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In these last days, I have been warned by the Creative SOURCE through my Higher SELF that false spiritual lights / individuals are on the rise and they are deceiving many people specially on Facebook on social media.

Believers who are not well-grounded make easy targets for doctrines that may sound good but are filled with error and false information for their own personal interest and self-gain and profit. (false prophet)

In our journey of seeking light, clarity, healing and love, we can misinterpret what true light is, and what it feels like. We may come across what could be called ‘false light’.

False spiritual light simply seems like ‘light’ as they are very good liars. So much so that naturally there is an assumption that we have found what we were looking for, it seems so self-evident that we may not even question it.

False light can initially seem very clear and bright. However false light is so radiant that the more we look at it, or the more we bask within its field, the harsher it begins to feel.

The energy of false light is cool. Removed, detached even. There can also be a sense of brittleness, or fragility to it. It seems beautiful and powerful, but glass-like and easily shattered.

They usually set up a private group for their followers to join so that they can be easily controlled and manipulated.

False light has something very magnetic, even addictive about it. It is intoxicating. It keeps beckoning us on, luring us towards it.

False light may give the impression that it contains a deep secret or profound mystery that will be revealed over time. That through it we are granted access to something special that is only a select few are privy to.

We may find ourselves needing to be filled up with this sense of light over and over again, as though we can’t get enough of it.

As it pulls us towards it, we fear that we will never be as pure and light as it. That we are beneath it, impure. That no matter how hard we try, how much we ‘work on’ ourselves we will simply never be good enough. The secret, the mystery will never be granted to us.

After endlessly trying and not feeling good enough, we may finally turn away, question what is going on, and look elsewhere. This is when we begin to discern what True Spiritual Light is.

We have been advised to sharpen our Awareness and BE Alert at all times — not just for ourselves but for our loved ones who might otherwise be drawn to a false light in the hope that they will be healed.

There are simple tests we can apply to any spiritual teacher’s messages: The Source, Saviour, Subject, Salvation, and Sanctification tests. But even if the teacher’s messages pass these tests, we still should examine his/her Method, Manner, and the real Motive.

Most importantly Know them by their Method.

No One Has Power Over You Unless You Allow It To Happen.

The Best Discernment is Always your Higher SELF… Connect with it and Merge with it regularly become ONE with it and always ask the question about the Truth and wait for the answer in stillness which will come to you intuitively at the end.

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  1. The Christian Church had been infiltrated and perverted for a while. This was done by the negative state to keep a handle and tight grip on the Jesus narrative. The Absolute State, which is the source we are all relative to, is The Most High. The Most High did in fact incarnate into the body of Jesus Christ. So one can weed out the negative state masquerading as light, simply by saying the name The Lord (Divine/Absolute) Jesus (Love/Feminine) Christ (Wisdom/Masculine). The Lord Jesus Christ IS the Absolute. This is the true source. Remember though, the Church is corrupted, not God.

  2. I feel a lot more needs to be discussed about this subject. The first time I heard of “false light” was in the movie “Poltergeist”. “False Light” was shown to be a trap. Now i have also heard that the “dark controllers” must reveal us the truth to satisfy the “cosmic Law of One”. The “controllers” created the term and use “fiction” to show their true abuse. We receive it in our minds as fiction, and they are laughing because it is really their truth and it remains hidden due to brainwashing. Interestingly enough, the little 6 year old girl, that was trapped in “false light” in this fictional movie, really did die at 12 years old with an “intestinal stenosis while having an acute bowel obstruction removed”. I wonder how common that is among 12 year old girls. Looking back at my churchy religious past, during times of “worship” I can see now this … “energy of false light is cool. Removed, detached even. There can also be a sense of brittleness, or fragility to it. It seems beautiful and powerful, but glass-like and easily shattered.” … It was always unsatisfying and draining after the worship experience. Later on in life when I realized this wasn’t my true Source connection, and that I was caught up in a false matrix “Christian church system”, I broke away and just started meditating to create my real connection and I have never looked back, other than feeling sorry for the “lost” church people who are still there barking up the wrong tree, going insane.

  3. Excellent. Unable to forgive themselves for makes made, there are many who surround themselves with others to tell them they will make it. Common among many so-called religious leaders/ministers, you will know these egotists by their energies, when you feel drained by them.

    I had a friend who said he went to a wedding and when he talked to the minister of that church, the minister told him: “You should be afraid of me.” Obviously he was programmed to feed his ego.


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