Located in southeastern Siberia, towards Mongolia’s border, sits the planet’s oldest and deepest lake. Nearly one-quarter of Earth’s fresh water is contained here. Astonishing depths of over five thousand feet have been measured in certain areas. A myriad of unique plant and animal species inhabit the frigid territory, many of which exist nowhere else in the world. Scientists estimate this massive basin formed as an ancient rift valley more than twenty-five million years ago. For centuries, Lake Baikal has been home to a plethora of unexplained phenomena. Locals claim countless peculiar UFO encounters frequently occur within this remote region of Russia. Some theorize an extraterrestrial base is lurking beneath the picturesque exterior.

One of the most bizarre reports occurred in 1982 during a routine Soviet military training dive. While navigating the foreboding aquatic realm, Navy personnel noticed anomalous figures swimming nearby. Perplexed, they watched in bewilderment as several curious creatures approached them. Despite being stationed at a depth of over one hundred and sixty-four feet, these humanoids wore no modern equipment. Each donned tight-fitting metallic suits complete with a helmet-like apparatus completely covering their heads. Upon closer inspection, troopers noticed the aliens were nearly ten feet tall. However, the colossal loch-dwellers soon disappeared back into the murky abyss.

Seven Russian Navy divers were attacked by a group of hostile extraterrestrials.

Following this eerie run-in, the intrigued commander ordered his recruits to capture a subaqueous alien. Seven Scuba divers entered the glacial lake and began their harrowing descent. Soon after navigating an elevator of declining temperatures, multiple entities emerged. One frogman attempted to catch the unearthly specimen in a large net. At that moment, all hell broke loose for the unsuspecting flotilla group. Suddenly the nonhuman brutes fought back by shooting intense sonar waves from strange devices. A powerful force rendered every crew member unconscious and rapidly propelled them to the surface.

Catapulting upwards from extreme depths can have devastating effects on our bodies, resulting in a condition often called “the bends”. Three of the squadron were seriously injured but did not succumb to this affliction. The remaining fellows needed immediate transfer to a decompression chamber. Unfortunately, there was only one recompression chamber in the region and it was designed for merely two people at a time. Out of sheer desperation, four men entered simultaneously in an attempt to save their lives. Tragically, this last-ditch effort did not go as planned. Three individuals perished as a result of their superior’s hasty decision. Those who survived the terrifying ordeal would be left with life-altering disabilities.

UFO sightings occur at extremely high rates throughout the Baikal area.

Following this harrowing catastrophe, KGB agents ceased further attempts of USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) acquisition. For decades the horrifying events which transpired remained hidden by high-ranking authorities. Vladimir Azhazha, former Soviet Naval officer and esteemed ufologist, declared Russian government executives recently released declassified files. In these documents, the Baikal aquanauts are described in great detail. Unsurprisingly, Navy commanders had been extensively monitoring numerous underwater vehicles navigating the lake. Such technological capabilities greatly intrigued them; if engineers could replicate the vessels’ inconceivable speeds, unprecedented militaristic advantages would be gained.

Throughout the eras, Baikal has been no stranger to mysterious UFO activities. During the late 1950s a TU-104 jet crashed into the lake after it was pursued by an unknown metallic vehicle. The frantic pilot radioed a distraught message to air traffic controllers informing them of this alleged attack. According to informants, all staff on duty at the time were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Numerous community fisherman attested to viewing the frightening areal attack. Anglers described how a silver flying saucer chased a plane until it plummeted into the water and disappeared from their sight. Despite considerable testimonies, no conclusive evidence or official records of this event have ever surfaced.

NASA released photos taken from the International Space Station in 2009. Some believe they show a USO emerging from the water.

In April of 2009 the enigmatic Siberian sector made global headlines yet again. Astronauts aboard an international space station photographed two circular convection breaks, thought to be produced by enormous aquatic crafts. One was located near the lake’s center while the other was positioned towards Baikal’s southern end. Both appeared to be created by something ascending beneath the thick ice-laden outer layer. The pair of disk-shaped cracks were perfectly symmetrical and astonishingly measure three miles in diameter. These immense fractures were so precise making them impossible to manufacture or replicate. Certain researchers believe the NASA-produced images are evidence of spaceships emerging from the dark waters below.

Yet another unsettling occurrence took place in 2011 when an alien body was discovered. Footage shows one Irkutsk resident guiding the camera man towards a forested area. Atop the snow-covered ground lays a small extraterrestrial. It possesses an enlarged cranium, opaque grayish body and dark eyes blankly staring ahead. Something appears to have ripped off the creature’s right leg. Amid this expletive-laden footage, our winter-clad host explains how his dog sniffed out the captivating cadaver. Mere weeks before the chilling scene was filmed, dozens of villagers witnessed unidentifiable lights hovering above their homes. Conspiracy theorists speculate a UFO crash may be responsible for the macabre martian corpse. Viewers are torn regarding the authenticity of the video; some believe a genuine unknown species was uncovered while others blame crafty cinematic hoaxers.

An bizarre video surfaced in 2011 which appears to show the corpse of a small extraterrestrial.

As time progresses, onlookers continue to be dazzled by the obscure skies. Intriguing incidents take place at staggering rates across the district’s vicinity. In this technological era where most people are never without their smart phones, more of these perplexing crafts are captured and shared via the web. One such example happened in October of 2016 while spectators observed extraordinary green flashes above their rural town. Bystanders and experts alike were baffled by the unusual scene. Such remarkable sightings and otherworldly happenings have even caught the eye of famed director, Steven Spielberg. The film tycoon intends to create a documentary titled “Depth 211” which will explore Lake Baikal’s baffling history.

Only four years ago, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a shocking announcement at the World Economic Forum. In his public statement he lamented how “the time has come” for the world to know the truth about extraterrestrials visitors. In fact, Mr. Medvedev believes aliens are already living amongst us and have been doing so for quite a while. Even more brazen, the political leader warned if United States officials refuse come forward with this monumental information, Russian representatives will do so themselves. Given recent ufology-related announcements and unveiled files, it is entirely plausible that the Kremlin is gearing up for full disclosure. Perhaps sooner than we may think the astounding truth of interplanetary beings will finally be acknowledged by those who have known all along.

Lake Baikal has been home to a plethora of unexplained UFO activity for decades.

Do you believe that Lake Baikal is harboring an underwater base? Share your opinions in the comment section and let me know your thoughts on this fascinating topic!

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Source: https://downthechupacabrahole.com

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  1. Being dedicated only to French cafe society, and our deep love of
    rivers and the sea, we are only allowed to be interested in the paranormal, strictly relating to aquatics. It takes a great deal of
    time, and is very costly to investigate, and authenticate this type
    of thing. The return on investment is poor. Although the photo
    of the creature is likely a fake, we do find this of great interest.
    Some aspects of these events maybe classed as folklore.
    This is far from myth or fantasy, but equally not fact or science,
    but in some middle realm, where one can not be sure. Ten foot tall
    humanoids are certainly a great puzzle to us. Nothing like the
    Aquatic Physical Savants we are familiar with. No mention of green eyed redheads, with webbed hands. The retaliation of the creatures, quite justified in our view, does sound familiar to us though. Only the APS do seem to be able to be able to stun humans, or put them
    into a stupor trance, by some form of hypnotizing, and indeed a sonar blast or sonic effect. Only they do not need accessories, equipment, or hand held weapons, they can do this simply
    by staring at the target. A single slightly built APS has been known
    to incapacitate several big strong men, on the beaches of Cornwall, in England, and easily make escape back to the sea. The men badly the worse for wear, not caring to challenge an APS ever again.
    From Grant Myers VP Cafuelarena. See cafuelarena.com

  2. Thank you for this so interesting article .It is high time that disclosure is announced.I have been following every tidbit of information on this subject for many years and have no reservation of the fact that we are not alone in the universe.
    Humanity should extend a hand of mutual friendship to visitors from other star nations .

  3. I don’t doubt it. With the recent filing of the US Patent for a hybrid underwater aerial craft (ie: antigravity craft), it demonstrates the repellent of water/air molecules, enveloping the craft in its own envelope of non interaction with the water, for example. Thus ‘depth’ or ‘pressure’ is no longer an issue and cannot interact with the craft(at least that’s how I understood this “new” technology), during the operational implementation of such technology. A ‘culture’ capable of having such craft, only revealed now, by the US, a culture which was using said technology 70yrs ago, thus is at least 70yrs ahead of us technologically -probably/likely far far more advanced, could be implementing ‘suits’ as well, which could, theoretically anyway (sci/if admittedly to us but, much of sci/if turns out to be predictions of technological advances,which at the time, were unseen too). Suits which might be created to do the same for the ‘living body’ (or perhaps these encountered beings were not ‘living’ but mechanical, in either case;) thus allowing them to exist at depths the human body and suit technology currently (and especially in the 1950’s) does not permit.
    So, yeah the technical end of it rings true -today… Thus I believe it, this whole episode is technically possible and thus, may be real, even without the Russian government official’s affirmation of it being true.
    However, I will add, if the Russian government does beat the USA to “full disclosure”, I will be intently listening. Yet it would have been nice, if the Trump Inauguration Speech,ascI call it, the greatest Disclosure speech I ever heard, without, making even one, tiny Disclosure, (as I think it was kinda written to be, then someone cut everything, all the Disclosure material, and just left the skeleton, outline, for him to read – I actually found it, disturbingly appearing, that way, just saying…Like the day he met Obama in the Oval Office before Inauguration and was as he put it “briefed on our high flying assets”, he looked so “broken spirited” and this set the tone to me, for the inauguration speech), had it been an actual, “Full Disclosure” Speech, it would have been one of the greatest speeches in human history but, it was far from that, gutted like it appeared to be. I think the USA and Mr Trump, are both, nearly out of time to do Full Disclosure, or someone else, will do so, maybe ET themselves. Put it this way, If the thousands of pics I have captured myself (steadily increasing 2013-2019) of a wide variety of UFO/UAP craft, are any indication, “they”,, themselves may indeed be in progress, of a full disclosure timeline, thus it seems to me, inevitable.

  4. Eu acredito sim..não só lá mas estão espalhados por todos os lados no planeta….mar…amazônia….antartida etc.

  5. There is no reason why this shouldn’t be possible. Of course there are other beings… And they are everywhere. On our Earth as well as in our galaxy, in our universe, and in other universes.
    It is a wonder that people still can’t believe this.

  6. Dacă nu ar exista autorităţile care cenzurează tot, de mult s-ar fi produs întîlnirile mulkt aşteptate…dar le este frică pentru că religia ar pierde luzerii care donează bani, marii bogătaşi şi-ar pierde averile, funcţiile,situaţia socială,nu ar mai dicta calea de urmat a lumii. Ar cădea cortina de întuneric şi banii ar ajunge pentru fiecare om planetar, nu ar mai fi boli şi nici ameninţări cu boala sau moartea, nici mega farmaciile nu ar mai scoate profit de pe urma viruşilor pe care tot ei îi produc…multe mach more s-ar schimba schift.


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