In today’s interview recorded on the 6th May 2020 (US), we get info from his sources regarding the on-going war, which is becoming more and more public. We get into the questions of who knows what in regards to factions of the Cabal that are attributable to the Nazi 4th Reich. Ben makes a case that they won aspects of WWII that intel agents and Israeli Jews are only beginning to understand. He assures us that the good guys are winning and we talk about how many people are now awakening. Bill Gates is on our topic list as are the WHO, CDC, and the usual suspects. Are there any time markers to look out for? What does the end game look like? How is the scamdemic backfiring for the Cabal? We look into these as well as other topics. As usual, we’re way ahead of the information curve.

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  1. The problem isn’t Nazis. The problem is Jews, queers, capitalists, communists, democrats, feminists and people or businesses rich enough to buy and intimidate government. These groups and ideologies are real, they are a clear and present danger to civilization and they got to go. This its the Nazis BS is a red herring which protects the evil doers listed above and focuses attention on a group that barely exists and has no real power or influence.

  2. That’s not true about it having to be every hundred yards. I am sensitive to 5g and can feel it immediately. I am sensitive just to WiFi and can literally feel it. It feels like it is crushing my head and heart. 5g is deadly, I immediately feel the paid and pressured. It does not have to be every hundred yards. Please be aware of this.

  3. ‘Secret Space Program’ again ‘Atlantean Gardens’ videos by: Robert Sepehr titles: ‘Forbidden Kingdoms of Inner Earth’ & ‘Beneath Antarctica’s Ice’ 10 min. in answers the question Who these anti-gravity & Fusion & Free Energy really belonged to.

  4. Since there is reference to jews in Israel, here is an interesting link to history that matters. Website: ‘Atlantean Gardens’ Robert Sepehr Video title: ‘Secret History of the Temple Society.’ 8 min. in shows the relationship between the Germans & the jews, how land was purchased in 1868 & the land being developed for the purpose of respect between the Germans & the jews & large migration between 1904-1907. Then comes Britain to change matters in 1917. By 1920 Britain seized German property & livestock & deports Germans. To understand these missing links of history please watch.

  5. Thankyou for revealing NASA & it’s Fake Moon landings. Thankyou for exposing that Moon & Earth photo’s are nothing more then ‘Computer Graphic Images.’

    • There can be little doubt that the a grand solar minimum has begun, meaning that a mini ice age will be upon us sooner rather than later.


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