By Alexander Light,

Krampus is a Christmas devil companion of Santa (i.e. anagram for Satan) who punishes children by beating them with a stick or steals them in his sack (no, Satan’s sack is not for gifts).

The figure resembles another horned being, that of Moloch (i.e. Anunnaki “god” Marduk) who was also given children through fire or to a giant throne. But that is another pagan/Anunnaki “celebration” that was adopted by modern religions — yes, I’m talking about Easter.

Read the truth about Easter and the secret worship of the Anunnaki here.

These Satanic rituals based on child sacrifice continue to this day, practiced behind closed doors by powerful secret societies such as the Illuminati, Skull & Bones and the highest ranking Freemasons.

As I have presented through the years, hundreds of thousands of children are kidnapped every single year, most times with the help of the highest religious institutions such as the Vatican, and sacrificed in Satanic rituals dedicated to Moloch. The reason why we have human sacrifices all over the planet, in some of the most prevalent cultures, is because the Anunnaki required them.

(Also, please note the cannibalistic ritual of the Liturgy/Mass, in which all Christians across the planet are required to pretend drinking the blood and eating the flesh of – allegedly – Jesus Christ).

The “gods” of antiquity.

The “gods” of antiquity were flesh and bones Anunnaki and the so called “pagan” religions that followed, worshiped them under different names and almost identical rituals. The most prevalent of today’s religions are all based on paganism (i.e. the worship of the Anunnaki colonizers), including Christianity.

The clothes, miter and staff of today’s prelates are identical to those of the Babylonian priests of Dagon, which represented their god-fish Dagon (i.e. Enki wearing his astronaut suit and staff-shaped weapon).

(In Austria, the celebration of Krampus/Christmas takes things closer to the truth. The first priests ever had “royal” Anunnaki blood and they were the ones who conducted the human and animal sacrifices dedicated to the “gods”.

The “gods” then used to eat the fresh hearts of the sacrificed children and drink their adrenaline-filled blood. Today’s highest ranking prelates still conduct these rituals in secret ceremonies, while the rest of them are required to conduct an open phony version of the same ritual, the liturgy/mass. Image source).

Just like all other Anunnaki “gods”, because of his long life span, Moloch was known by many names throughout history, among which: Molech, Nimrod or Ba’al (which was the highest possible title, meaning Lord). But his first name was Marduk, and he was the son of the supreme Anunnaki leader on Earth, Enki, and his wife Damkina.

What about the Christmas tree?

Nimrod was the latter name of Dumuzi, Enki’s son and Marduk’s brother.
Semiramis was the latter name of Inanna, Dumuzi’s cousin.

It is known that Nimrod and Semiramis (i.e. Dumuzi and Inanna) married. The Anunnaki used to marry their first and second degree relatives, in order to preserve their “royal” blood and the right to the throne.

Semiramis later became known as Ishtar, which is pronounced… Easter.

There is no need to Google for her image, as there are very few people alive today who haven’t seen a statue of her. If you are thinking of Lady Liberty, then you are right.

For a better understanding, I suggest you reading: The Secret Worship of the Illuminati: The Statue of Liberty is Anunnaki Goddess Inanna.

When Nimrod/Dumuzi died, his cousin-wife Semiramis/Inanna, claimed that a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump.

Now, there are two versions of the story, one stating that Dumuzi’s anniversary was on December 25th and his spirit would visit the evergreen tree every year on this date to leave gifts upon it.

The second version states that the son of Semiramis, Tammuz, by his dead husband, Dumuzi, was born on December 25th.

Whatever version is true, two things are clear: The “Christmas tree” is in fact “Nimrod’s tree” and December 25th is a Satanic celebration!

“December 25th – not only was Mithra, the sun-god of Mithraism, said to be born at this time of the year, but OsirisHorusHerculesBacchusAdonisJupiter[Nimrod]/Tammuz, and other sun-godswere also supposedly born at what is today called the ‘Christmas’ season, the winter solstice!” — “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop, p.93.

Source:; | References: HalexandriaGilead Institutei-ciasHumans Are Free.


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  1. I agree with u totally. People need to do their own research and not follow the tradition of man, which YAHUSHA says not to follow. Following the tradition of man will lead u straight to hell.

    • Sacred Names movement is inconsistent with the ancient wisdom passed down for generations. A desperate purity movement gone haywire.
      “Woe to those who write the book with their hands… to traffic with great price.”

  2. Another aspect of child sacrifice, to be handled carefully, is that the official Jewish religion does this all the time with young gentile children. You only dare accuse gentile groups? The Freemasons use children’s blood but not by killing them. The Talmud says that gentiles are animals, which can be used in sacrifices, and killing them is not a sin. I think this is the prominent cause of abducted children, not these obscure stories deflecting accusations to gentiles.
    But yes, Christianity was hijacked particularly at the Council Of Nicea in 325 AD, and the holy days changed. (by guess who)

    • The Nazarenes say St. Paul hijacked the teachings of the Christ. The evidence is in the Book of Acts and the three contradicting accounts of the Damascus experience.
      One day they realize the Sun, giver of life, should be not be worshipped even if personified as a Egyptian/Greek/Near East solar deity. as one book says: Do not prostrate to the sun nor to the moon, but to the God who is the heavens.

  3. The only relevant truth about Easter is that it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is a victory over the same dark forces and entities you described in this article. Please don’t twist facts and preach to others about what the most important Christian holiday is. If you want to know the actual truth about Easter, ask your local Orthodox Christian priest.

    • As they say, “Christos anesti, alithos anesti!”
      But why there are dark forces still present around after the Kurios resurrected almost two millenia ago?
      Why Jesus couldn’t save his beloved Judas? The age of “dying and rising deities” have passed. Only the teaching of the Christos without religious ignorance of understanding are necessary for harmony

    • Artem rev 12-9 says the devil will decieve the entire world. Christianity is one of the 3 major world religions. The people that gave him the name Jesus were devil worshippers and Decided to make Christianity there religion. They took devil worshiping customs and mixed them with the truth. Creating a lie. Its hard to except it, I understand. I plead with you all to pray for discernment. You mentioned asking a orthodox priest. These are traditions passed down by man. In Mark it says that the tradions of men make the word of Yah void. We are suppose to pull ourselfs away from the traditions of men.
      And be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Understand not only are we born into sin. We are born into lies. Pray for discernment HalleluYah

      • And that is why sola scriptura is heretical. Your sect (sacred names?) is inconsistent with ancient wisdom historically and linguistically, among others.

        Discernment is part of such wisdom passed down, isn’t that also “by man”? Hypocritical. Don’t see and of your so-called “devil worship” in the orthodokea/pravoslav ekklesia.

        • Discernment isn't from "man", as much as it is from "self" or "mind". It is NOT inherited; it is applied or 'chosen' to be grown.

      • Yes, Easter is the most revered of all Christian Holy Days.The passover & Christ being the lsst psssover lamb. The final sacrifice b4 the new covenant with the gentiles. However, chocolate, eggs for fertility, & many other Ester practices are born directly from pagan rutuals. My main objection to people wishing to invalidate Christianity is they use the Catholic Church as an example of Christianity: it is not. Ever since Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation it has been made clear that Rome never died, it just moved into the Vatican & Ceaser became Pontif Maximus. Mother Mary worship is nowhere in our Bible – it does come from worship of Isis, Inanna ( Dianna, wonder woman), Tammuz & Sariamus, Ishtar, etc).
        The Devil is known by so many names but it is most likely that these demi- gods of fkesh & blood were the 6 fingered, six toed giants found in Enoch & Genesis. They were revered from Europe to Asia, Americans & the feathered serpant god, & middle east with Horus, Zeus, Prometheus …. the list is endless.

  4. The writer of the article doesn’t know what “transubstantiation” is.
    The Two Babylons was already debunked many times.
    “Santa” being an anagram for Satan is preposterous. One must know the etymologies of both. Remember: St. Nicholas (Greek to Dutch), accuser (Hebrew)

  5. Sun worship is why the 25th of December is celebrated. In the beginning there was no internet, television, artificial light. The sky played a movie in the sky every night. After the show the sun would rise up in the sky bringing warmth and life. As the days grew shorter, less warmth and life. At the solstice the sun would disappear below the horizon for 3 days. Since the solstice is usually 21-22 December, on the 25th of December the sun is born and the days start getting longer bringing. It’s about the birth of the sun. And evergreen trees are a symbol of life that goes on even in the middle of winter. The 25th is a celebration of life and love. Merry Christmas.

      • The Sun, giver of Life. Weren’t the ancients reliant on celestial bodies to further their evolution of the consciousness? There is a reason they call them gods or something else.

        You bring no substance but misunderstanding.


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