In Part One, Edge of wonder covers censorship, Youtube and Social Media. Who and why has been censored and for what reasons? We also talk about the FISA report, sealed indictments, Q An0n, Cosmic Secret and so much more.

Part 2 (Youtube ) and Parts 3-4 ( will be coming January 2020!

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  1. Who is Kimberly A. Goguen aka Kim “Possible “, Member Of Universal Council

    This is a multi-series where Tank explains in detail who Kimberly A. Goguen is , The Sole Sovereign of The Unknown Country and the other various issues that have taken place behind the scenes.

    For more info on the trust you can read all our archived Kim and Tank posts on the home page:

  2. Disclosure :Kim “Possible” Goguen Speaks : 26 December 2019:Federal Reserve Has NO licence since 2012, She Is funding Every Countries Governments for Many Years, Has 6 seats at the United Nations and much much more…

  3. Message From Kim “Possible” Goguen.. 25 December 2019 , Member of the Universal council

    Today Marks the first day of The ascension Of your sun in the age of the Light …

  4. The Killing of Uncle Sam and Killing the Planet are two well researched books, with footnotes, detailing the globalists mission to control Humanity. The globalists have taken over nearly all aspects of our lives through banking cartels, pharmaceuticals, funding both sides in wars, medical experiments on unsuspecting populations, educational indoctrination, and so much more.

    Currently the social engineering and political correctness are being used as a divide and conquer strategy.

    The globalists are trying to take down President Trump, the only President to go against the Globalist agenda. The globalists are desperate and We the People are the real targets. Our freedoms are at stake!

  5. Epstein is in the Federal witness protection program, based on the body displayed was not his and the overall circumstances being consistent with witness protection induction.

    And he will be one hell of a witness!! After all, would the most important witness in history not be protected?


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