From our friend Lorie Ladd:

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  1. Salaam, namastey, salute dear Derek, thank you so much. Much much love in the blessings of “MAA”, in the Victory of the light. So be it. So it is. I am.

  2. Lory reminds me of the nineties, when people who had twenty-five years of seeking contact like Enrique Barrios from Chile and others without much metaphysical experience, did it. I think Lory reminds us that today that we live in an altered state of consciousness the veils between the worlds have dissipated and it is possible to contact the other side of a veil that no longer exists as she says.

  3. Excellent presentatiom- confirmed my experience with energy flowing thru my 3rd eye. The rush of energy intensified when I invited them in. This is confirmation I have been seeking and I greatly appreciate it. I love your – take no prisoners approach.

  4. Lori,I am 57 & lived most of my life trusting my intuition, gut. I always looked for Universal, Godly guidance. So what your saying I can relate to, with one question, what specifically is Syrian?

  5. I like this gal’s attitude.

    Yeah,, “They” (the light forces), are always there, at the door of your perceptions, awaiting your recognition and invitation, yes. They are overhead waiting…

    At least,, most of the time (after 5yrs, 4 moves, two of which were interstate) I can still most often, look or go out, and at a random day or time, often catch these UAP/UFO objects, in pics, vids, in the sky overhead. PS; try shooting pics/video at 10a, noon, 2pm, just record the sky (preferably clear skies or best, partly sunny day) at maximum zoom (or considering some hig( end cameras with extraordinary zoom capability, in 20-30X zoom in live slow motion if your able, then review in frame by frame mode at again, maximum zoom, because these craft are often at extreme altitude, or hiding in the edges of clouds. Use contrast and brightness controls to bring them out of the background when you find something unusual in your pic/frame. You too, will soon be on your way to building, your own library, of thousands of UAP craft,

    They are almost always present overhead, thus yes, unquestionably here and watching each and every one of us, most if not, all of the time (unlike us, they don’t have tv sitcoms and movies, I believe, in a very real sense, we are, quite entertaining, to them, much the same as us watching a movie character and feeling, said characters losses, mistakes, and triumphs, they are the same, they watch “us” the same way, they yell at the movie characters like we do at moments ‘don’t do that, no go the other way” but the difference is, we as actors on this world stage, have the ability, unlike movie characters, to hear those messages the light forces want us to hear)… I believe they,, know our thoughts, as tuning us in, as easily as we tune in our favorite radio station… You just have to switch your mental receiver to “on” and,, LISTEN (that,, is,, the hard part).

    Yes, you can invite their presence (help) into your life, 100% agreed!!
    As with anything, we have free will, they respect (even the dark ones).
    The galactic forces of light, it’s my feeling, must be invited into your life, which yes requires an inner “acceptance” (“knowing”, you must be certain of their presence) certain of this reality, making it, part of your life, something I’ve posted to PFC for years about, trying to awaken others that, it’s not just ‘theory’ or hopeful insistence, I talk to the higher beings all the time, and send telepathic messages to them regularly…

    But, I have physical pics numbering in the thousands, reminding me with irrefutable proof, they, are there, most likely,, hanging around,, up there now, directly overhead, above you…right this moment, even though, you can’t see them my most of the time (cameras do). Believe it, know it to be true, trust,, they hear you, trust they know you, trust that they know, your innermost thoughts…

    I’ll admit here, something I have resisted posting openly about, out of concern others might think me crazy (for those few, that have not already arrived at that mistaken conclusion) but, all the world is standing still now, maybe a few of you, will read this, and listen…

    I’ve had UAP Craft appear, disappear, and on occasion, even functionally follow my thought projections – telepathic requests, throughout, since my first sightings…

    There, I’ve said it… I’ve knowingly had thoughts, not my own, come to me in guidance, since prior to that time…. They have even physically manipulated my electronics and at times, even affected objects in my physical ‘reality’… This is real folks. They, are real.

    This really began, shortly after (and I do not believe a connection here other than my mind being more-open) my third time, turning down invitation to join the Christian ministry and walking away from such beliefs as a whole (though being thirty years removed now, I can say many biblical concepts now, hold more meaning and I understand them better today, than 30yrs ago, though I believe more firmly today than ever, that I did the right thing 30yrs ago). It was not until I began to deprogram from Christianity (which applies to really any,, such thought restricting, mind controlling, stringent religious belief system or organization, which ‘often’ prevents, through thought control,, anyone from being open, and accepting of, these contacts) and thus, I do not denounce any religion but, feel they are merely stepping stones, to awakening, an understanding of reality, at a level, I never considered, while immersed within such systems of control. After freeing myself and my mind, they offered me a new direction, a new life, if,, I would just listen and yes, orient myself in service to others (which despite pre-ministerial training, I’d never really,, committed myself to something greater than myself, greater than, man’s world/society.

    If you are open, accepting, willing, for these contacts and guidance to ‘come in’ as she puts it in the video, they will. This is something you want, believe me!!

    Going through life with at least some guidance, is easier, than without. The real trick there, is learning to listen for, and distinguishing such guidance, from one’s own inner self-dialogue, as sometimes these guidances can be as subtle and silent as a whisper of intuitive insight, though at times it can actually take on the loud simplicity of someone yelling (emotionally & mentally “heard”) in your mind, at you, screaming quite loudly, an intense warning, requiring immediate action, for self preservation. Although this has occurred for me only a little, and once, with such a strong warning/call to action, it caused a response in me much like fight or flight, I was reacting to the guidance before I even realized it, and this immediate action on my part, leaving a retail establishment I’d been in, leaving there abruptly, very suddenly, an act which saved me thousands of dollars avoiding my vehicle being stolen as I walked out of a building, walked briskly down the block and across the street to where my just purchased, vehicle, was, I thought, safely parked, only to come upon and disturb several individuals in process of breaking in and stealing my vehicle, whom fled on my approach…

    That message I can still recall today said: “GO NOW”…
    Simple, precise, and unquestionable, and my immediate reaction, saved me losing my new vehicle. It was impossible for me to see, 3/4ths a block away, several buildings away and across a street, my car, or anyone messing with it. It was impossible for me to know but, from the status of my vehicle they’d only just made a decision; to steal it, as I was walking down the block and across the street corner, and were in process of attempting to gain entry. This was impossible for me to pre-cognitively know in the establishment when I received the warning, and yet, “someone” warned me, and I was able to avert that theft from occurring. There is, no,, possible, other explanation. Accept my testimony this is real, and can have powerful effects in your life. Know it to be true, because, it is.

    I’ve had so much guidance now, over the years, it’s unreal. You could call it ‘divine’ or ‘Holy Spirit’, from a spiritual context, you could call it Extra Sensory Perception from a scientific point of view, you could call it ‘intuitive insight’ from a psychological point of view, you could call it quantum entanglement with spooky action from a physicist point of view and, you can even call it alien-telepathy if you want… I DO.

    Whatever it is,, “It is”,, and it’s REAL.

    So yeah,, having inner guidance, is a blessing, you need, in your life, especially now. It is true, it is real, and in my experience, if one is,, service to others oriented, this guidance, it is good to you, in the sense of having a positive effect in my own life. One can even call on these guides, to help you manifest physical desires in one’s life, IF,, service to others,, is your touchstone in life AND, those desired manifestations, come from a selfless desire to help others. You can achieve literally amazing things using Service to Others life choices, and a selfless desire to help, and calling in the light forces as your, moment to moment, day to day, allies!! It really works.

    Finally a warning, if you are self oriented, and you know what I mean by that ie: Service To Self,,, looking out for number one first, and trying to play both sides of the line for your bottom line… It doesn’t work, you cannot do both (the old saying, “you cannot serve to masters” really applies). Either you, are working for the light or, by definition, you are not, and thus, maybe crossing that line, providing permission for dark entities to influence and control you and your life ie: the things you manifest, in the exact same way…manifesting negativity, darkness, sadness and pain, in your life. This can be, often unpleasant, and unpredictable things, can occur, by calling on the light forces, and instead allying yourself,, by your thoughts and actions, with the dark – the self centered one’s.

    Thus be forewarned: You do not, want that karma, believe me. Keep your thoughts, your heart, in, the service to others, mode, and call in the light.

    Victory to the Light, Truth, and Love

  6. I sincerely believe that we know all of this already. Most of us however, have forgotten it all. This video is superb advice and required for all lightworkers. Watch this more than once.

  7. I do believe that it’s important to express the welcoming, in words, in intent, of one’s family of light, guides or energetic support in whatever form. For once we open our crown chakra consciously, we’re wise to know who we invite in and connect with.

    When we’re present in large crowds, it’s wise to not have our crown chakra open, for that’s where all the programming takes place. A sea of personal stories is floating around there.
    It’s helpful, just like dancing the tango, to pay attention to one’s grounding, one’s conscious presence in the body without pushing anything and without pressure of time.

    I’ve found a postcard once, with a drawing of a woman in the lotus position. A text balloon, over her head, says “Come on, peace of mind, I haven’t got all day”. This is British humor!

    This recommendation is from experience, I’m speaking as a psychic energy-reader/healer.

  8. How welcome this message is, and how beautifully presented, thank you, Lori Ladd.
    First and foremost I’m connected to nature beings and since the start of this year, I’m consciously connecting to the Sun as well. I pray, sing, wave, and dance in the Sun.
    And I feel like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket all of the time. Protected, cradled.
    Hello, world, here I am ? Gosh, I’m crying now.


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