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In the olden days, smoking was something that women did to make themselves appear more attractive as well as a means of weight control. In other words, it was something that was done for appearances only not just to be done.


Nowadays, people smoke because they are addicted to either the routine of smoking which entails pulling the cigarette out, placing it between your lips, lighting it, inhaling the smoke, holding it, and then exhaling it. While others are addicted to the chemicals within the cigarette and the calming feeling that it brings them.


Whatever your reasoning is for your smoking habit is a horrible one to keep up especially when you are expecting a child. And believe me when I say your unborn child does not share the same enthusiasm for smoking that you do.


In fact, I’m sure if your growing fetus could speak to you they would have quite a few choice words that you need to hear. They would need to tell you a ton of things like the harmful effect of smoking on their development.


Well since they can’t speak we decided to give you a little insight on what they might say if they could speak to you from inside of your womb:


Dear mom,

Firstly, I just want to say how much I love you already and can’t wait to meet you someday. I can hear your heartbeat and it’s become my favorite part of being inside of your belly.


I feel like I’m so close to you and love you so much, but there is something that could keep me from getting to meet you at all mom. And that’s your smoking habit!


I remember the first time I felt like I was choking even though I’ve never taken a breath of fresh air before. When you smoke my body is exposed to the toxins that you inhale.


And instead of providing me with vital nutrients that will help me grow big and strong you’re pumping my body full of toxic chemicals like butane, menthol, nicotine, and so many more.


Every time you pick up a cigarette and smoke it you stunt my growth and development even more. And you increase the risk of killing me every single time.


What if I never get to meet you, mom? What if you never get to hold me and see my face? How will you be able to get through everyday knowing that this all could’ve been avoided if you would’ve just committed yourself to not smoking?


I love you mom and I hope that you make the right decision for you and me.


See you soon,



Of course, babies aren’t able to speak from within your womb, but I imagine that if they could the things that they would tell you kind of resemble this letter. Smoking during pregnancy can increase your risk of preterm labor, sudden infant death syndrome, preeclampsia, and many other issues.


Smoking can also vault and negatively affect your child’s brain development. Which is dangerous because in the womb they are developing quickly every single day so if your not careful you can do damage that will last them for the rest of their lives.


There are other things you can do besides smoking that are not only helpful but they are also healthy for you and your child. You could try pregnant yoga, which is meant to help you become one with your body while strengthening your special muscles.


This special muscles that I speak of are the muscles that will help you to give birth to your bundle of joy. Strengthening these muscles will also help you to build your endurance and prepare in case you have a long laboring process.


Another thing you can do is enjoy a massage. There are plenty of massage parlors and spas that specialize in prenatal massages. The massages are designed to relieve stress and tension that your body experiences due to the extra weight that you are now carrying around.


The best part about spas that offer prenatal services is that their massage tables are designed to cradle and provide comfort for your growing baby bump. This is so you can enjoy your massage to the fullest without adding more stress to your body.


We do recommend that you sit down and speak with your primary care physician about the struggles that you face when it comes to quitting your smoking habit. They may be able to prescribe you something that will help you kick the habit without sacrificing the health of you and your child.


Besides, it’s good to be upfront with your doctor so that they are able to monitor you and be on the lookout for different issues that may have been caused due to your smoking habits.


There are some things that may help you kick your cigarette smoking habit for good and we have just the tips you need to make it happen. First, remember that while it may be difficult to quit smoking the harm you do to your unborn fetus is far worse than the task to quit smoking altogether.


You are more likely to kick the habit for good whilst pregnancy whether that be because of the detrimental consequences that can happen to your child and if your physician is aware that you have continued the habit. 


Discuss your options with a doctor

If your not sure how to quit and make sure that it sticks consult your primary care physician. They will be able to go through all the options necessary to help you quit as well as be able to prescribe you an over the counter form of nicotine replacement therapy.


Which should be safe for not only you but also for your child. It is important that you be open and honest with your physician so that they know exactly how they need to help you.


Get support

It is hard to stop doing something that you’ve been doing for so long. This is why we recommend you having and finding a strong support system. 


People that will keep you motivated every step of your journey and won’t let you give up. People that will allow you to lean on them when you’re just about to give up and offer an encouraging word to keep you on the right track.


Change your routine

If you change your routine you’re less likely to keep that 2:00 smoking session or 6:30 cigarette in your regiment. Instead, try to replace those times in your schedule with knew things like exercise or going for a walk.


By changing your schedule you in a sense rewire your brain and put in place healthy options that are better than picking up a cigarette. Plus, working things like exercise into your schedule will not only prepare you for labor it will also help to boost your energy.


Don’t give up

No matter what you do don’t give up remind yourself why you decided to quit in the first place. You’re trying to give yourself and your unborn child and a better and healthier life.


And that is not something you can do properly if your pumping yourself and their little bodies full of harmful toxins every day. Set daily reminders on your phone that notify you of encouraging words to keep going and that you can do it.



Bio: Tiffany Simmons is a Georgia mom , wife , and aspiring children’s book writer . Acquiring a BS in Mass Communications & Marketing from the University of West Ga . Leaving a job in the healthcare profession to become a freelance writer for !


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