Trade war between United states of america VS China . flag on cracked wall background . Confliction and crisis concept .


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  1. I would not disagree nor agree ‘entirely’, with the article, nor the commentor ‘timefor arevolt’. However, knowing the cabal, is all about: “Divide & Conquer” strategies… just sayin, is this the ‘new enemy’ they want to hate, for a reason…like a civilization ending, life terminating, mass extinction via nuclear WWIII…?
    China’s people do not want a war with the US, they know full well, we have a crapload of missiles; home based and sea based ICBM’s along with innumerable hypersonic and otherwise, missiles,, on every rock in the pacific and surrounding countries…they’re surrounded on pretty much, all sides. They know full well, war with the US is the end of ‘the party’ for China, end of economic gains, political, ecological and national suicide…
    No, they are not looking for war with the US, they know better but, they would not want to be, pushed around, any more than we do.
    This is a time for dialogue, open honest clear concise without accusations.

  2. To be clear the relationship the US made with China under Nixon/Kissenjerk was the beginning of the end to all US prosperity. The relationship is that of a host and a parasite. China steals every bit of intellectual property they can get their grubby little paws on. Then buy off a few willing engineers to sellout their Company and Country. Repeat same process at the Universities level. Finally finish with the Politicians in Washington that are more than happy to regulate all business out of the US in the name of Climate Change. Next use slave labor at home to grow fat. World expansion and enslavement next on the agenda. Please keep in mind these are the very same people that slaughtered and staved hundreds of millions of their own people only a few decades ago.
    By all means let’s lose the dead weight and start our own economy back up. If that is even possible at this point.


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