By Ron Paul,

ER Editor: Once the virus hype was cooling off, bam! Floyd, Chauvin and race riots – everywhere. Suddenly the virus was nowhere to be seen and public protest was cool. For the approved causes. Now the BLM cause has cooled, it’s that fake second wave we’ve been promised. China’s been brought back into the picture on cue as per the Daily Mail, ramping up East-West hostilities: Beijing shuts all schools and goes to ‘alert level two’ to tackle new coronavirus outbreak caused by ‘contaminated goods and interpersonal communication’ as China blames European strainThe Independent is reporting a grand total of SIX bars having shut in Florida: Florida bars and restaurants close just a week after reopening.

They’re overplaying their hand.

Italian ICU doctor Alberto Zangrillo has clinically exposed the weakness of the virus as it presents in patients, claiming it to be an entirely different virus to what it was in March at the height of the infection (see here and here).

As Michael Konstantinos of Dialogos Media comments,

‘Phase Two of the PLAN-demic is underway, folks. Watch for governments everywhere to slow or stop opening up for business. Some of us predicted this. It’s called the “fire hose” propaganda strategy: keep blasting people with a confusing and constantly changing narrative. Tell people to wear masks, then not to, then tell them to wear them again. Switch the narrative to one of racial tension, then bring the virus narrative back. This could go on for years, and I predict it might, and at each step our civil liberties will be rolled back a little bit at a time until the trap is fully closed around us. I suspect this might lead to closure of summer patios just as they’re opening. Let’s pray that I’m wrong about that!’

France has more or less opened up and there’s been no second wave. Nor for the state of Georgia, either, according to Ron Paul.


Is the ‘Second Wave’ Another Coronavirus Hoax?

Just a week or so ago the mainstream media and thousands representing the “medical community” told us we must throw out the “stay-at-home” orders and go to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The Covid-19 virus will not bother people who are protesting this injustice, they said. The virus only attacks people leaving their homes to protest the stay-at-home orders.


Now, after thousands of businesses – many of them black-owned – have been reduced to rubble and innocent people in the inner cities no longer have anywhere to shop for the basic necessities of life, the mainstream media has backed off of its non-stop coverage of the protests.

Suddenly last week, they all simultaneously embraced a new fear story to terrify the masses: a “second wave” of coronavirus was among us. It was targeting those states that dared to “open up” their economies and begin a return to relatively normal lives.

Texas, Florida, and California were singled out to scare the rest of the country into thinking that if you dare leave your homes you will catch coronavirus and die. There was a “spike” in coronavirus “cases” they claimed. Funny, just a month or so ago they were demanding that we massively increase testing, which would produce just that “spike” in coronavirus cases they are now using to scare authorities into reinstating the incredibly destructive stay-at-home orders.

In the county here in Texas that includes Houston, the young judge who somehow seized the power to shut down the third largest city in the United States warns us that she may again shut down Harris County to fight this “second wave” of cases. She even threatened to again pour millions of dollars into a “field hospital” at a Houston football stadium that did not see a single patient in the “first wave” of coronavirus. It’s hard not to wonder which politically-connected companies are reaping millions in contracts for an obviously un-needed hospital. Thousands of hospital beds in Houston are vacant, while cancer patients have been refused their screenings and desperately needed treatments.

As former Congressman David Stockman points out, the actual coronavirus numbers do not in any way support the media assertion that a “second wave” of infection is cresting over Texas. Stockman informs us that in Texas, the “reported infected case rate of 256 per 100,000 is just 10 percent of the real ‘hot spot’ rate of 2,477 per 100,000 in the five boroughs of New York City; and its mortality rate of 6.2 per 100,000 population is just 3 percent of New York City’s 196 per 100,000 rate.”

There are no “hot spots” in Texas. It’s just more media hype.

It’s funny that they don’t dare mention Georgia, which has also opened its economy and has seen no “spike” at all.

The same people who were demanding more testing are now screaming that we must shut the economy down again because these tests – which are notoriously unreliable – are showing more coronavirus cases. This is a disease that 99.9 percent of the people who are infected with survive! But 40 million people out of work and the thousands of lives that will end due to the shutdown are never mentioned.

There is something else going on here and it is in no way related to public health.


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  1. Do not read or listen to any MSM. Seek out the most reliable sources of alternative news that works for you and, most of all, keep seeking and practicing listening to your Higher self. Perhaps, this is all just for that brought to you by … God.

  2. “There is something else going on here and it is in no way related to public health”.
    I’m convinced that something else is going on and that public health is drawn into the game that is being played, including the activation of 5G and other smart technology, chem-trailing, programming of our physical bodies by means of a vaccination program since the ’50s, the use of mind-programming since that same decade, the strategy of divide and conquer, the effect of shock and fear, forcing governments to deal with an artificially designd pandemic without any clear picture of what, when, how and why to deal with it. Except running around like hens without heads, ruled by self-importance and scoring points for Griffindor like mad.

    The fact that there’s an enormous amount of confusion and contradictions in the media, mainstream or upstream, and thus, in the minds of many people who follow it, to me, it shows how a deliberate strategy is in place. On many levels and in many different ways, pinpricks and subconscious messages, we’re constantly held in a hypnotized state with strings attached to the puppet-masters, wearing masks as well. Different from those on the puppet-masters faces.

    The economic damage all over the world is so severe, that it’s far more devastating in the eyes of those affected by it, in our present moment than all the lives that are “lost” without the cause being COVID-19. “Let the dead bury their dead” is a text in the Bible that has an extra flavour to it, when you think for a moment, that unconsciousness is a state of dead awareness and dead perception caused by numbness, living on automatic pilot, a consumer-style life. Nature knows how to balance what’s alive and what’s in decay.
    Whatever capacities one has, when one doesn’t use it, one loses it, similar to what’s known in the work-out Halls of Fame for Muscles.

    Of course, there’ll be alarm bells ringing, announcing a second wave. It’s all in the game, isn’t it? The more one is convinced that contamination is a danger at all times, the more it will show up as proof of one’s conviction. I’ve read about communities in the US, in the countryside, simply putting an end to the quarantine and all that nonsense of locking healthy people in their homes, shunning the sunlight and fresh air.

    They pick up their club-lives and share the goods of life, picnicking and flower array-competitions or an exhibition of harvest, with coconut-size onions and 1 meter long leeks.
    Their report about the result of their renewed connectedness, hugging included, is proof of the pudding. They don’t fall ill, their trust and sense of belonging are going strong. To me, the large number of ingredients used to create the present pandemic shows how “the lie is different on each level” so that we all live on our individual planet, just like “The little prince”. I do love that quote by that charismatic Scot Richard Hoagland, the man who studied the “Face on Mars”.

    The side-effect of such a “don’t need to know” strategy is the infighting and arguing, the biting off of each others’ heads and the turning of our back to each other when our views don’t match. It’s how the public media thrive on those theatrical shows. The spotlight isn’t on the factual truth, no, the spotlight is on the performance of the person who presents the show and the performance of that person’s guests.

    The wit and flair, the sensational seasoning in a conversation is the parameter, not what’s to be found as evidence of truth in a chosen subject. It’s all about the glove on the hand and not the hand itself. It’s monkey see-monkey do in mainstream media. Hence the predictability of its content. Although, in the meantime, that whole picture is changing too.

    In a most unconventional way, the lie begins to show up through the cracks and seams of many news items, with the truth bursting almost into the room with a bang. I personally don’t believe in a second wave and continuing warfare on the battlefield with the entire global population present. What’s described in this article is part of an agenda, the plandemic if you will (the title of a recent documentary). It’s not about disease or health, at least, not on the surface. I believe there’s a plan tried, to diminish the global population.

    All of us who stand on the bridge between what can be known and what can be felt with the senses, the sixth sense included, will proceed without strings attached. Although, at times, it may feel as if there’s a thin rope under our feet.

    Uncharted territory is what’s presented to you and me if you will. It’s a great recommendation of Kryon, that we’re in need of new ideas. May the Force be with you ?



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