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  1. I guess feeling frustration is a natural result when one knows what’s going on in reality and also knows what’s coming, in a sense. I’m talking about my own response to the level of revelations (waking up the masses now, thank life!) that is needed before a breakthrough happens that actually makes a difference showing up in the daily lives of many who are sleeping until now.

    I’ve often told others, who failed to see the bigger picture and grew impatient, about the recurring process of awakening, in civilizations of the past, always happening in a similar way. 5% of the planet’s population is awake and the other 95% is more or less asleep.

    I now feel the frustration, after watching this video, turning my skin to sandpaper. On top of this, there’s still the frustration about my encounters with British people, finding an enormous ignorance and complacency in many of them, during my almost 5 years living on that island. It was a learning curve mixed with finding kindred spirits as well.

    At present I’m like a hedgehog, sticking up my prickles when someone shows sympathy and praise. It’s never alright, with praise and without praise, for being a good girl. Ha! It’s time to stop showing up and to enjoy my craftwork and BE. Nurture my soul with creative work and walking in nature.

    • Gee Devon, Your response here can be taken as arrogance of you feeling enlightened & awakened & Judgmental towards the British. Your forever brow beating those people. Maybe they just got confused & gave up when Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658 was bankrolled by jewish moneylenders from Amsterdam. Wasn’t it Mansseh Ben Israel, the leader of the Dutch Jews begging Cromwell that the jews be allowed to migrate to England and was arranged. Was that the 1655 Conference in Whitehall, London when approval was needed for a large scale of jew migration & a large consensus of delegates who mainly were Priests, lawyers & Merchants felt that the jews would be morally harmful & should not enter England. 33 Years later a Dutch Prince arrived from Amsterdam surrounded by a swarm of jews from the financial center. This history of jewish settlements in Britain, one long trail of Parchment Bonds shackling the Nation in debt. It never left, is the moral of the story. I didn’t even mention that Dutch lawyer Isaac Dorislaus who brought charges against King Charles in 1648 & had him executed. That was of course after Cromwell paved the way & purged The House of Commons. Moral of the story these sorry Brits have been confused for over 350 years. England was their happiest with The Tally Sticks that constituted the principle means of State Finance. King Edward abolished the jewish moneylenders ‘Usury’ in 1290 for good reason.

      • Hello Victoria Valdez. You’re consistent in the way you choose to read only what suits you, in my comments, ready to point a finger at me. And at the same time, fully missing the point in what I mean to convey and to express in it. I’m afraid that it’s now clear that we live in different galaxies. We’re now out of hearing distance.

  2. Being a MI resident, I say: Shameful (and Viva Veritas).
    MSM have long now, lost,, any credibility,, whatsoever, because it is, ‘legal’, now, for the news (tv radio newspapers magazines), to be blatant, outright, lies. They have no legal responsibility, to be accurate, in reporting the news, or even be, close to truthful.
    I’ve not watched main stream tv news, in quite a few years, I respectfully suggest, everyone, do the same. Switch off, the tv news ABC CBS NBC FOX, CNN, and their subsidiaries and affiliates, I see no difference between them, they’re all,, lying, to one degree or another. One study I recall reading verified they all lie, between 97% to 99.7% of the time. All,, of them.
    Hey folks: They make these the new fangled things called VHS, DVDs, Utube, web content, etc. to get your “entertainment”. Just go turn on a movie, it makes life,, in general,, far less worrisome, and at least, you know, the story being told, is a fake.

    If,, Mr Trump (if indeed, much of what is claimed about him by “Q” amongst others… is at all, true -doubtful) wanted to do something useful, he might require reinstatement (apparently having legal authority to act -as a “war time” President, as he says, he has, all kinds of authority), to require MSM, to report; truthfully, transparently, and honestly, in the best interest of the public, the news.
    The law,, which once protected the American public, worked for many years (reported here on PFC only,, to my knowledge, that this Law was altered) that previously required,, truthfulness in media,
    I would suggest people ‘badger’ Mr Trump, flood the White House with calls, to use that power and authority temporarily granted, in this case, to require reinstatement of that law (with provisions) that anything broadcast across the airwaves, cable media, or computer in terms of news reporting and (political included) advertising,, to be truthful.
    With if 8 ma6 add, most importantly,, adding a severe penalty clause to the law,, for violating that law. Which, if they do violate that law, they must immediately run, every quarter hour,, an at least 30 sec, to 1 minute, retraction,, telling the public, what the lie was, how they deceived us, whom was involved, and under that law clause, they must remove everyone complicit in production of the lie from their employment immediately (they would also, be charged arrested and prosecuted, so they would not be there as employees a long long, long time, anyway, during their prison sentence), and the station must issue the retraction stating what they did, whom was involved and why.. Re-running the retraction for a reasonable period, something like 3 days, every quarter hour.
    This saturation coverage, of their breaking the law, and repetitious retraction of their lying to the public, would put people off, watching that media station/network, and if the station continues violating the Law, thus, by their own actions, they are required to essentially put themselves, out of business, as known liars, because people would be sick of them incriminating themselves every 15 minutes and change the channel, thus no viewers, no advertising revenue, they’d be shut down by economics.
    If, Mr Trump, is really on the American public’s side and wants to ‘drain the swamp’,, ‘making America great again’, he can reinstate that law (with at least stringent, similar added provisions above) by executive order, reinstating a law which protected us from Walter Cronkite’s days in early TV to apparently, sometime immediately prior to 9-11.


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