In this Boxing Day special, we discuss how the past 20 years has suddenly changed for the positive. We discuss the pending release of highly classified secret space technologies. Benjamin has now witnessed anti-gravity type device and says that it’s simple to produce. The path to bringing this forward it to have the US Corporation default and the system reset to something new. Whereby the US can use these technologies to back the value of there assets in trade vs the staggering debt they’ve accumulated with this SSP program. A.I. is running amock with the digital world and we discuss how making physical networks of knowing people is the only way to truly verify events. The US Military IS intervening and much is happening in the background. 2020 is really looking like it’s the year we can finally take back the planet!

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  1. A mere 2-3 wks in and this update has changed drastically. The China/US trade deal is signed! DJT is about to expose this Zionist-run group of demons to the entire planet …under the heading of an “impeachment” trial! LOTS of progress!

  2. Still occupying, Libya and Iraq. Still harvesting heroin in Afghanistan. Still increasing footprint in Syria. Still supporting the Saudis in genocide in Yemen. Still in Somalia. Adding 50 bases in Africa. What part of this tells Benjamin that the military is being run by good guys? If he’s listening to some lying bastard in DC, he’s just not very smart. Which means to me that everything he says is suspect. BTW, many of us have seen these technologies, both free energy and anti gravity , several years ago. He’s way behind. He thinks because he’s now seen it, it’s going to be released.

  3. Who is Kimberly A. Goguen aka Kim “Possible “, Member Of Universal Council

    This is a multi-series where Tank explains in detail who Kimberly A. Goguen is , The Sole Sovereign of The Unknown Country and the other various issues that have taken place behind the scenes.

    For more info on the trust you can read all our archived Kim and Tank posts on the home page:

  4. Disclosure :Kim “Possible” Goguen Speaks : 26 December 2019:Federal Reserve Has NO licence since 2012, She Is funding Every Countries Governments for Many Years, Has 6 seats at the United Nations and much much more…

  5. Message From Kim “Possible” Goguen.. 25 December 2019 , Member of the Universal council

    Today Marks the first day of The ascension Of your sun in the age of the Light …


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