By Ethan Huff,

More than 80 different localities throughout the great nation of Poland have declared themselves to be “LGBTQ-free zones,” according to reports, and the rainbow brigade is not happy about it.

Disgusted with the continued spread of gross perversions like “Drag Queen Story Hour” coming out of the West, Poland is being forced to either accept or reject it – and the consensus seems to be to reject it.

Unlike the United States, where even the so-called “churches” are either ignoring, or in many cases promoting, society’s swirl down the toilet, Poland is actually trying to preserve its religious, cultural and moral heritage and set itself apart from Mystery Babylon and its doctrines of demons.

Since the LGBTQ mafia is showing no signs of letting up with its child-indoctrinating agenda, Poland, or at least parts of Poland, are taking a bold stand that’s already being condemned by the beast system that surrounds it.

The European Parliament, which is dominated by godless globalists, recently voted 463 to 107 in condemnation of Poland for its “discrimination against LGBTQ people.” A resolution also calls on the Polish government “to revoke discriminatory measures such as the ‘LGBTQ-free zones.’”

But Poland remains unphased as its government, which is controlled by “the ruling right-wing populist Law and Justice [Party],” is solidly committed to preserving a strong nationalist identity that includes total opposition to “LGBTQ ideology.”

Law and Justice chairman Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski, in fact, warned back in April of an “imported” LGBTQ movement that “threatens our identity, our nation … and therefore the Polish state.”

Homosexual activists admit their strategies for forced societal conversion include “planned psychological attacks” and media “propaganda”

As you may recall, Poland aggressively cracked down on so-called “pride” marches that tried to takeover Polish streets back in the summer, condemning them as “unwelcome.” Poland has also gone against the prevailing cultural tides in other regards, including with its rejection of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

But none of this is going over well with the Cult of LGBTQ, which demands that all nations and people groups capitulate to its demands, whether that be to expose young children to salacious adult entertainment at will, or instruct them in the ways of anal sex at taxpayer-funded public schools.

Poland is having none of this, and we laud this morally rooted country for not being a collective spineless coward like the United States has become. Apparently, there are still real men in Poland who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right and unilaterally reject the assault of LGBTQ whenever it rears its ugly head.

Keep in mind that all of this was outlined in the 1989 book After the Ball, in which authors and homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen revealed their strategies for converting America into a godless cesspool of total LGBTQ perversion and corruption.

In the book, Kirk and Madsen called for a “conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will” on the subject of LGBTQ. They explained how this could be accomplished “through a planned psychological attack in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.”

This homo-duo went on to predict that if they could successfully “produce a major realignment solidly in favour of gay rights, the intransigents (like the racists of twenty years ago) will eventually be effectively silenced by both law and police society” – and as we can all see, this strategy has been largely successfully.

Now that the U.S. has been conquered by LGBTQ, the next step for these homo-activists is to conquer the remaining holdouts, which obviously includes Poland as well as Russia.

“The moral of this story is that unmoored from Truth, tastes can lead to turpitude, fun to social failure, and hearts to Hell – and that ideas, truly, do have consequences,” writes Selwyn Duke for The New American.

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  1. I agree the media has gone wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far, as has the LGBTQ Community trying to ‘normalize’ What some, perhaps even most people, in severely brainwashed, Judeo Christian rooted America, consider, perverse behavior.

    However,,,,,,,,,, we have a thing called ‘FREEDOM’ here in America. Those same,, Individual rights, personal liberties and freedoms, whether agreed upon by some religious fanatics (whom have been shoving their own,, twisted, sick, and manipulated brands of morality, down our throats, since long long before the advent of television or even radio), are the backbone of America. No one ever said much, about that, and it has been go8n* on longer than America has been in existence.
    So long as what you are doing individually, is not illegal (some laws need to change yes) or “publicly offensive” (like two “people”, of any sex, “doing it” on a street corner) >> people have the right in this country, to practice whatever sick perverted behavior they desire but of course, this being done >>> IN PRIVATE <<<, and, so long as no consenting adult is harmed by their actions, and again, in private….Then it should not, be considered illegal, immoral or unjust, publicly, nor regulated). That is, the foundation of American personal liberty!!!

    I may not personally agree, with some turns society is taking these days, Drag-Queens reading stories to toddlers and or children, would not be my first choice were I, the facility administrator.

    However, on the other hand, playing devil’s advocate here,, one must ask; what was being read, to the children? Was it a; ‘how to be LBTQG guide”? If not,, one might consider it a valid point, there is a big difference between that,, and Winnie the Pooh, too…

    Did this ‘Drag Queen’ have his package visible? Was he advocating this lifestyle or singling kids out asking whether they were attracted to the same sex, advocating such behavior? Well then, if not, can we say it’s sooo wrong (again, we’re I the educator, it would not be my first choice to have a Drag Queen read to children but, that’s my deep seated religious indoctrination’s (brainwashing) at work, too, something I am grappling with trying myself, to overcome).

    So I have to conclude, unless it’s some X-Rated tale of being read to children, and the stories or the storyteller, portray a same sex couple “doing it” during these story times, or like in the sex education classes, were they teaching children the mechanisms to achieve orgasm, during same sex encounters, and advocating these same sex behaviors?

    Then it does not seem,, quite so “evil”, as some religious fanatics, like to portray. I feel this, like most aberrations of society (speaking about public discussions), will eventually settle itself to become just another divisive rift, driving America apart, dividing this country, which will eventually, if we allow “politics” of human interactions and trying to force our personal political or religious view’s onto others, bring about self demise as a country…or we can accept, that people are going to be people, and pursue INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND LIBERTY whatever that may mean, to them, personally and privately, and if we meet such a person walking down the street, we can ‘choose to ignore’ such persons, and leave them to work out their own sexuality identification for themselves, and if their appearance offends you, by their wearing opposite sex apparel, just “look the other way”.

    Of course we can knee jerk react, which I believe means we should remove ALL such extremism from American media, including the modern day twisted religious fanaticism (like Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, etc.) which by broadcast volume, by far outweighs anything the LGBTQ Community can ever get on tv and in my personal opinion is FAR MORE DANGEROUS to the human psyche.

  2. First of all, LGBTQ people aren’t harming anyone by existing. I agree that some of the new programs being taught in school are a bit silly, but I do think sex ed classes should include LGBTQ information, since some of the kids in those classes may be LGBTQ and benefit from that. It’s wrong to try to convince children that they are LGBTQ, but teaching them about it is harmless and can serve to prevent a lot of self hate they often feel from realizing their identity in spaces that are unfriendly to it, so it’s very important that being LGBTQ is normalized, without forcing it on people.

    I don’t think young children should be having any sex, whether it’s gay or straight, but when they learn about straight sex, what’s the harm in teaching them about gay sex too? Also, the existence of LGBTQ people harms no one, in fact, you probably know some already, maybe even are friends with them.

    The idea that LGBTQ people are evil appears to come from the Black Sun/Vril aliens, which seem to have been the same ones influencing Hitler. They seek to end existence and want to sow divisions in the people to prevent them from all banding together. But in fact, LGBTQ is not new, and people dating the same sex or living as the opposite sex was pretty normal in Native American, and even some African and Indian history. Even if you don’t believe that’s the case, why care what people do with their own lives? Telling someone about something does not make them do it, actually.

    • Gays don’t need sex education period as men don’t get pregnant and a woman doesn’t get another woman pregnant. Dopes like you are the reason the country is falling apart and has become Communist. You “tolerate” everything to the point of destructive behavior. Children need not be taught anything about gay because the schools shouldn’t be teaching anything about personal choices and life decisions. It’s not their or the governments’ place to do so. I don’t hate gays, they can do what they want as adults. But having it in the schools is forcing it down people’s throats. By catering to that small minority percentage and twisting the school’s purpose and mission to fit that, you are ultimately going to create resentment and even more hatred. They just won’t openly express it at school. Schools have no business telling people what their choices should be or how they should feel about any subject. That’s personal. By forcing it to be public instead of personal, you are removing freedom of choice by the back door but with the appearance of more choice. It will backfire and create more disgust. Like the kid who is forced to play basketball, but knows he isn’t any good at it, so he gets smashed by the other players and when he’s older hates it. You cannot force personal issues and if you do you will create rebellion. Gay is none of my business or yours unless you ARE gay. Gay is gay business.

  3. Maybe Poland will be the only place in the world where we might find real men and real women. A place where real children can thrive. Maybe.


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