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  1. Democracy is all about the god of Benjamin $$$ the god of Benjamin,s trumps wright from wrong human life over a benjamin our politicians have chosen envelopes full of money over human life till we vote in honest people and make lobbying illegal the 1% will continue to corrupt our politicians with money in the envelope we are so fucked

  2. This is bullshit. They are still censoring. At least where I live. I do searches all of the time that hide what I’m really looking for.

  3. Everyone needs to get a reputable paid for VPN service, and start using brave browser at the very least, but preferably get on the darknet via Tor and onion browser, and don’t forget to download encrypted keyboard and message app. and boycott The control grid once and for all! Good guys in the Government don’t make me laugh, The Government is THE PROBLEM not the solution! Time to wake up my little sheepies, the boogieman doesn’t exist! coronavirus is one of the over 200 viruses that cause the common cold. Look it up on WebMD. If you are interested in the truth. The only thing that gives any of these people power is consent. We, as sovereign individual beings of light, need to stop giving them control over us. Common law, the non aggression principal, free market and civilized Anarchy is the only solution. They call it self isolation, because you do it to yourself, they didn’t have to use a hook to force the sheep in the pen, they just hire a wolf (sheepdog) to scare the daylights out of them so they would put themselves in the pen. Then herdsmen can freely fleece the sheep of the last vestiges of freedom, autonomy, wealth, because they are so much easier to control when they are terrified of the big bad wolf. It is time to ignite the flame and illuminate the darkness once and for all. Let the light of the truth set us free at last. The central banks and the usary, debt. System of federal iOU notes, compounded by interest based, fractional reserve lending and the quasi-freemarket culture of chroni-capitalism high on mergers and aquisitions, driven by greed and power lust has gone on for far too long. When they own literally everything, including you and all the work you do and value you provide, the land you live on ,the car you drive, from the vast acres of wilderness, to the products you buy. and the materials they are made of. They can dictate reality now, with “The Scientists” that the fake news tells you about backing them up. The Tax slavery is a travesty against humanity. The powers that be will stop at nothing to keep sucking off the blood sweat and tears that we provide them by continuing to be the very foundation of their PYRAMID scheme of power and control. And the one eye that sits on the throne needs you all now to open the other eye, fear not for the light is bright, but I pray that you not be blind anymore, It is us that supports them, and so it is us that must take back our God given right to live a life that is free of tyranny from all threats. I hereby call upon the love and ecstatic energy that is the light to shine down on this planet and illuminate the truth for every living being. So that they can inherit the earth, and Bring on the golden age by cutting off all of the heads of the Hyrdra simultaneously. It is imparetive we succeed in this mission! or I fear this may be the last chance we have for a long time. PS. On a side note I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the fact that this plan of theirs has been well documented for over 100 years, including the bankruptcy of the world via orchestrated conflicts and wars they provoke us into. Divide and conquer indeed. Also just in case noone was looking when it happened . The meteoric rise of a social media app known as TikTok is Owned by Chinese company that is directly linked to the international banking cartel by way of their board of directors who now have eyes and ears on most of our children with the power of hypnotic suggestions at their fingertips. Social media was and is the catalyst of control. They saw the ultimate weapon in the way that a meme will spread like a virus quickly and efficiently. This is not a drill or a practice run, this is it , and it’s DO or DIE. (The revolution will not be televised)

    • Im with ya . Now and until the end .. the revolution needs to happen.. the sheep need to shed their wool and open their eyes to the sorry state this world is in .. we are being controlled by the same who keep most of the sheep in fear . Us few wolves need to make a stand and bring this corruption burning down . [email protected] .. reach me here .. i dont mind giving my name and e-mail .. the corrupt bastards know to leave me alone. As i will leave THEM alone ?

  4. It’s time for President Trump to unplug the drain in the swamp. The globalists, NWO, deep state, and China have gone tooooo far with this over hyping of the virus.

    China (where the virus started), a country of 1 BBillion, had only 3,300 deaths.

  5. Awesome, I have to say I noticed a wee difference in some of the things I was searching for on google lately while looking for truth, still have to dig deep though! I also noticed when they started to sensor searching long ago! Funny, today I looked up “Trudeau sucking trumps teat”! Out of frustration of course! It was interesting to see, certainly not expected to see so much porn having to do with trump! Well, expected, yet, not!

    It’s nice to know there are some sane people left in the world right now with common sense! Thanks soooo much for that great info!

    • You know, after sending the above comment for the great video with Zach Vorhies, I also made a comment about my own google/Trudeau and Trump search, I soon after, realized I was searching on DuckDuckgo, “not google”! So, I decided to do the same search comparing the two search sites to see if there was a difference? I not surprisingly, found no where near the same content/search, it, the negative about trump, was still actually all censored!

      I also realized when I did those searches, I misspelled the word teet, 😉 proverbial (teat) so, I searched for the misspelled search for same results! Wowwwwww, no wonder you can’t find any sane people on google search! Geeeeze! So much for getting better!

  6. The idea of Truth to Lie is as predictable as it was in biblical times. The more NEGATIVE the intent, the greater this propensity to write, The Truth is a Lie, and The Lie is the Truth! This falls exactly on the Universal Law of Freewill!


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