President Trump’s “Disinfectant Injection” and the Ancient Ayurveda Panchakarma Cleanse

By C. Harrison-Smith

The Panchakarma Cleanse is a detoxifying and rejuvenating program.

In Biochemistry, detoxification is the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excretable substances.Therefore, to detoxify the body is to rid the body of poisons, or as the president put it, to “disinfect” the body.

Panchakarma involves:

· Vaman( Induced vomiting with herbs)

· Virechana (Induced colon cleans/purgation with herbs)

· Basti (Enema with oils and herbal preparation) – where oils are “injected” into the body

· Nasya (Nasal drops)

· Raktamokshana (Blood letting)

Panchakarma Overview

Several media reports tell us that President Trump discussed Ayurveda with Prime Minister Modi.

PM Modi,Trump Discuss Yoga And Ayurveda During Call On COVID-19

As Modi, Trump Spoke on Coronavirus, Yoga And Ayurveda Were on Focus

Americans are simply not aware of or familiar with this process and the main stream media has no intent on helping Americans become familiar with this process.

The only way that we are going to make it through this is to come together and be part of the solution, not the problem.

In his own way, our president tried to “enlighten” the public about ALTERNATIVE ways of treating this virus. He chose the two highest and purest ways possible. Light treatments and Panchakarma Cleanse. After all, we are all sparks of consciousness, light beings; so of course light treatments work!

Instead of the press respectfully asking for more information that could then be shared with the American people, they were led by the hatred in their hearts for President Trump and mocked him while failing to provide the information Americans need most about this valuable form of detoxification.

Universities all across America are now offering classes in Ayurveda Medicine. Ayurveda medicine has more than 300,000 different combinations of herbs and oils for various treatments. If Americans could learn to treat their chronic illnesses on their own, in their own homes, then the President could completely destroy the Pharmaceutical industry with no ill effects on the American people. American spends more than $8 billion dollars a year on unnecessary doctor visits for chronic illnesses. Learning Ayurveda could stop that completely.

But because most Americans know nothing of Panchakarma and we don’t know that we don’t know, too many of us fall in line with the presstitutes and mock the president’s efforts.

This isn’t about the president, its about all of us. It’s time for all members of the press to decide if they support the health and welfare of humanity or the systems and money of their controllers.

I would completely understand if the President chose to shut them down in this time of national emergency. Their ignorance and hate will kill any chances America has for its survival.

C. Harrison-Smith is the author of Alien Abductions, UFOs and Bible Prophecy.

“Carpe Diem!”, Seize the day!

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  1. President Trump is consistent in making remarks and sending his tweets in the virtual air that seems to ruffle many feathers and send his enemies into fits, but not of laughter. His remarks seem to show his gang leader/schoolboy attitude or quick-witted sofa&seats seller skill, working in a large store with jungle decorations on the wall and fake palm trees.
    I can’t help laughing now, but please, know that I love and appreciate him dearly, honest!
    It’s just that it’s so wickedly hilarious often, the way in which the American pandemonium shows up at present. If it wasn’t so to the point in revealing the deep state, sweeping the swamp, as real as life can be, it would be called “the most bubbly soap opera” ever.

    I do understand why Carl calls Chlorine Dioxide “a questionable chemical” for the mainstream medical industry has placed Jim Humble’s remedy MMS under “water purifier” and deliberately called it “bleach” at the time of investigations. The substance is older than Jim, mentioned for the first time in the year 1814. Personally, I can testify that this remedy works well. There’s a woman who treats autistic children with MMS among other patients. She started with her own son, who showed symptoms of autism, in 2004.

    I’m a holistic nutritionist, I know my food and digestive system well. Not in need of MMS for an ailment, but I use it as a regular detox and it’s a great remedy for all sorts of “domestic” ailments, such as stings, cuts, sores, headache, toothache, and rashes.

    Instead of using the (to my nose) horrible smelling chemical disinfectants for hands and objects, MMS is a good alternative and since it’s so versatile and preparing it needs only a few drops, the bottles last very long.

    MMS doesn’t kill the gut bacteria, it has cured 100’s of malaria patients in Africa when Jim Humble sort of…. by an intuitive urge.. tried his solution for his travel mates who suffered from malaria. That’s how he found the remedial quality of MMS. Here’s the story

    Master Mineral Solution
    MMS is sodium chlorite 22.4%. MMS1 or Activated MMS is chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide is made with sodium chlorite 22.4% mixed with an activator. Activators most commonly used are 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid) or 50% citric acid.

    Here are Jim Humble’s instructions for the use of MMS and DIY preparation of MMS:

  2. Therapy is at the very heart of the Ayurvedic Healing practice. I have been using urine therapy since 1990. If you are interested in using your own urine to aid you in keeping you well and healing, there are thousands of testimonies of its benefits on the Internet (at least there was a few years ago. I do hope it is still there) More than one person, including myself, have used urine therapy to heal/remove cancer from their body. You should not, however drink your own urine if you are taking any kind of modern medicine because it increases the toxic side-effects of the pharmaceutical that the urine is attempting to remove from your body.

    Remember, the word ‘harm’ is in the word pharmaceuticals.

    • Thank you, Dhara Wood, I fully believe that urine-therapy works well and is an excellent cure, also because the medicine is where the body is that needs it. It’s so much common sense thinking that it’s easy to overlook, in a peculiar way.

      It’s great to read your warning, not to drink one’s urine when modern medicines are taken, due to the side-effect being severe. It’s the same warning Jim Humble is offering, in the manual for the use of MMS. The number of toxins, represented by chemical substances too, can be so high, that a person needs to start with a quarter of 1 drop of MMS solution.
      Otherwise, vomiting, headache, and nausea may be too severe, although it’s a sign of toxins’ release, entering the bloodstream, leaving the body in a natural way.

      The Western medical industry is so focussed on chemical substances and artificial juggling and tinkering, in laboratories, that it’s, in general, entirely removed from mother nature’s nudges recommending the use of common sense. As in finding the herb that you need in your own garden.

      I’ve had no reason to drink my urine, since I haven’t been sick, nor am I suffering from an ailment. I do understand that it’s a beautiful natural detoxification method, but I’ve got other ways for inner springcleaning. In a way, urine therapy seems akin to homeopathy, as far as I’ve understood the way urine therapy works.

  3. Trump meant Chlorine Dioxide. You can inject low, responsible amounts of ClO2 in an IV.

    There is even a patent pending for this type of medical application:

    • Not that questionable chemical! There should be a number of research papers with proof.

      Drinking colloidal silver is safer.

      • Some people recommend colloidal silver. They also recommend drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in water as disinfectant for the body. I’ve heard of this since the 1990s and tried them a bit.
        I want to sound an alarm, because these unnatural chemicals kill good bacteria as well as bad, and don’t belong in the body. It wrecks your digestive system.
        It’s what I’ve been calling “liberal science”.


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