From Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot:

PALADIN FROM THE WHITE HAT REPORT Paladin is a member of a group of patriots who have connected to bring back the Republic and follow Trump and Q. They released important financial reports detailing the financial fraud in the U.S. government and the players involved. CAVEAT: This is not your average interview and I am not your average interviewer. I believe in having a CONVERSATION with a healthy give and take with my guests. If you prefer a more passive host please go else where. You have been warned! KERRY CASSIDY PROJECT CAMELOT–jBDkRGFs

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  1. Hi Kerry,

    Very nice interview but would have liked to hear more from the guest. Too many of your comments and interruptions.

    Love and Liight

    • & She seemed to deliberately cut him off when he was getting ready to talk about the child trafficking. He then forgot what he was talking about as she is ranting. How many times did she say “if you don’t like what the f _ _ k were talking about, then get off my channel?” To the people in the chat.

  2. Great, the dedication of Kerry, she’s investing so much of her self, her life, and energy in bringing out the truth. As I perceive her presence, she’s breathing, living, and sleeping it without taking a break (almost). Who’s nurturing you, Kerry?

    To get to the truth, more often than not, this means trudging through lots of mud, dark stuff, and proof of fraud, manipulation, etc. etc. How to gain access with the ability to have an overview, be objective, clear, and see the moves on the global chessboard?

    It’s interesting to hear Paladin’s view on President Trump allowing Fauci and Pelosi to play their role, exposing themselves in order to be arrested at some point. As in letting it play out naturally, by the wisdom of “although the lie is fast, the truth will always prevail and win”.

    Who knows, the complexity of issues to be solved and the many layers of information that is kept, and guarded, on a horizontal level, so that “the lie is different on every level” which may be the same for the truth different on every level, the ultimate resolve, and cutting of this Gordian knot may happen by some form of beneficial ET-intervention.

    Isn’t it welcome that the best outcome would be if sufficient people wake up and refuse to submit to the program that turns them into automatons? And yet, this seems to be a process where the speaking of words has no value, only time will tell, don’t you think?

  3. two many Americans Believe they Are Citizens, whereby, they have NO Rights, Trump has in motion to wake them up, get us back to the Republic, NOT Democracy, look it up in Websters printed 1890 edition, democracy lead two socialism that lead to Communism…
    wake up!!!

    • You’re right Kerry, nothing happened with Saville. Huge cover up because lots of politicians were involved too. I’ve boycotted the BBC since. He was best mates with the ‘Queen’ and I use the word loosely, and her eldest son. He was in and out of the palace at free will, according to ex guards. Disgusting bunch.

  4. She thinks and says the Executive Dept is weak, just like you said taking
    Down or an all out take down of the Deep state is bad publicity, no 2nd term. A 2nd term is necessary for an all out assault on more organized if not powerful deep state. Et tu Kerri ?

  5. I’m so tired of the excuse that “The People can’t handle the Truth.”
    Rip the fucking band-aid off.
    We have lived in this miserable reality our entire lives.
    Everyone I know has been thru hard-times, cancer, addiction, death.
    We can fucking handle it.

    • I feel exactly the same way sometimes. I can only hope that the reason this is taking so excruciatingly long is because (according to Q) they have to have perfect timing for all procedures. We are dealing with a very dangerous group. Let’s all keep working on our faith and patience and don’t ever accept allowing any darkness to rule our lives again.

  6. England, In January of 2020 there were new ‘Race Laws’ that were passed that effected book publishing companies. These laws were to protect the Usury Banking System from being exposed. The legislation that was passed in UK & EU Sections 17 – 29 “Public order act, all critical references to ‘The Jews’ collective as a Race are racial hatred.” Book publishing companies that did not comply faced prosecution & or imprisonment. Truth does not need Laws to protect her. “New Edition” of Stephen Mitford Goodson, “A History of Central Banking & The Enslavement of Mankind had 224 pages, it has been remarketed & there are 26 missing pages in the “4th Edition”

    • Thank you, Linda, for this information. You certainly keep a keen eye on things that happen in the background. Are you a British born and bred? Maybe you’ve read it before, in my posts, but I’ve lived almost 5 years in Britain and returned to The Netherlands on March 11th. Preventing myself from disappearing in a long rant what’s the telegram-style diagnoses of that culture?

      The British are a mad lot – stop – my Dutch opinion – stop – the British are of the same opinion – stop – one thing that is NOT DONE – stop – is saying it while face to face with a British citizen – stop – hence the never-ever-getting-there attitude – stop – addicted to drama and more of the same “beating around the bush”. It’s a great learning curve for keeping a sense of humor and it’s that quality that saves the day in Britain. For a Dutchy, like me, it’s incomprehensible and utterly unpractical. But British humor is precious!

      Those 26 pages missing from Goodson’s book, after remarketing, are stunning proof of how information is hidden.

      Yesterday, in want of a lighter mood with comedy in tow, I watched an episode of “Yes Minister” and in this one there’s maybe more truth than most of us dare to expect to be expressed in it;
      The quality of acting is sublime, I can watch it 5 times in a row and still smile.

      • Hello Carl, that’s a cryptic comment. What do you mean? We’re not informed about all the knowledge that hangs out in space, you know? Knighthood in France? Who’s Roland? Is that why there are so many castles in Normandy, the North of France?


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