From David Martin:

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  1. “Convolution hides malfeasance” – ONE
    Simple obvious crimes with plenty of probable cause for arrest for years? Why no arrests? In years? Every police officer is an agent of the constitution and do not need permission of their chief or sheriff if probable cause exists that a crime has been committed. Arrests can be made and sort it out in court. This is the genius of the constitution.

  2. FEMA leads a National Level Exercise (NLE) every two years to bring together and strengthen the whole community by testing
    operational capabilities, evaluating plans and policies, familiarizing personnel with roles and responsibilities, and fostering
    meaningful interaction and communication across the nation. Established by the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform
    Act, the NLE, as part of the National Exercise Program, allows stakeholders across the United States to leverage lessons
    learned to continuously improve, innovate, and build toward a higher level of national preparedness. We conduct a progressive
    series of preparedness events, culminating in a full-scale exercise, which bring together and strengthen the whole community.
    Scenarios for these exercises range from natural disasters to manmade attacks. They address specific types of threats and
    hazards that pose the greatest risk to the nation.
    NLE 2020 will involve a complex, adversary-based multidimensional attack that reflects the global threat environment. This
    exercise will examine a complex threat that originates overseas. Widespread cyberattacks will lead to a domestic national
    security emergency with significant impacts on multiple critical infrastructure sectors. Partners across the whole community,
    including all levels of government, the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, and community groups will participate in
    NLE 2020. Lead-up preparedness events will commence in 2019 and the functional and full-scale components of the exercise
    series will occur from February through May 2020.

  3. Wow, Mr. Martin, Hurray! You sound like me at the end of the video, but Your holding all the evidence. I do always try & wake up the minds of at least 2-3 people when I am out by using the obvious, “If it were truly a ‘pandemic’ they would have been cremating the bodies.” & I have Never worn a mask! Thankyou for your ever so hard working enthusiasm.

  4. Again,, documented Crimes, at the highest levels of our government!!
    These Governors don’t just act on their own, in creating the lockdown, like the President, they have teams of lawyers, to review every word in these orders, every action is carefully considered for legality… In other words…They know,, fully,, they are “criminally complicit” in this scam on the world, and,, to the crimes committed!!

    As is, Mr Trump, in the Oval Office of the White House. It is,, his US administration,, of these 50 states, this occurred under… “The Buck” stops, at the Presidents desk. He bears the ultimate, responsibility, for allowing this criminal behavior at the highest levels. The governors bear the responsibility for their actions as much, and all, from the WHO to the CDC and any others that were involved in any way, like those within the Federal and State administrations whom were aware of the crimes, they must all, be legally indicted, arrested, charged, tried, and convicted to be punished (imprisoned for decades at least, if not just given death penalty under the law, for mass murder,, attempted genocide, I’d assume as the most accurate, worst charge) for their crimes against humanity and the American People, they should also be held monetarily responsible as well, their personal assets seized in civil common law courts, for every failed business, every dollar lost, by the American People, for their criminal behavior…

    They would do no less, to us, right?

    PS: As I’ve been very vocal on the subject, I’d like to add, to the “peaceful protestors” around America, I am with you in spirit.
    However, to the (undoubtedly many are paid) ‘outside actors’ coming into these cities whom break away from the locally organic peaceful demonstrations, to commit property damage, looting, assaults and murder… I wanted to state I cannot, and do not, condone acts of random violence and criminal behavior. I stand for the Constitutional governance (we lack) and the real, rule of law, there-by.
    This violence must stop. We must peacefully demonstrate, for an Article V Constitutional Convention of the States, to restore the US Constitution suspended in 1871 and if indeed, it proves out, that American and British treaty law, effectively made that 1871 suspended Constitution null and void, then we must take recourse there nationally, as well, to restore or recreate a valid, ratified by all 50 states, new US Constitution (built on the old) to restore the rule of law,, to this, government.
    Burning private businesses, theft and stealing people’s livelihoods does no one, any good, and leads down a dark path, we do not, want to take. We must act, not individually,, taking individual violence but, peacefully, and collectively, and with the intent of our founding father’s to secure our nation, for our posterity. Burning people’s, your fellow American citizens property, does none of that. If you see s9meone committing thes3 acts, photograph them an$ send tha5 photo in to the ‘authorities’ because, if these are paid trouble makers, from outside your areas, they have no business there, are not help g the peaceful protest ideals, and they have no right, to destroy, your homes, your local businesses, and cities, while you get blamed, perhaps arrested charged and prosecuted for their crimes against you, and your friends families and neighbors.
    We must act, within our God given inherent rights, if not, ultimately, our pre-Constitutional rights spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, spelling out our rights to change our government, back to what it was sold to America in 1776, to be; that of, a government of, and by the people, for the people,, which we must do without violence across our nation, this violence serves no one, and no one’s cause.


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