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ER Editor: We totally recommend viewing the short 8-9 minute video below in its entirety, but we’ve made some notes, too, since the report involves mention of two vaccine ingredients (antigens) that may not be familiar to most people. This video was issued on the David Icke site on June 17, 2020. We’re not sure of the original date of the video but it must be recent. 
Note that both the man reporting in the video, Ben Fellows, and David Knight, who presents it to us, show a certain level of scepticism about the claims. Ben Fellows’ strategy will be to get access to the vaccine and the trials in order that vaccines may be lab-tested independently. (see below)
Ben Fellows comes from the group and reports on information received from a GlaxoSmithKline whistleblower on what is believed to be some of the ingredients in the vaccine (or one of them) currently being trialled. 
  • Overall: the GSK insider believes certain gender-specific antigens included in the vaccines will be detrimental to human fertility.
  • Who is running the vaccine trial and who does he work with? Dr. Andrew Preston from the Milner Centre for Evolution at Bath University (see his page) is running the trial. He was given a 28 million pound grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His collaborators are: Dr. Eric Harvill from Penn State U., who got a 10 million pound grant from Gates; Dr. Ernst from U. of Baltimore got 7 million pounds (2.9 from Gates; the rest from NIAID, run by Fauci); Dr. Caroline Colijn – 14.5 million; Drs. Philippe Dehottay and Philippe Goffin. And Preston works with GSK Biologicals, which has the biggest vaccine production facility in the world, in Belgium. They produce 2 million doses of over 30 vaccines per day.
  • The insider sent in information claiming the vaccine has already been made, and contains various antigens and a ‘concoction of chemicals’, some of which may be harmful. These are the claims being made about the ingredients:
  • 1. anti-hCG antigen: this causes sterility in women (ER: readers might find this link useful from 1992: Anti-hCG Vaccines Are in Clinical Trials. From this, it seems that anti-hCG vaccines are birth control vaccines for women.)   
  • 2. This antigen is also combined with OLH and 37 amino acid carboxy terminal peptides, known as CTP. The principle of this anti-hCG antigen is to produce antibodies which combine with hCG to render it inactive. Out of 63 women tested by GSK with the anti-hCG antigen, 61 became infertile.
  • 3. Male vaccines use the anti-GnRH antigen, which reduces testicle size. It also lowers testosterone levels, and there is marked atrophy of the prostate. It is a sperm-specific mitrochondrial antigen. (ER: readers might be interested in this veterinary study, which uses the anti-GnRH antigen to ‘”switch off” the reproductive endochrine system’ in male pigs: Vaccination against GnRH: pros and cons.When the affected sperm reaches the female egg, there is simply nothing to deliver because of mitochondrial DNA damage. It was tested on baboons, and there was reduced fertility in the females. Men vaccinated with this can thus make females (non-vaccinated) infertile. If this type of vaccine goes ahead, this sterility phenomenon wouldn’t be noticed in the population for around 7-10 years. The population would, however, be reduced significantly within a few years. There will also be global population reduction according to the scale of distribution of the vaccine.
  • How do we verify this? Fellows will pay for random testing to be done of the vaccines at independent laboratories.

  • There is also a cluster of cancer-causing chemicals, too, but this will be addressed later.
  • Scientists will be assembled who aren’t connected either to GSK or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These scientists have quietly come forward already.
  • What can we do? Go to – join this party simply by signing up to support this. It doesn’t matter whether you want the vaccine or not. Our testing will show if these chemicals are in there or not.
  • We’re looking at a massive population reduction scheme, which has been Bill Gates’ plan for many years.
  • With 3 million signatures on the site, pressure can be applied on the UK govt.

Tune in later for video information about our rights under these circumstances.

ER: GSK and Sanofi appear to be joining forces over production of this vaccine. See this BBC report from April, Coronavirus: GSK and Sanofi join forces to create vaccine.


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  1. 1Minute after posted this news at facebook with many infos how long bill gates doing researches on the depopulation he started in Africa with the #WHO many years ago when they give free #tetanusvaccines and there was also inside this that makes you no more possible get children. they gave it man and woman. 2009 the german politicans at the PigFlu ordered another vaccine for the people live in our country then the one for the politicans with a very more less vaccine ingridents

  2. Eugenics at work while everyone lines up for the vaccine due to being locked up in their own homes and the narrative is ,wait for it ,if you don’t get the vaccine ,you will not be able to go work,travel etc. etc. . It does not matter if it truthful as the population will get the vaccine regardless ,that is the agenda.

  3. My first comment was obviously pulled. I have signed up to have these vaccines independently tested. I think that is very important and I hope every one else does to. As it is; the virus it is supposed to be protecting you from was downgraded and not considered to be a serious virus or pathogen and that was pinned up on the UK Government Official site for High Consequence Infectious Diseases and considered to no longer be a problem in the UK as from the 19th March 2020. There for I can see no reason for a mandate for this vaccine in any case. I suggest you go look that up and see for yourself. Clearly this is very suspicious to say the least?????

  4. This is what we would expect from anything that Gates and their foundation have anything to do with. He is a Satanic eugenicist Da! No one should trust any of these people produce or say. I am completely disgusted at Boris Johnson and Mat Hancock for doing deals with this murdering corrupt creature who should be arrested for crimes against humanity. Go sign up to get these vaccines tested independently but frankly anyone who takes a vaccine from these people needs their head read in any case – no chance – and these findings should lead to a criminal investigation of that man Gates and all these criminal organisations who hate humanity and have evil intent towards us and generally combine murder with getting rich.

  5. Vaccines shut down the pineal gland, making individuals infertile and children autistic. The pineal gland is essential to creating, because it is the very small crystals in that gland that are activated during any and all creative processes, including sex when the male/female energies are stimulated to a higher vibration. The spirit then enters the woman’s body through her ‘birth portal’ and the creation of a physical body for the spirit begins, with the help of many spirit guides and what is known as the body-elemental (made of minerals, water).

    The pineal gland is where our I AM Presences (our Higher -God/dess – Selves) enters our bodies, down to our Heart Flames and the many chakras that feed our bodies, without which we die spiritually and physically. Without the pineal gland, the I AM Presence cannot send energies to the individual’s Heart Flame and the individual becomes sheep like – a slow and meaningless existence.

    Using the implants in the vaccines to change the function of glands and shutting down independent thinking, vaccines are designed to create sheep behavior and cloning for slave labor.

    How sad many Christian religions teach individuals sheep behaviors to worship Jesus, not learn from him. We need clear independent thinkers, willing to master themselves, not sheep.


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