Here is your Test Question for today: What is the UN?

by Anna Von Reitz

All those who answered, “Why, the United Nations, of course.” — get an “F” and go to the back of the line.

The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created.

And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

So for all those who are alarmed about the UN, perhaps you should share this information about what the “UN” really is? And maybe you should be bringing appropriate political and international scrutiny to bear on the owner/operator/shareholders of the “UN”???

And also on the French Government, meaning the Rothschild dominated corporation dba FRANCE?

It’s time to bust these bunko artists and take back control of the world for sane people.

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  1. How many Americans realize it’s the United Nations in New York City that is Dictating to Congress about Gun Control? Do as our Founders would do & Burn down the United Nations building in New York! It is Our Duty!

    • How about a DEW? Or we could set up explosives on its floors like was done at the Twin Towers and make it look like ANGRY BIRDS attacked it…..that way no one would know it wasnt those vicious birds….Yeah, the UN is a sham's scam, it needs to go

  2. if you want proof then do your own research – lazy ass trolls. The Genocidal Apartheid Criminal Zionism (Never to be confused with Judaism) – is the hidden Scourge on this planet – the debt slavery system – for the GOY……

    • I had that same thought, which makes me wonder what these clowns are up to. They seem to be trying to go about business as usual in The United States & see if the American citizens notice. I course they won’t!

  3. Well since its excuse for creating itself was to Prevent Future Wars, after WW2 & has Failed Miserably at it’s Core Reason to exist, tell them that they are “Fired.” It’s really that simple, really.

    • Christos, Who are you talking to? If Linda, It should be obvious on the amount of wars the U.S. has been involved with since WW2. & Like any contract, it can be voided if services are not rendered. Services has Not been met across the World since WW2.

  4. At least she gives us proof of these statements. No links, records, etc.; there’s just ad hominem at the moment.

    • Do your own research. Or is something preventing you in finding out? The clues is everywhere if you care to look and conduct a search. The article of this blog has left some clues for you to follow. That the United Nations is a private entity disguised as if it is co-owned and run by its independent member states, is a well known fact ever since the creation of its forerunner, the League of Nations, which was created under the treaty of Versailles in 1919. Its initiators were bankers and corporate interests, primarily the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Reality really is as sinister as presented in this blogger’s article.


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