By Michelle Walling, CHLC

As we continue to meld and move through the fourth dimension on many different levels, the dark forces are getting more desperate for sources of energy, or what has been called “loosh”. Most energetic attacks have the purpose of triggering negative emotional responses for this loosh, and others are self created thoughtforms. Part of the spiritual “work” is clearing yourself and your house of negative energies and entities as you learn to unplug from the matrix.

The matrix is an interactive binary computer program that is an overlay on top of the organic 5d Earth matrix. Its purpose is to lock humans into a perpetual source of energy for 4th dimensional beings who were trapped here by the Federation during the cosmic wars. Because these trapped beings are not connected to the Source through their hearts, they were forced to find another source of energy in order to survive. They were able to hack into the matrix system on earth through the moon to provide an illusion wonderland of ways to attack humans and to cause humans to attack themselves as well as others. Their main methods are fear vibrational fields,  memory erasure, energetic cording with astral entities, implants and various technologies, mind control, hitchhiker spirit attachments, and self inflicted sabotage programming. They then use the energy that humans generate for their sustenance and store the extra energy for later purposes such as holographic illusion insertions and timeline incursions.

Alba Weinman’s hypnotherapy videos on YouTube have proven that self imposed negative thoughtforms can cause energetic blocks and illness. Under hypnosis, Alba takes her clients into a state where the conscious self, or ego takes a back seat and the super, sub conscious, higher, or Source self comes forward and is able to identify and clear energies and entities in the body. Emotional trauma is usually the cause of the self created “monster” that is lodged within the astral body and usually manifests in some physical way in the client’s reality. Sometimes the cause of the physical pain is because the client is carrying a hitchhiker in a specific organ or place in the body. A hitchhiker is an Earthbound spirit (one who has died but stayed in the lower vibrational Earth plane) that was attracted to the client because of a similar addiction or for karmic reasons. Alba has a team of light beings that assist in detaching these hitchhikers. She also helps the client to take their negative created energies and transmute them into something useful and high vibrational like forgiveness, love, and patience.

Alba’s work is an example of how we are learning to identify the causes for our negative thoughts, actions, and words. We are in a Universe of polarity, and like attracts like. Perpetual low vibrational thoughts are caused by the collective low vibrational field that we live in, which is caused by the dark beings who control are overlaying and controlling our reality. Some say that on a higher level, we as a collective even created the dark beings in the same perpetual way.

One of  the main things you learn in beginning spiritual and metaphysical philosophies is to raise your vibrational frequency. The only reason we are trapped in a perpetual state of negativity is that we aren’t told what is causing it and how to escape it. There are many methods and actions you can take to clear yourself, your home, and raise your vibration out of the overlay matrix frequency. Those who have clairvoyant abilities have an easier time than those who cannot see into the astral layer. However, most people are able to feel and know when something is not right and when their energetic field is out of balance.

Here are some ways to stop energetic attacks and clear negative energy and entities:

  1. Establish a connection with your higher self outside of the 3rd dimensional matrix overlay. You can also go beyond that and connect with your oversoul (monad) and Source. They are not actually separate, but each consciousness has answers and help that would be more appropriate for each layer of reality. For example, a Source frequency consciousness might not even think there is a problem here because it created everything, including the dark!
  2. Asses your guidance team and ask your higher self to release any guides that are not 100% of pure Source light. Replace with guides that have your highest and best interests in mind to assist you in exiting this negative matrix overlay.
  3. State your sovereignty as a Source being and demand that anything that is not in your highest and best good and not of 100% pure Source light not be allowed to attack you, enter your auric field, attach to you, siphon your energy, enter your home, or cause overlays and illusions through trickery and self imposed sabotage.
  4. Ask for a clearing of all curses, spells, and energetic darts that may have been cast by other people.
  5. Ask your guidance team to clear your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and etheric energy fields and imagine being engulfed in pure golden while light and love. Ask for clearing in all past, present, and future timelines and parallel Earths.
  6. Clear your energy portals (chakras). Some people learn to shut these down and rely on the natural dantian points in the third eye, heart, and sacral areas. If you don’t shut the chakras down, you will need to clear them every day and unplug whatever is trying to continuously plug into them. Once you learn the difference in how you feel with having your chakras open and vulnerable vs. having them closed off, you can decide what works best for you in the future.
  7. Ask for protection as you walk your path, and imagine a golden egg that surrounds your aura that allows love to exit and permeate but nothing negative or harmful to enter. If you want, you can add mirrors to the outside so that it reflects anything negative back to the sender.
  8. Take salt baths. Connect with your guidance, ask the salt and water for clearing, and give gratitude. I like pink Himalayan sea salt best. If you only have a shower available, imagine the water as golden pure Source energy cascading down around you, cleansing and nurturing you.
  9. Disconnect from negative people and relationships that no longer serve you. Gently cut energy cords and lovingly send them back to the origin. Have gratitude for all relationship experiences, for they all had a gift. Be mindful of your sexual partners and their vibrations or attachments.
  10. Revoke all contracts that are no longer serving you. See THIS article or THIS interview I did with Cameron Day.
  11. Attend to your home’s energy, as your home is a reflection of what is inside of you. Burn sage with a mantra of intention that only those in 100% true Source light and love and with your highest and best intentions in mind be allowed to occupy your home (car, work, etc). Close down negative portals and cleanse the room by placing salt in the perimeter or corners and windows for 24 hours, then vacuum or sweep it up after 24 hours and discard it outside. Clean and dust your home, remove clutter and material things that weigh you down. Grow live plants inside and open the curtains and windows, allowing the fresh air and sunshine in. Play beautiful music, use singing bowls, chimes, and/or gongs.
  12. Be aware and responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions, and realize that you attract what you put out. Remember that you are creating your local reality and that collectively we are creating the bigger reality, albeit a distorted one.
  13. Visit an energy healer, hypnotherapist, QHHT or BQH practitioner. See a list of trusted healers in your area HERE. You may want to have an implant removal if you are guided, which includes technologies. However, raising your vibrational frequency renders all implants and technologies useless.
  14. Wear shungite, onyx, or obsidian crystals that are cleared and programmed to provide protection to your auric field. Keep orgonite, selenite, quartz, and other clearing crystals around your home.
  15. Refrain from alcohol, drugs, refined white sugar, cigarettes, and GMO foods, which all are engineered to cause addictions and auric field rips and tears.
  16. Do your emotional self work. Often times this is the one thing we avoid is looking at ourselves and who our ego thinks it is. This work involves consciously feeling into our wounded child or victim suppressed memories and allowing the emotions to surface so that they can be recognized. You can ask your guidance team to show you in meditation/contemplation the situations that caused the energy and let them take it from you as you place it in a bubble and send it away. You could also write down what you are feeling and burn it, or you can use methods such as the Emotion code , EFT tapping, Access BAR Therapy, or similar.
  17. Assess how you are feeling each day. If you are depressed or ill, work on raising your vibrational frequency. There are many great articles and videos that can assist with the methods for doing this. Keep the energy moving in your body (light exercise etc.) and keep the energy in your home moving and clean.
  18. Beware of people who are leading others into false light practices such as group meditations and false energy healings that actually create more attachments. Often times they do not know they are being used. Other times these are the people that use black magic, tell you they have all of the answers, threaten that you will suffer if you disconnect form their teachings, and charge exorbitant amounts of money ($1,000 for example). You have all the knowledge and ability to do this work within yourself.

Often times this journey is a mental battle. You begin to wonder if your negative thoughts are your own or you have too many voices or thoughts in your head. As you raise your consciousness and frequency, you set off automatic alarm bells in the matrix and become more of a target for the astral beings to gang up on you. The only thing keeping you locked into a negative frequency is the belief and programming that you are not powerful enough, and the subsequent trick that forces you to create your reality form a place of fear rather than a frequency of love. The lack of information about where you are, why you are here, and who you are as a part of Source experiencing duality and polarity is how they execute the trick.

In the beginning, we often require help in clearings from others who have walked the path before us because we are so overlaid with things that we can’t find our way out. It does get easier and regular maintenance is required until you actually exit by unplugging from the control matrix overlay. Advanced clearing techniques and mastery then involves a round of unplugging, studying your behaviors and creation, and jumping back into the matrix to practice dodging bullets. Then you jump out, heal your wounds, and jump back in again until you finally command your rightful domain to exist free of control and learn to keep your frequencies high without falling into traps.

Energetic clearing does not happen overnight, but the good news is that as more and more wayshowers have done the self work, gridwork, and Earth clearing and balancing, they have made it easier for others to speed through their clearings. We are also receiving higher and higher waves of energy that is clearing the astral realm and everything on the planet.

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  1. Excellent advice. I might add:
    Almost everyone at one time or another has received some kind of medical treatment that included the use of a needle. Unfortunately, even doctors and nurses are not aware what is actually in the needle and fluid they are injecting directly into the blood stream. And today, it is becoming more and more common that what is injected directly into the blood stream contains some kind of ‘nano-technology implant’ that should be neutralized with the use of magnetics over the body. Nano-technology implants are designed to breakdown the immune system and to make the individual believe there is something physically wrong with him/her, emotionally, mentally or physical. (Anyone with health insurance is fair game for that fast losing respect industry of not educated but programmed to serve the dark forces’ agendas, made possible by the financial obligations accrued.)

    Because women are magnetic and men are electrical. sex sets the woman up to be used as a dumping ground for the transfer of not only germs, toxins, bacteria, etc. but dark entities and images from the mind of the man she is having sex with. And she can be made to believe the images and beliefs are her own and not the man’s. Simple minds are easy to read and women should learn to read the man and trust what she is feeling and seeing. Guilt and ‘less than’ is very easily transferred from the man to the woman without her awareness because she is looking for a heart connection and he is using her for a power-over-her rush.

    The simple statement: “I send all negative entities into the Light NOW. I AM free and clear of all psychic debris.” – and – “Return to sender.” (any negative thoughts being used to weaken you.) You can also imagine a ‘VIOLET FLAME’ to throw the thoughts into.


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