“The world will witness a massive invasion of aliens, thousands of holographic alien warships will cover the sky, immerse people in global panic and real military aircraft between the holograms will deliver a real blow.”

– As a result, a single world government will be created and none of the people will be against it. It will lead the surviving people in this new world of total control.

In his message there are many interesting things. This old video shows all the essentials that Joseph Spencer told the world. The video is old, with a subtitle translation, but believe us, there are many interesting things …

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  1. if he died in 1989 how does he explain what happened in the new world order meeting in 1994??? i believe he speaks many truths & predictions … but questions the timeline of validation & participation …

    • This was my question as well. I actually saw the Phoenix lights, and when he talked about them, I was like, "Wait.. What??" But since he's dead, pretty sure the mistake is not his

  2. This in my opinion is true. We are living thru the predicted virus, we are hell bent on changing our usage of fossil fuels by 2030 etc. Our governments are clearly using covid to change existing and introduce new laws.
    People are nonsensically queuing up to take a vaccine for a Disease thats killed a low number compared to population, over 13 months. If the population are scared into taking a vaccine, the alien invasion will most certainly work .
    On holograms, take a close frame by frame look at the plane hitting the twin towers . The plane does not buckle or distort on impact, it simply vanished bit by bit because the hologram is being destroyed and can't project any longer.
    Due to the majority of people being in a state of cognitive dissonance, any plan will certainly work and work effectively, as demonstrated right now by covid, 9/11 etc .
    Thanks for reading

    • Spot on, it is all manipulation. I've watched 9/11 videos for 20 years now and correct, where do the planes go? Why no wing crash and fall to the ground? The wings just disappear. Same w/ the Pentagon. Where did the airplane go? It doesn't just evaporate. It was not an airplane. We are going to witness it all.

  3. This man speaks the truth. There is no love for humanity by the elites that run our government and the highest leaders in the military and own all main stream media. They hate us. They consider us no better than animals. But as long as you believe they’re on our side and want to protect you, that’s all that’s needed to proceed, a couple years late, but proceeding as planned. I’ve read, heard the same accounts from numerous credible sources, people trying to get it through our thick heads so we can revolt. But it’s easier to deceive than to convince anyone they’ve been deceived. One world order by 2024, to eliminate 90% of ALL humanity (except elite family bloodlines), by 2030. Kiss your families goodbye or do something about it and tell others.

  4. By developing our third eye, we are able to see internally, that those aircrafts are fake.
    We all have this ability naturally. We need to clear all the chakras and the pineal gland. What makes it work is the heart chakra, that needs a lot of clearing.
    See : Marlene Cronin light language, Michael Golzmane, Tracy Radley, Judy Satory, Steve Nobel, I am manifest Inc, Alexandra Dobiggies spiritual Healing Therapy, Michael Muir Transformational bodywork, Mariella la Cunza, SolaraAnRa ( part 1,2,3),
    Clearing emotions clears chakras. In former lives we had a lot of them, even as the opposite sex, plus family ancestral problems that are transmitted from générations to générations. Listen to each one time first, then…do it again; it works !

  5. gracias por compartir.
    información muy valiosa para el despertar.

    espero que la liberación planetaria llegue a nuestros corazones.

  6. This post reminds me of Behold a Pale Horse, a book written by Milton William Cooper.
    An extraordinary trailblazer who had the same color of power as Colonel Corso. Oh, that old boys’ club, with Bob Dean and George Green! They were the trailblazers who made our path more comfortable to travel on. Here’s Milton William Cooper (Bill) reading his book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYaejVy41ZI

    Here’s the book version of Behold a Pale Horse, for those of you who prefer to read it. The book can be ordered too, here it is for reading from the screen:

    • One of the greatest books every written, you can also listen to all of his hourly radio shows online. Just look up "Hour of the Time", and you can find them. Just pick random shows and listen. He lays it all out night after night. It's coming, people. It's coming.

  7. This testimony is entirely of a once upon a past that isn’t part of our present time, as I perceive it. This type of testimonies is present in the archives of Project Camelot, and those of Project Avalon. Of course, plans were made to fake an alien visiting with manmade crafts, holograms, and what other props, smoke, and mirrors people can think of and design. We’re in a different timeline now, nano 2020.

    As far as I’ve understood it, President Trump and President Putin are friends, printing money for each other, playing Monopoly in their spare time, for fun, on a real gameboard.
    The support for humanity, to transition into a Rejuvenated World is huge.

    One basic truth
    can be used as a foundation
    for a mountain of lies, and if we dig
    down deep enough in the mountain of lies,
    and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the
    mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will
    crumble under the weight of that one truth, and
    there is nothing more devastating to a structure
    of lies than the revelation of the truth upon
    which the structure of lies was built,
    because the shock waves of the
    revelation of the truth reverberate,
    and continue to reverberate
    the Earth for generations to follow,
    awakening even those people
    who had no desire to be
    awakened to the truth.

    Delamer Duverus

    Isn’t that a name reminding you of those famous characters in Harry Potters’ tales?

  8. With all due respect on your confession Mr. Spencer, how does one believe you when you were induced with all kinds of hypnosis drugs, when in reality should you not as well wonder what your own reality of truth is? Your story reminds me of former CIA Robert David Steele that also makes these bizarre claims of U.S. having bases on Mars & colonized it. Yet we have never been to the Moon nor can we even land on the Moon! & These abductions of our children…is it the New cover story to blame it on ‘The Aliens’ to avoid humans to except that some of us are just plain Evil?? Consider that this Evil is recorded in the Bible, whether your a believer or not it still was recorded & they never blamed it on Aliens!

    • Hello d, can you imagine that some people feel more confident to read their life story from a paper? Besides, it helps to present a coherent testimony. Be it true or false, that’s not the point here.

    • hello d he isn’t reading from a script. The video is from a 2018 film (Alien Overloads https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8583930/) about Tom Keating spanning from Oct 16 2017 to Dec 9th 2017. In it he is reading Joseph Spencer’s Memoir to the camera. I can’t really say that the narrative of the film as a whole is correct, however there are some small elements of it that are at least strikingly similar to current/past events or at the least are using a small piece of truth as the base. In the film he talked about there would be virulent variation of the flu virus from 1918 that would be released on the world in late 2017 to early 2018 … a couple years late but here we are in mid 2020 and what happened earlier this year (and is still being milked for all its worth). This could just be a well made guess. But it does at least deserve noting on the chance that its not just a guess.


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