It’s happening all over.  Another good news story:

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  1. His main message in this video is good to understand. The Ascension is happening and as more and more Light comes in the Dark is revealed. Let the Light take over the shadow and problems like this will be done forever. Do not give energy ( attention) to the unwanted – give it to the Light (what IS wanted) and that is what you will attain. The virus is your opportunity to awaken to the God particle within you and activate it now for your ascension. God wins.

  2. There is not such a thing as coincidence and this message above is the way the Universe
    works, and what the Universe is saying is you have free will, you make the right choice and you grow make the wrong choice and you will have to sit the test again and that’s why your here now. A master is a master by keeping calm in all situation you are here learning to be masters, for we will be the ascended masters of the future so learn to be the master of your own destiny and know it is only a test.

  3. Antilack, Would that be all the billions of people in China? a couple Million? a few thousand that you know do not speak the truth? 100 or 20? how did you come to this conclusion? Now I know from the record, the actions and historical documentation that our very own Uncle Sam is a psychopathic liar that the truth never knew. I see that. How many Chinese and Russians have you had personal experience with? I can imagine that the world thinks… USA brags about their democracy, and they are probably wondering when YOU will do something about your own government. The problems ONE can actually see, if they stop blaming every ONE else and clean their own house from the Red & Blue infestation.

  4. Let’s not point fingers at netions please!

    This message is priceless! Thank you SO much for posting your video???

  5. Just got back from Trader Joe’s, didn’t shop because I do not make it a practice of hanging near Gullible people. BAAAAAAAAA, I found the “lost sheep.” People are so easily manipulated, this is why “they” have easily been able to bring The United States into 107 years of Wars! Follow their Federal Government Bankruptcy & the Federal Reserves & you will find the real culprit.


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