Part 3

Source: Galactic Federation – SaVi

Disclaimer: This message is only meant for those to whom the contents resonate, for everybody else you can read and then let it go.

The article series is structured in different parts which are not necessarily connected to each other. They provide an overview of the current developments. 


Activation of Light Warriors (Commander)

Since October 2019 some light warriors who are incarnated on earth, and whom some are also commanders, were called to the GFOL fleet ships for a special mission which started on 01.01.202.  Since then they have been working closely with Light Forces in teams for different tasks.  Many groups were formed with these special tasks – and in each group there is one Light Warrior incarnated on the surface.  It does not matter if you are aware of this meeting in your day consciousness or not.

Most of them have no access or awareness of their being part of a group in day-consciousness due to protection they are receiving, but they are part of this operation.  All of these Light Warriors work in a special in-between timeline that stabilizes the positive timeline – many Starseeds are already very much decoupled from the old 3D matrix world, making it harder for them to stay in the old matrix.  This is very noticeable to them in many areas of their daily routines, day consciousness or the 3D environment.

Offense of Light Forces since January 2020

A series of major operations started as planned on 01.01.2020 and will continue throughout 2020 and beyond with further operations in the lower atmosphere as well as directly on the surface.  It is also important to know that Light Forces allow things to happen more from their perspective in the current time – superficially – including the imposed quarantine and the restrictions of the Dark side.  They allow it to a certain degree for certain reasons.

The situation is precarious… but for Light Forces it is manageable as long as the surface population remains calm and Starseeds follow their mission.   The surface population and the Starseeds are not directly subject or exposed in the direct line of fire between the Dark and Light sides.  Therefore, Light Forces are also using the current situation to keep the surface population outside these fields, so that they can freely perform all operations with the other factions.

The Light Forces and other factions continue to focus on removal of negativity, cleaning and stabilization together.  For this purpose, there are dedicated squadrons which are specially positioned and ready for operation.  The apparent or perceived disorder or confusion is actually extremely minimal … it is rather a sorting and filtering from the perspective of Light Forces.

Weakening Communication Structure of the Dark Side

Some weapon systems are already defused, deactivated or have a reduced effect which has been achieved through certain information transmissions from the Light Forces.  For the Dark side, however, these weapon systems are still visible – their reporting systems however indicate an operating status that is not reflecting the reality.  Several sleepers, who were active for the Dark side – consciously or unconsciously – have been successfully deactivated by the Light Forces as well – but in such a way that they were or are not aware of it.

Again, the control systems of the Dark side display or indicate an operating status that is not reflecting the reality.  Meanwhile the whole information structure is weakening for the Dark side and they become more and more aware that their reporting systems can no longer produce reliable data or provide actual information.  The Light Forces have full control over all information structures of the Dark side.  Some parts are already taken over directly and completely, parts are allowing information to flow within the Dark structures.  The Dark side, however, is not able to see which ones work or not.

The reaction is now openly visible – the last resort that remains for the dark side is an open series of attacks against the surface population which makes the hostage situation more and more visible for everyone.  This means that the cosmic war is now visible on the surface of the planet – an open war against humanity, against life, the planet and therefore also against the creation.  It is also more and more openly visible which person belongs to which side.

Attack Against Humanity

The Corona Virus and its current promotion is a distraction of the Dark side from their actual goals and intentions and other exotic weapons and weapon systems they utilize.  Their goal of full control, the achievement of full enslavement – also through expropriation (direct/indirect) – and the beginning of massive depopulation.  It is a large-scale attack against humanity performed with several parallel and/or successive strikes with other weapon systems used by the Dark side.  This also includes the 5G network.  The Light Forces and their allies are still taking care of it however, to eliminate all these systems one by one.

Defense Against Complete Subjugation

Due to the current situation and the increasing isolation caused by the Dark side, a side effect has been created resulting in the best conditions for the Light Forces and their allies to enable this great purification process.

Complex Mesh of the Dark Side

Why these massive measures? In the past, the Light Forces have continually tried to implement a different yet permanent solution via negotiation and reasoning, sometimes with success and sometimes without.  Any arrangements or agreements made were rarely followed by the Dark side. Their network is unimaginably complex, pervasive and huge – it is completely interwoven like a mushroom mesh.  Almost all key positions or decision-making positions are interwoven with them as well.

The Dark puts guardians in these critical positions who have been indoctrinated or corrupted.  These guardians may include sleepers with organic and artificial clones, hybrids, mixed creatures physical and not physical. The Dark side eventually realized the best way to maintain the populace in its’ unacknowledged hostage stage/situation was through the complete implementation of an artificial intelligence-based quantum technology.  To fully consolidate their aim for total control and complete subjugation of the surface population, it would also encompass directly influencing the lifespan and health status of humanity via their food, water, air, medicines, health systems, etc..

Source: Galactic Federation – SaVi


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  1. The Matrix or Scaler weapons, quantum weapons, ability to change the holographic reality, meaning they can manipulate time and events. Yes, many ET victims, abduction experiencers reported that the ET’s could stop time, take their victims out of Time/ Space continuum, so ask yourself this..? Until the Galactic Federation or Good ET’s can stop or shut off the Matrix, AI Quantum hologram that you and I call reality on the surface of the planet, nothing, I repeat, nothing will ever change. Yes you can re-arrange the deck chairs on the sinking ship but it is still a sinking ship. Prime Creator, you allowed the fallen creator or lesser gods/ reptilian and annunaki alien assholes to create this hell, now own up to it, it is a stinking pile of carnage, the monsters from the dark side are too insane to even admit they are insane…you can’t fix stupid. But some idiot out there will still invariabley still believe Trump is a good guy and he is going to arrest the cabal…. Man this is so far above the knuckle dragging idiots like Trump, this is Prime Creator versus scum bag narcissistic fallen angels who want to destroy the whole universe….

  2. “Huluputi huluputi” sano kiljupönttö, kun siitä Tottuuen Ymmärtäjä ryyppäs, haisevine jalakorätteineen!

  3. “Defense Against Dark Side” And where are the protection techniques you are talking about. Do we just have to wait??

    • Holding light, doing inner shadow work, meditate, be compassionate…these and other things will help. We will be offering zoom discussion group shortly on shadow work….stay tuned!

  4. Thank you. This confirms what I understand to be the situation. And remember, there are worse things then the death of our physical bodies – the open door to going Home.

    • Amen! But we’re already at “Thou Kingdom come, Thou will be done on the Earth, as it is done in Heaven”. I saw this in or about 9/2018, with the latch at matter in the 1/ 11/2020 . We’re in POSITIVE Dominant Leadership at Global. That’s what Jesus Christ/God in the flesh , revealed to me.


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