In this Edge of Wonder video Larry Gaiters, host of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio and expert in the occulted Black Secret Societies, exposes one of the greatest cover-ups of the last century: The Boule Society.

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  1. divination
    the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
    “the Celtic art of divination” · [more]
    fortune telling · divining · foretelling the future · forecasting the future · prophecy · prediction · soothsaying · augury · clairvoyance · second sight · magic · sorcery · witchcraft · spellworking · vaticination · sortilege · auspication · witchery

  2. Necromancy is communication with the dead : History and Etymology for necromancy. Middle English nycromancie “sorcery, conjuration of spirits,” borrowed from Late Latin necromantīa “divination from an exhumed corpse,” borrowed from Late Greek nekromanteía “divination by conjuration of the dead,” from Greek nekro- necro- + -manteia -mancy;
    Necromancy | Definition of Necromancy by Merriam-Webster
    From Ancient Greek νεκρο- (nekro-), the combining form of νεκρός (nekrós, “dead body”), from the Proto-Indo-European suffixed full-grade *nekro- of *neḱ- (“perish, disappear”); see also Middle Welsh angheu (“death”), Breton ankou, Old Irish éc, Latin noxius (“harmful”), nocēre (“to hurt, harm”), nex (“murder, violent death”) (as opposed to mors), Old Persian ?????? (vi-n-θ-y-t-y /vi-nathayatiy/, “he injures”), Avestan ?????????‎ (nasyeⁱti, “disappears”), ????‎ (nasu-, “corpse”), Sanskrit नश्यति (naśyati, “disappear, perish”).

    You do not need to fuck them brother!

  3. I believe all these family ties to the drug trafficking Larry is presenting. I believe the U.S. economy is dependent of such. But Larry doesn’t present any physical archaeology evidence when he speaks of Ancient Persia or Rome. He just Babbling on & says his Typical Key words like “Nazi” (1 hour in)

  4. It sounds to me Larry here is part of the Boule Society himself, due to the Fact he is trying to Invert History. He speaks of the Romans sacrificing humans, that would be the same High Priest who put Jesus to death Larry! & You two white Spineless boys with your Propaganda against China, WE will Make sure your on the Front Line IF you get your War.

  5. I believe Larry Gaiters about Boule society & the families involved in drug trade & 40% of U.S. economy based on this drug trade, yes this is ONE of the greatest cover up in history. However this continued statement “my people will not know who they are” in reference to the black community (which is obvious Larry is making reference to the Bible) does Not belong to the Black people nor more then the Jews. It would seem Larry produced this video to cover up Who The Real People of the Bible are. Perhaps Larry is of Boule society as well. At one point in my life I too was humble enough to buy into Israelites being black. If one seeks Who wrote the Bible, you will have your answer. There is physical archaeology evidence. Who have “They” been seeking to destroy during WW1 &WW2. Who did “They” Slaughter (15 Million) Who did “They” disperse throughout Europe into Slavery?? Who did “They” always Accuse being “The Master Race”?? This is The Greatest Cover Up In History.


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