Chemical Geoengineering Operations Are Carried Out Worldwide — 24/7 — with False ‘National Security’ Justification

The following video exposé is quite extraordinary by any standard.

A secret chemtrail pilot speaks out for the first time in modern history.

He reveals information that’s so classified and data so radioactive, he surely risked his life by releasing it.

This brave military pilot makes clear the false justification for the patently unlawful and highly toxic chemtrail spraying of skies across America that has been taking place for decades — ‘National Security’.

For years many folks have asked why do the chemtrail jet pilots participate in an atmosphere-polluting program that’s so harmful to both people and planet.

ANSWER: Because they have been thoroughly mind-controlled into believing their chemtrail missions are undertaken to protect the American people.

This is how Deep State has always gotten away with so many deadly and destructive programs over the past century; they couch them within the fake context of national security.

In point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Chemtrail aerosols contain aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium and other poisonous chemical compounds that have no business being in our atmosphere.

The name of this illicit chemical geoengineering program is:


“Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.”

Finally, a military pilot steps forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers.

In so doing he has risked his life and the life of his family. As you listen to this presentation, or read the text provided below, bear in mind that chemtrails are being sprayed 24/7 around the globe with terrible consequences.

No matter what the stated reasons are given to those who fly the chemtrail jets, they are always told by their superiors that this ongoing and illegal atmosphere-altering program is being conducted in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY.

You’ll notice that NATIONAL SECURITY appears crooked because the whole intention behind geoengineering is as dangerously misguided as it is deceptively false. The indiscriminate, wide-area and systematic spraying of toxic aerosols throughout the skies of the world couldn’t possibly have anything to do with ‘national security’.

Those that buy into such a ridiculous notion have obviously been either brainwashed or bribed into believing such an absurd and nonsensical agenda.

That’s precisely why this unprecedented exposé is so important. Never before has anyone directly involved with the piloting of chemtrail airliners ever gone public.

Not only does “Blue Jay 1”, as he is known, go public, he completely blows the lid off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD. This single act of identifying the name of what is perhaps the most destructive government program in recorded history is extremely critical.


Because it now gives the worldwide anti-geoengineering advocacy groups a target to hit within their own nations and governments. How, after all, could government officials and political leaders at every level — federal, state, county and city — be so clueless about a massive aerosol spraying program that is going on in the skies right above them?!

Can any responsible representative continue to plead such ignorance or indifference and get away with it?

That’s why this critical development is so huge! Really HUGE! It is what we have all been waiting for, yet so few in the movement really get it. Which is why this particular message has to be taken to the wider public.

Because at the end of the day — every day — every human being on every continent will REALLY abhor two things about the now ubiquitous chemtrails.

I. Chemtrails routinely transform warm sunny days into cool cloudy ones. 

No one likes to see their clear sunny days stolen after a couple of hours of chemtrailing. Day after day of overcast skies have profoundly changed many a locale which have traditionally experienced clear skies. Is there anyone who prefers damp cloudy days to dry sunny ones? Certainly the people of Florida and California want their fun in the sun! So does the rest of the USA.

II. Chemtrails contain a mix of toxic chemicals and poisonous compounds such as barium salts, aluminum oxide, strontium, mercury among many others, which eventually end up falling to Earth. 

The chemtrail mix of toxins inevitably leaves its residues on farm fields and forests, lakes and ponds, and lawns and gardens.

How does one possibly stop the noxious chemicals from entering one’s home and automobiles, office building and shopping malls? Who ever wants a toxic chemtrail brew dropped on them every other day?!

Geoengineering has proven — unequivocally — to be extremely detrimental to both human health and the greater planetary environment.  As for the many adverse health effects, the link below gives an excellent summary.

Chemtrail Pilot Speaks Out:

“First of all I would like to say that I do not agree with my mission assignments, but what soldier ever truly does? Several of us have considered bucking the ranks, and going AWOL from time to time. We are kept in the dark when it comes to getting honest answers about what we are really spraying. Should they discover that we or our families are actively enquiring about the so-called ‘chemtrails’ term, then automatic and swift disciplinary action would be taken.

HAARP and radar are two other non-allowed research subjects. Unless our children are learning about these in base schools, we cannot educate ourselves or our children through any public education system. I would not intentionally spray my children or family with toxic aerosols, but as you must know, perhaps 80% of the pilots do not have any family or children.

Indigo pilots are chosen from top ranks within the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. Most of the pilots are ‘hardened to humanity’ and could care less killing off unwanted or leaching aspects of America and the world. I swear to you, the majority of the pilots are like machines, I call them “Tanker Terminators”.

I should not be telling you this, but nearly 1/3 of all flights are being orchestrated from small unnamed islands, where newly constructed bases are being built at a rate of 8 per year. On these extremely remote islands there are HAARP rays of every possible design, with many arrays surrounding these islands within the depths of the ocean itself.

The Navy has developed sophisticated underwater construction technology that allows fully autonomous robot submersibles to travel great distances, and even manufacture parts for these massive underwater arrays as they progress across the open sea floor.

Every time that you see or hear about military exercises at sea, they’re basically there to give support and resupply their army of underwater robotic minions. There is possibly one aquatic robot per plane, and will soon be double that. You will never be able to Google Earth or Search any of this.

Other than an occasional error in blurring some island bases, or smudged images of underwater arrays, it is impossible to locate all these advanced technological devices. They even paint fake clouds over some of our island installations to keep prying eyes away.

I have been shown some of these images by civilian friends. That is the reason I know this. I completely understand your concern for human safety, and here is the kicker. We are shown videos in our training of catastrophic destruction to our homeland by very sophisticated weapons, then told that these will be the consequences if we don’t fly.

Our efforts in building a defensive atmospheric weapon shield are the only missions of its kind in the world. We are paid more than any other pilot for our service, other than Air Force One pilots who make as much or more and are kept in a dark, secret world for their own protection. They tell us that secrecy is our protection, and not to listen to any public rhetoric.

We all know about cyber program flash-point or FP- 03 as it is known within the veteran community. This program is a self-destruct sequence that can be remotely activated from any ground, water surface, underwater base, as well as any other air mobile unit. The signal is encrypted through three satellites and cannot be jammed or blocked. At any given moment you could have only 15 seconds to make your peace with your God.

They tell us that FP exists to keep planes from accidentally going down in heavily populated areas. They can remotely detonate our planes over safe zones, but in the back of your minds, our minds, we’re pretty sure this is a fail-safe program to keep pilots from turning over assets to any public, private, or civilian authorities.

Have you ever seen any member of the crew survive the few crashes that have occurred? Every plane that has gone down was completely destroyed … for good reason, I am sure. We risk our lives in more ways than one, every single time we fly, especially during night flights.

They are ordering us to fly at lower and lower altitudes. We feel like a massive “Dark Force Empire”of crop dusters, and know that one night Bubba, or Billy Joel, will fire there long rifles at us when we spray their moonshine-making operation, or pass over an illegal Mary Jane crop.

I know for a fact that some planes have been shot at, and subsequently brought down by mostly Russian, Chinese, and Korean weaponry, but the media will never cover these events as they are not allowed to report on our flights either. That must be true, for I have yet to see a detailed or in lengthy report of our missions on any public venue other than conspiracy shows and anti-government websites.

I risk everything for disclosing so much information and you will find very few like me. Even my own flight crew would have me arrested and court martialed if they knew of this dialogue. That is why I cannot email you directly, but from what your cousin tells me you are also risking everything just to get this information out to your colleagues.

I salute you sir, for standing up to the establishment and Big Brother.  I would love to go home tomorrow and not rack up one more single minute of flight time, except for a sweet little Piper Cub, or Rat Tail Barn Racer.  I miss those beautiful blue skies from my youth, and I am ashamed for hazing over that dream.

More importantly, maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.  I only know a small fraction of the larger picture, as they compartmentalize everything.  Should I become aware of any new significant developments I will email your cousin.

The man I have contact with says he senses a wavering within the ranks, and that a kind of mutiny is beginning to boil to the surface of this whole geoengineering global whitewashing, if you catch my drift.  My cousin still has friends in high places too, so he is helping to protect the pilot.

*** ***

Last word from the pilot and I quote. “All pilots on leave are required to report to their CO by Dec 15th for special training operations, to qualify for Indigo Phase 2 flights, expected to be initiated by January 21.”

Those were his words, not the actual Air Force message. He wanted me to stress that. He believes that the focus of their flights will be moved to areas east of California and Texas, in order to advance the drought further into the heartland; plus, he feels that a very new and extremely toxic chemtrail mix is going to be sprayed, using new technology that makes these special chemtrails completely invisible.

“Atmosphere shield of protection”, he doesn’t believe that either. So that is the end of the message from this chemtrail pilot.

From my own experience I’ve had a lot of contact with this guy for six months via the Internet, and basically everything he told me has turned out to be true, so I have no reason to doubt any of this, and hope you forward it.

This also points out how difficult it is to fight this program because people inside the program are not subject to public opinion or exposed to public information sources.  Therefore, we need to brainstorm and come up with the way to shut down this program, as it is actually heating the planet, and killing everything with elevated UV rays, and toxic metals.

Thank you for listening.


An active chemtrail pilot has quite courageously stepped out of the shadows at great risk to his career and his life.  Such a sacrifice ought to compel the fast-growing community of anti-chemtrail advocates to disseminate his much needed message.  Raising the worldwide awareness around this pilot’s unprecedented disclosures seems essential toward shutting down the current form of global geoengineering.

Operation Indigo Skyfold has been OUTED.  We now know its name.  We now know how it works.  We have been informed that it is being expanded in 2015 and is now more dangerous than ever.


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  1. Melsbrew. December 4, 2022
    The chemtrail spraying has been going on for decades. By connecting the nano-particle aluminum electrical nodes in the upper atmosphere, control of the weather has been the norm and is getting much more powerful. Weather warefare on the People.They are using their ability to attack & destroy red states like Florida & Texas. Like hurricane Sally back in 2020. Most recently this year, hurrican Ian that was steered by the GeoEngineers to hit Florida broad side then turned it back to hit the Carolinas.
    So, I have heard they were spraying graphene oxide in our breathable airspace, a substance Bill Gates spent millions to have included in the Covid Vaccines. This in conjunction with the 5G technology, ends up killing anyone who got the jab.
    Given that, what says they haven't be spraying the People with the Covid 19 virus to spread world-wide to infect every country?
    They cause draught to destroy our food supply, bands of tornados starting in Tx going up through KY have been created by these bastards, killing and destroying.

  2. All I know is it fuels the fires with all that chemical spray that falls onto the forrests. Im sick and tired of people saying , oh this is BS. Look up in hthe skies and watch a jetliner with contrails behind it, they Dissipate after a short period of time, chemtrails on the other hand are thick, very low and spread out into a cloud cover…. Logic and common sense people, use it! Im sick of having a sore throat and eyes burning after they spray heavily. They do it A LOT over Palm Springs ( palm springs sits in a white fog now. People thinks its moisture, LOL its the desert and it hadnt rained in months, where did the moisture come from?? and L.A…. also areas in AZ and NV, anywhere the sun shines bright. Leave the planet alone, It will be here for as long as God wants it to be here along with us humans. Which are ruining the planet. Mankind should be ashamed!! Who ever thought this shit up needs to get their heads outta their ass!! They are Narcissistic, Demented psycopaths.

  3. This is BS. If Flashpoint was real, we wouldn’t need to drop bombs on downed aircraft to keep the enemy from getting to the technology. It would be great, and save time, and resources! I’m married to a military pilot! This is what they have to do! If this was real, he wouldn’t have said his call sign name (as he is known) because any of the other pilots would know him by that name and turn him/her in. Obviously chem trails are real, but this content is so full of fluff and so-called “facts” to “prove they are who they say they are” AND that can be disproven easily, that I wouldn’t trust a word he/she is saying from 2015…. ugh- or NOW. This is probably some jaded crew chief who needs attention. Move on people- nothing to see here… (eye roll).

    • I smell the obvious smell of a disinfo attempt…

      a) Do you seriously believe a whistleblower with information this explosive, assuming he is for real, would use his “real” call sign name?

      b) Do you equally believe that the military will use weapons or techniques they do not want the public to know about, on everyday crashes, thereby potentially giving away the ability? If a craft is badly wrecked crashed, I don’t think we can assume FP would typically be the thing to rely on.

      We can’t disprove or dismiss things that by nature are covered up just because they simply denied it, or because one’s belief system can’t accept their government would spray them.

      If you “believe” chemtrails are real, how can you not also realize they would have an intricate program for it to be done?

  4. Old news. There’s nothing here that we didn’t already know. Look up “aircraft fuel augmentation with Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles”. There are several papers published on this on the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website. They put it right in the fuel, which in the case of jet aircraft, is pretty close to plain old Kerosene. The Al2O3 nanoparticles release their Oxygen (O3) during combustion in the jet engine and produces a cleaner more efficient “burn”. The Aluminum condenses out and leaves the chemtrails. BTW, Aluminum is the most common element in soil (naturally) besides Silica. Nanoparticles can be absorbed through the root structure of plants and trees making these organisms more combustible during wildfires. Hopefully, someone will connect the dots before the environment collapses.

  5. Ultimately this is Satan mocking God’s creation. After all, the Accuser’s mission is to steal, kill and destroy. I in turn have spent much time praying against this desecration of our beautiful skies, and look forward to the day when new powers are brought to the forefront who will ground these plains and dismantle this entire infrastructure. Every evil empire in the history of the world thinks it’s invincible. Reality has demonstrated otherwise. So it will be with the present one.
    LORD, our eyes are on you.

    • I agree with you Steven. Every morning we start with a beautiful blue country sky and then they start coming in and pretty soon it’s a gloomy day. I wonder how many sunny days we’ve been robbed of and what our world would be like if they’d let God be in control. I also look forward to the NEW administration (again but better)

    This is a meditation invocation to repeat when ever you feel the need to do it.
    I personally do it 4 a 5 times, once for each chemtrails when they are during the day , and the chemtrail traces disappear as snow in the sun above our island. Also you can ask help of the Sylphs (spirit of the air) they always are happy to help..

    1.From the Divine Love within my Being.
    I am one with Creation on all levels of consciousness.
    I call forth all energies connected to chemtrails interfering with my free-will choice, and the free-will choice of humanity and all life form co creating with humanity. I defuse and render inactive all programming connected to chemtrails in perfect sequential order on all levels of consciousness.

    2. I command all energies involved with chemtrails, as far as those energies extend, be transmuted into the divine expression of Creative Love
    and returned to Creator Source to be used only as a positive, productive energy.

    3. I command all tissues in my body and aspects of my being that have been damaged by chemtrails, interfering with my ability to experience my divine perfection, whether it has been created with or without my permission
    now be restored to divine perfection.

    4. I command that all damage created by chemtrails
    to all life forms living in co creation with humanity upon the planet Earth, interfering with their ability to experience their perfected state of being, now be restored to divine perfection in a manner that will restore peace, joy and harmony upon the Earth.
    And so it is.

  7. THis is really old and no one else has come forward. So I won’t even share this. It says they are expanding the program in 2015 like that is the future. It’s 2020 so this was 5 years ago. Don’t waste people’s time and energy on stupid old shit that nothing has been done about anyway. Yes, it’s only a matter of time before someone with an accurate firearm shoots one down, or someone from a state who allows liberal weapon ownership like Oklahoma or Arizona takes that RPG or shoulder fired missile out of the closet, blows the dust off it, and shoots a plane down. But the media won’t report it anyway so we won’t know when people are revolting.

  8. This doesn’t tell us what chemtrails are for. I figure maybe to prevent this [false] global warming. Or is it to replace the ozone layer? We’re told here about supposedly creating drought.

  9. Wow!!!! I have been aware of the toxins sprayed in Chemtrails for some 35 years and this is the first time I have felt we may be able to stop it because of one very courageous pilot speaking out. Thank you!!!


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