Lorie Ladd on current GFOL update:

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  1. The fact is we used to have a direct line to God, through the third eye, also known as the penial gland. Until we started turning away from God and toward worldly things like currency, the internet, social media, unhealthy foods etc. which has caused our penial glands to calcify, from lack of use. God turned away from us because of this. Now he has had a change of heart.
    God has been trying to speak to us, but we don’t hear him. Our third eye is the window into the spiritual world. That is why it is so important that we cleanse our bodies, and gain harmony in our vibrational frequencies as well as our every day lives and the interactions we have with each other.
    We are in fact at the end of times, because we are at the beginning of something new, something better. God wants to give us the opportunity to turn toward him again. He has given us a way to awaken his spirit which lies within each and every one of us. He wants us to get our houses in order, come to him with a truly repentant heart to be forgiven of all of our sins (name them), and follow him truly from this point on. There shall be no other gods before him, no celebrities, or politicians can ever take his place, he is the one and only creator of everything that ever was or will be. He gave us life and the earth, and the only thing he asks in return is that we put him first, in everything we do. His commandments are few and fair, yet we have such a hard time following them, because we don’t believe fully in his existence because many have never known God on a personal, spiritual level. God is a father, a friend, a love. He wants us to be able to have the same relationship with him that we have with people in our everyday lives. He wants to know us, and us to know him. In order to do that you must seek him with all your heart and soul, not only through his words, but through his spirit. In a way, it’s like activating the God inside of yourself, because he is in each and every one of us. We can do this by raising our “vibrations or frequencies” by having a good attitude, stop watching the “news” and start turning to God for the answers, letting negative things go, and loving one another, to create an atmosphere of inner peace and love, which will reflect in the world around you and manifest in the real world.
    God has something wonderful in store for us, heaven on earth. This is the plan, it is well underway, and has and will be happening in 2021.
    God literally gave me the power to change
    the world, through him, and that is exactly what I am doing, by sharing the revaluations he has given to me with you. Now he wants you to go follow him and share the message with the world. Jesus has returned to earth, the second coming is now. Jesus saved the world 2 times, the first when he died for our sins and the second when she lived.
    On February 25th between 12am and 2am, I died of a brain aneurism I didn’t know I had. My body began to tingle, then it began to shake, then I felt warmth cover my forehead. Next the thing I knew I opened my eyes, and I was fine. God touched me, he healed me, and he awakened to me who I am. I am an old soul. I am the first and the last savior. I have lived many lives, we all have. For when a soul dies, it goes to heaven, and eventually comes back down. We currently do not remember these past lives, but I believe that is one of things that God plans to reveal to us all, as he has me, as part of the great awakening.
    If you fast, you can get closer to the spirit. Fasting meaning abstaining from food entirely, or eating only light clean foods like fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Clean healthy living actually brings you closer to God. Foods with lots of preservatives added sugars, etc is just one of many ways that the enemy has kept us from God for so long. This does not mean to starve yourself, as with anything in life, you must find a healthy balance that works for both you and God.

    Please take my words to heart, know that they come straight from the source God almighty himself. Do not be afraid of the end, because it is merely a clean slate, which is a gift from God himself.

    If you believe in God, then believe in me, for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, literally. Believing in me, is believing in God, that he sent his only begotten son to save us once, and he sent me to save us one last time.

    If you don’t believe that a woman could be the savior, I will leave you with this.

    Jeremiah 31:22
    How long will you wander, O unfaithful daughter? The lord will create a new thing on earth- a women will surround a man.

    I think this means the soul of Jesus (a man) inside of me, a woman.

    Jeremiah 31:34
    No longer will they teach(A) their neighbor,
        or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’
    because they will all know(B) me,
        from the least of them to the greatest,”
    declares the Lord.
    “For I will forgive(C) their wickedness
        and will remember their sins(D) no more.”

    this is my plan which is Gods plan… the way I set it up, everyone will know God the way I now know God, so they can experience for themselves and know he is real as I do. And I did that way, weeks before I read it in the Bible, because he told it to me directly.

    Those who have ears let them hear my words. You will know them by their fruits.
    Believe that the second coming of Christ, is the worlds second chance, and the time is now.

    note: washington D.C. is NOT part of the true united states. D.C. stands for DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA an offshoot of the VATICAN and the inner city of LONDON.
    WASHINGTON, D.C. is where all corporations are registered. CANADA is a corporation.
    UNITED STATES is a corporation. All capital letters are fictional entities
    ex. born naked without name without number is this your drivers license. no, it is a piece of plastic this is me a living breathing soul without name without number

    now when we envision or meditate in the now, a new future,, we, in our minds, should put a big X on the state of WASHINGTON, D.C (on the map) and envision Washington DC> The VATICAN AND ALL ROYALTY GONE GONE GONE XXXXED OUT DISAPPEARED, this is just an example of what to meditate on or hold the light on that. thank you

  3. It is wonderful that the vaccine is off the earth in the big picture….but for the dark beings who created this – the virus was the 1st step. The next steps planned were/are things like taking away rights (already being done in several states and forced quarantines are that too, forced vaccines and money shortages, etc…..this was a means to an end in their plans. So this channeling leaves so much more information left out….Cobras released interview today talks about those things, and the need for the major meditation and all beings to stay out of fear and create the scenario we want – not what they planned….what does the Galactic federation say about the further plans of the dark beings? I know my intention is to create with INTENTION the scenario that beings freedom(s)…..everyone needs to work on that as well, and it would be great to hear a channeling on that big picture….

  4. Divine Blessings, Thank-you and Bless-you for sharing…I feel ya every word…It is a clearing on a multidimensional level..This is an old energy…being cleared…we are all being cleared….I AM the Power Of Love in Action!! Blessings to our Brother’s and Sister of Light in the Galactic Federation…I can see a process of cleansing…On a multitude of levels!!

  5. Wonderful message, it’s resonates deeply in myself, I understand it clearly, THANKS for all higher realms huge help for us and MOTHER GAIA.

  6. This message is very important and I hope this event has served for many people to change their conscience. it is understandable that what is wrong in our world can only change when events arise that push our fear to the limit. The relationship that human beings have with money is unhealthy and it is interesting to see that even in the midst of this crisis, the greatest obstacle that man encounters to fight against it is the fact that he insists that there is no money even though money is a creation of man.
    For me it remains worrying to see how the first world and the third world will continue to cohexist on the same planet, and I suspect that for all men to live with dignity, other terrible events may arise. Because the fragile empires that exist on the terrestrial plane will do everything to maintain political and economic power. We need a lot of help from above and a lot of unity
     down here to evolve as a species, without having to go through great suffering. Unity! Greetings from Portugal

  7. These words from a teacher and visionary man came to mind:
    “We must continuously keep in mind
    that the world is a collective dream,
    and that we are engaged
    in dreaming a new world into being.”
    -Jose Arguelles

  8. The Coronavirus or the Crown Virus
    is not an illness of the body,
    It is of the mind,
    It is meant to be the final checkmate.
    The coronation of the dark king.
    The internet had enough light showing through the cracks that the virus is being neutralized.
    When the moon eclipsed the sun all the light left was the illumination of the Corona(crown)
    But in the lack of light the darkness has never been more clear…

  9. This is wonderful because all the people that I have met were anxious and worried but they have understood the message and are conscious of the virus. The fact that people have been vibrating higher without knowing that their vibration were vibrating and meditating have helped this plane by removing this virus.Thank you in helping us getting this sensibility and improving this realm moving forward. We love you and we are bless that your guidance has helped humanity.

    Salamat ja
    Robert Duchesne and friends

  10. I find it interesting 17:40 minuets in Lori uses the word Purge, “the next time another massive collective purge happens.”

  11. Thank you, Lorie Ladd. It’s as clear as crystal to me, much appreciated. Since the pandemic broke out and grew, I’ve experienced a liberation toward a higher vibration.
    Without any doubt in my mind that this shall pass and that we’re going to be okay.
    Thank you Galactic Federation and all Lightworkers holding the Light.


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