is when she said “you should take cannabis” while meditating.” There should be no “shoulds”. Otherwise, you’d be should-ing on yourself…. ;o)

  4. Cannabis is essential for the devotee during the initial stages of learning the science of meditation because it helps to still the “monkey mind” by distorting the perception of sight and sound. But after one has mastered the art of stilling the “monkey mind” Cannabis can become an obstacle to achieving greater control over one’s mind without the aid of external substances.

  5. People don’t need any drugs to do Meditation.
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