Adrenochrome and the Universal Law of Karma:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Article provided by Guest writer C. Harrison-Smith:

The horrific reality surrounding the production of Adrenochrome is directly related to the Universal Karmic law of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Universal laws apply not only to individuals but to the collective and on a planetary wide scale and on throughout the Universe.

The slaughter of children for the production of Adrenochrome is not an issue that can be addressed from a left versus right paradigm or a democrat versus republican posture. There are meat eaters who are appalled by the Adrenochrome torture and extraction from children on all sides of this issue.

As part of an ET experiment conducted for the past approximately 10,000 to 12,000 years, humans were programmed to believe they needed to spill the blood of other living creatures and eat their flesh. By ensuring that humans eat meat, negative ETs are able to invoke their right of universal law and eat humans and drink their blood. This is why it is so important to them that aborted baby parts are in almost everything packaged and sold as food. So that as a collective, humans constantly create the karmic debt incurred from slaughter innocent living creatures and eating their flesh and drinking their blood. As this is all consumed when we eat foods that contain aborted fetuses or take shots that have the entire genome of aborted fetuses within.

Proof that the belief that humans must consume meat is merely a part of an imposed social programming construct, can be found by examining our physical design and comparing it to other animals designed to eat flesh of animals.

“Observation of teeth. By observation of the teeth we find that in carnivorous animals the incisors are little developed, but the canines are of striking length, smooth and pointed, to seize the prey. The molars also are pointed; these points, however, do not meet, but fit closely side by side to separate the muscular fibers. In the herbivorous animals the incisors are strikingly developed, the canines are stunted (though occasionally developed into weapons, as in elephants), the molars are broad-topped and furnished with enamel on the sides only. In frugivorous all the teeth are of nearly the same height; the canines are little projected, conical, and blunt (obviously not intended for seizing prey but for exertion of strength). The molars are broad-topped and furnished at the top with enamel folds to prevent waste caused by their side motion, but not pointed for chewing flesh. In omnivorous animals such as bears, on the other hand, the incisors resemble those of the herbivorous, the canines are like those of the carnivorous, and the molars are both pointed and broad-topped to serve a twofold purpose. Now if we observe the formation of the teeth in man we find that they do not resemble those of the carnivorous, neither do they resemble the teeth of the herbivorous or the omnivorous. They do resemble, exactly those of the frugivorous animals. The reasonable inference, therefore, is that man is a frugivorous or fruit-eating animal. (Fruit comprises any part of plant life useful to man. The fruitarian diet referred to by Swami Sri Yukteswar includes vegetables, nuts, and grains.)”

– from “The Holy Science” by Swami Sri Yukteswar.

Sri Yukteswar goes on to show how the bowels of carnivorous are 3 to 5 times the length of their body, herbivorous are 20 to 28 times the length of their body, but frugivorous 10 to 12 times and concludes; “This is exactly the formation we find in human beings, though Anatomy says that the human bowels are 3 to 5 times the length of man’s body – making a mistake by measuring the body from the crown to the soles, instead of from mouth to anus. Thus we can again draw the inference that man is, in all probability, a frugivorous animal.”

Apart from Grey’s Anatomy receiving a memo on how to measure the intestine, the point is clearly made that man was not designed to eat meat.

Therefore, it is not within our nature to eat meat. We were programmed to believe that we need to eat meat.

Vegetarianism is not just about saving the climate or ceasing the slaughter of innocent animals. It is truly about saving humans from slaughter by negative entities from multiple dimensions including the 3rd dimension.

Every issue deserves our honest review without taking sides. In truth, every now and then the democrats have a point. Even when they make it in an undermining way.

If you truly care about the slaughter of humans for consumption of their blood and flesh, then do your part and stop eating meat. Then, when you pray for the release and rescue of children being used to create Adrenochrome you can stand blameless in your prayer. And when you demand the cessation of all activities that slaughter humans for consumption, your cry for justice can ascend on wings of a pure heart, pure mind and pure soul because you have not taken any part in the slaughter of any innocent animals.

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  1. Then, when we came about, there were no ‘corner shops’ or ‘large stores’, no fridges or deep freezers, no…
    So, in the morning we had to go and FIND food! We ate all we could find on branches, on the ground, in the air (birds and their eggs), in the water.
    Only, this search could take all day, several days, many days!
    Believe me, we then ate animals, like animals ate each other and… us as well, when we all were starving from hunger! Not?
    When I eat now, I use all my teeth to cut, reap and mold. Not only vegetables!

  2. Give you my thoughts on life of this planet.We are not supreme beings created by god.We are created by evil to do work for them and to be their food source.Physical life is very cruel life,no good god will create such life where one eats another even alive to stay alive.It is devil creation.Vegetarian oh yes I cut lettuce head and it is crying running tears.OK i start to pull just lettuce leaves a bit of cry.I feel like I’m pulling out its hands.Vegetables are also living things,they are same like us have spiritual connection in order to live. If we cut them when young we deprive them from their joy of life.We do not let them to mature and have their children which are seeds,when fall on the ground and new vegetables everywhere.Only then old vegetable dies happy surrounded by all these children. So even if we are good souls but our body is evil design and soul is trapped in it.People are so dishonest with them selves,they will come up with any deceptive belief in order to justify their evil existence. Just imagine if internet existed during inquisition what would happen to me?Oporto I guess..

  3. Humanely trying to catch an aged fish or other seafood is one thing. Eating factory farmed diabolically tortured lives is an entirely different thing. We are occupied by the DEVIL.

  4. I agree with above comment. The first problem that is the most relevant to better health in our society is to stop pollution in every way or form. It interferes with our intelligence quotient and everything else.

  5. This is a tough article to stomach. I philosophically agree with no meat eating and all the natural science that proves we are frugivorous. But to link the direct condemnation of the negative ET’s harvesting physical humans for adrenocrome to the collective of humanity is preposterous! Humans were created as slaves (our creator created us in mind that we could be harvested, that’s why they stripped us down to 2D strand DNA). and then allowed us to be controlled/ brainwashed (false God agenda) by Negative ET Annunaki sky gods (cronies) that setup a human (Molech and his brothers) and animal sacrifice (Jehovah) way of life. By the way, this was forced upon humans to submit or be killed yourself. Read an example: Daniel chapter 3 about the fiery furnace. The elites control the humans and meat eating was forced on humanity through religious ritual. Religious ritual was forced on civilizations through conquering. Culture was created and not left to be natural. They did this because they wanted to justify their eating of us, probably to satisfy the Law of Karma. I do not accept the premise of this article that if ALL (4 plus billion) humans stop eating meat, that some Karmic Galactic Council will notice and then condemn the negative ET’s for their systemic torture harvesting… OTHERWISE THEY WONT! … that is chilling. Whomever is calling the shots and “watching” all this shit going on (to us), the ones who show you that they have an overall view of this situation, like the writer of this article does. Don’t give us this advice! “Pray for the release and stand blameless in my prayer”. You know the earth isn’t going to stop eating meat to satisfy the Karmic Law. The Dark controllers are masters at diverting “Karmic Law” to the sheeple. Karmic Law is no friend to humanity, because this is not a “closed and protected” earth-school. It is an unprotected school of enslavement where Watchers were “allowed” to be descended upon you (read the Sons of God of Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch.) No, this adrenochrome harvesting will stop someday when a “benevolent” power comes in to stop what it allowed or had allowed. Period. and this is my prayer.. “Please benevolent forces, you who know all the details of who, what, where, when, why and how it is happening, YOU do your divine service to humanity and stop parsing “LAWS” that bind you to inaction” Hasn’t Karma been wrapped up in grace anyway? Grace is and should be extended to humanity due to its condition. ” You should give humanity grace for what it has been controlled and brainwashed to do, and give your Dark ET’s the justice they deserve. Stop coming up with (human) excuses and give us some action. And after your action, you then can give us some encouragement about how you stepped up and did what only you can do”. you just might get the ENGAGEMENT with humanity that you so much want.

  6. Humans on Earth will eventually become Vegetarians, it is our natural higher consciousness state. People have developed a taste for meat and think we need the protein. Our food consumption is so off what is good for our bodies, our soul, our mind.

  7. Raising one’s own food, including meat sources, brings one into the blameless category in this authors way of thinking and reasoning, right? Then the author changes narrative to be one of soul shaming everyone who eats meat. He make the enormous leap from eating a hicken drumstick to eating humans. Seriously…?

    It’s NOT true. It’s NOT even almost true.

    And he speaks about honest review and not taking sides….

    I could flail this narrative 50 ways from Sunday but why should I?

    Instead, I offer this to the author: so NO vegans or vegetarians ever commit murder? Because, based on your writings (And when you demand the cessation of all activities that slaughter humans for consumption, your cry for justice can ascend on wings of a pure heart, pure mind and pure soul because you have not taken any part in the slaughter of any innocent animals.) all vegan who murder humans ascend, but a 5 year old who eats a hamburger wont.

    Think on that…

  8. This is too good not to comment…while I agree with you that it is indeed not a love based activity to have to eat another animal, you would be a complete idiot to think that man could have survived on planet Earth without supplementing meat into his diet… We evolved to eat lots of protein in the form of meat, why because there are no crops to harvest except for tubers, potatoes, in the entire Northern Hemisphere from November till April… Unless you live in Tropical or subtropical regions fruit is not going to be available… Mr. Harrison Smith you are probably a well intended man, but so am I and I will tell you that civilization needed both animal and agriculture to get us where we are today, and though the human body can survive without fish or meat, vitamin supplements of B-12 are necessary for any Vegan. Most researchers agree you can not obtain B-12 from fruits or vegetables… I did not design the human body, but I know it needs certain elements to thrive, the B-vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids are best found in fish, and eggs. Evolutionary biology…we are what we are, and what we have been eating for the last 500000 years… By all means go vegan for your soul, but unfortunately the body does need a little more than what veggies and fruit have to offer…..


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