Radical anarchists lovingly call their new kingdom “CHAZ.” Benny Johnson from Turning Point USA made a hilariously satirical tourism video that highlights “all the wonderful things that communism has to offer” in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The narration may be a farce but it’s true and the images speak for themselves.

Welcome to CHAZ

The video may be funny, but it’s sad at the same time because it “reveals the harsh reality of what a society without rules, order and mixed with chaos might just look like,” Sara Carter writes.

The video opens in a typical home scene. “Are you sick of living in capitalist America? Sick of your freedoms and rights? And security and due process? Well, come on down to CHAZ,” Johnson invites.

Exploring the finest that communistic anarchy has to offer, the two minute video explores “areas full of trash and graffiti, as well as people publicly defecating and using drugs in the streets.”

Disgusting and scary

Watching the video is horrific enough but imagine actually being there. Sara Carter notes, “it would be disgusting and scary.” Why is it that anarchists never pick up the trash? Johnson shows the piled mounds and declares, “be a good environmentalist by throwing your trash everywhere and expecting capitalist America to pick it up.”

As he films the ever-present graffiti, Johnson relates, artists in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone “are free to create art anywhere they want, even on playgrounds for children and historic buildings. You can even create art on bathrooms that capitalist America has donated to CHAZ.” Using the facilities is a different story. Most residents agree, choosing to do their business in the street instead.


Source: https://newspushed.com

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  1. You would be correct Greg how the game is played. I would add True Socialism can Not exist in America anyways because it belongs to “A” people. Look at Libya under Gaddafi & Germany under Hitler. They each were ONE People, Striving for the Good of Their people, that’s why it worked for Libya & Germany. So while U.S. Corporations is going through this Bankruptcy the place is up for grabs on which Mafia is going to control it.

  2. My response to the story above brought by “Prepare for change” who comes across as a part of the awakening community but reveals it’self time and time again to be a part of the rebranding illusion of the Republocrat and Dempublican party. In other words, new boss same as the old boss.

    It is a big red flag when someone bangs on about the evils of “communism” or “socialism” when ignoring how unbridled greed of capitalism and it’s corrupt controllers has led us right where we are now.

    When you don’t mention the hypocritcal invisible hand of the market that is not invisible at all but ensures the success of a few. it reveals how wrong minded your efforts are and reveals your agenda. Especially as many times I have responded to you and you never reply. Crickets. because you have no argument against truth.

    The Isms, capitalism, socialism and communism are simply philosophical constructs/ theories that have no basis in reality and are certainly not the boogyman in our current story. It ain’t the isms, it’s the A$$h0l3$.

    While you go about blaming groups of people connected to this ism and that ism you ignore, purposefully I might add the corrupt entitleds who break everyday laws on the books which would be easily corrected with a simple arrest, such as they do every day with black men who sell loosy cigarettes and die by the hand of the police, or someone who is arrested for a bad check and arrested and choked to death.

    But you never mention that Wells Fargo execs (capitalists I might add) never gets arrested when they do it and create hundreds of thousands of fake accounts and they are not choked out in the streets by police. They did it in every state in the nation and the government/police only fines them not chokes them out or arrests it’s leadership. The government then takes the fine as a legal bribery as their cut of the scam.

    That sir is not the result of capitalism or communism pure and simple. And it’s remedies are not abstract but very simple. Then you make up some remnant of Russian based hysterical fantasies from the McCarthy era to blame redirecting the focus as though it is an idealogical boogieman.

    Then you will redirect people who have had decades of such brainwashing to the Trump camp as though he is the Pu$$i grabbing savior of the universe. When in fact there is no sign he is the savior of anything. You reveal that you are a part of the rebranding of the Rebuplican party, or should I say Republcrats or Dempublicans.

    I especially find it amusing when status Quo folk like the military or war mongers bang on about “Communism and socialism”. talking of the evils inherent within. When the military is the most successful long running socialist community in which soldiers are paid by the state, clothed by the state, fed by the state, housed by the state, healthcare by the sate, retirement, educated etc all by the state. And they do not make a widget to sell like a capitalist, they work in a collective for a common goal. “socialism”. hello? Cat got your tongue? and after all this Prepare for change will again have crickets in reply. I double dog dare you to contact me. I am easy to find.

    • Rich elites are not caused by “the free market”. The problems you socialists babble about occur when market forces are bypassed by monopolies, price-fixing, collusion, sabotaging of gentile businesses etc. None of this is caused by FREE MARKETS. Your crowd never understands what it’s talking about.
      Are most of the people in these movements communists? We are interested in eliminating evils, but you are only after the Western “evils”, and plan to install the Eastern angels.

  3. Once again someone using anarchists incorrectly.
    These are antifa (anti-facists), NOT anarchists.

    Anarchists do not condone looting, rioting, violence, rather NO RULERS.


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