Twitter cites fears QAnon activity will lead to “offline harm” while further empowering corporate media whose “offline harm” includes selling wars that have destroyed entire nations abroad and bled the American people dry at home.

July 22, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – News outlets like CNN reported on Twitter’s move to purge the QAnon movement from its platform.

Articles like, “Twitter cracks down on QAnon accounts,” would claim Twitter fears QAnon’s rhetoric online could eventually lead to “offline harm.”

There is no doubt that QAnon has been behind absurd conspiracy theories and verified lies circulating online – suspiciously absurd. Banning it from Twitter because of alleged fears its activity will lead to “offline harm” is even more absurd .
Despite making absurd claims that demonstrably never materialize or providing evidence that is later revealed to be clearly fabricated, nothing QAnon has done differs from what the corporate media does on a daily basis. In many ways they are one in the same – dividing and distracting the public while US special interests advance their agenda unnoticed and unopposed.
QAnon allegedly made false claims that Hillary Clinton’s arrest was imminent – she was never arrested. Conversely, the corporate media regularly claims that various world leaders in nations targeted by Western regime change have “fled,” are “dead,” or otherwise “ousted from power” – with lies spread by the Western media over the alleged “fates” of still incumbent leaders like Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un coming to immediate mind.

The Western corporate media also helps sell various wars of aggression.

This includes the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, US interventions in Libya and Syria from 2011 onward and US-backed regime change in Ukraine in 2013-2014.

Collectively these conflicts have killed over a million people and driven millions more from their homes. This “offline harm” – the direct result of lies told by the Western corporate media – has not only gone completely unaddressed by Twitter – it is enabled by Twitter.
Twitter – along with other US tech giants like Facebook and Google – aided the US government in sowing chaos across North Africa and the Middle East in 2011, precipitating wars that are still raging today, claiming lives, and effecting “offline harm” impacting millions of people.
The banning of the more absurd QAnon movement will pave the way for other purges – eventually eliminating any alternative to the corporate media and its demonstrably dangerous and dishonest narratives. QAnon’s absurdity will make it easy for Twitter to justify its ban, but the momentum toward greater censorship across Western social media will eventually impact accounts and movements previously difficult to justify banning.
US-based “social media” platforms – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. – are no longer truly social media. They are clearly transforming into centralized programed media where corporate monopolies create content that is consumed, removing the public, independent organizations, and competitors’ role in creating content, contributing to discussions, offering alternative views, and interacting with one another.
It is important that this fact be fully recognized and exposed as well as the creation of alternative platforms – especially overseas where US-based “social media” has been fully weaponized and used to undermine sociopolitical and economic stability.

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  1. It’s 9/20/20-Trump and the White Hats have won. Pedowood and the Washington Swamp have been drained! Thousands arrested and incarcerated for life or EXECUTED for High Treason, Sedition and Crimes against Humanity. ALL Royal Families earth-wide, the Pope and ALL cardinals, have been arrested and executed, as have the Prime Ministers and Presidents of ALL countries. Do NOT believe this-wait and watch the truth being gradually revealed. In Jan. of 2021, analog recordings of the trials, confessions and executions of ALL found guilty and executed will be released and shown over all public airwaves, along with detailed descriptions of their crimes. The dawning of a NEW, FRESH, CLEAN, HONEST WORLD is upon us, in incredible ways FAAAAR too numerous to even summarize here! Watch-learn-enjoy-and THEN, prosper!!!! WWG1WGA!!!

    • If all those powers in the world are overthrown, it will be what the Elders Of Zion predicted in the Chronicles which this site prints and opposes – a simultaneous worldwide coup. Which factions would they control to accomplish that? All the militaries? The secret societies?
      Trump is against the European establishment, but he is still on A SIDE.


    Hampton has been under those kinds of attacks. This tunnel vision then sets jony off. Basically classic veil

  3. Besides Jose -(cool my friend thanks) I’d like to respond to another commenter whom supports Q, and generally speaking to that group…

    When I was slowly inculcated into a ‘christian cult religion’ between 1978 and 1988 they told me, the exact,, same things; ‘read for yourself’, ‘research this’, ‘prove it yourself’… So I did. It led me into a decade of following their dictates, accepting what I was told, which led me to one of the more difficult points in my life. To follow them, against my free will, or accept and be subordinate, with loss of freedom (actually lost when it started), I was even trained and offered leadership, just buckle down and they’d pay the seminary costs, and I could lead my own congregation (1st if 3 groups offering me a congregation), I chose to ultimately walk away from not only that cult but, all, the Christian cults, to uncover the truth, about religion myself (my opinions thereof posted elsewhere through PFC comments) and I have paid dearly for it but, at least, my mind is still, free,
    By the time I began to deprogram these ‘Christian’ teachings, and left that religious cult, I realized one thing was clear above all else. By taking what you are told, to research, following the ‘outlines’ of “what you are told”, ‘to research it for yourself’, will prove exactly,, what said organization, or group, is telling you, is true… You, use their information, their research, their leads,, thinking you will find out for yourself but, all you do, is prove “their viewpoint” exactly as intended… “duh”.

    True knowledge, ie: wisdom, can only be found within. The vast array of information available today online is over load, of course, so no human can consume analyze and grasp it all but, you can take in, as wide a variety,, of information,, as you can,, then, look for answers within. At least that is how I have done it…
    If instead you therefore follow some specific ‘leads’ you are not ‘researching, for yourself’, you’re, instead,, following their information, to lead, you,, to the exact conclusion, that they,, want you to find!! That is, the definition of being “brainwashed”, thank you to this commenter whom verified this entirely, by their own words.

    I’d love to know how many of these Q-cultist’s are watching NBC, and CNN or reading from a variety of sources including and especially taking in as many opposing viewpoints as they can, more often, than their beloved FOX news or Q nonsense posts? (likely a number far closer to Zero?). Not to say I would trust, or even watch these myself any more but, my point is, if you are not, at least,, obtaining your information from a wide availability of sources, your not getting a wide viewpoint thus, are limiting the available pool of information from which to draw your conclusions. Which is btw one reason I love PFC, it’s a presentation of a wide variety of information, albeit with one goal in mind, preparing us and educating us, again, generally speaking.

    I personally, haven’t a clue and do not care about the stuff, Q is posting no, I’m not part of the Q cult, nor interested in much of, the content ie: pedophiles. If and when law enforcement gets em (which I doubt from top to bottom I think law enforcement is mostly corrupt as verified by several cops I have known in different parts of the country), if true, that they are guilty, and they are indeed prosecuted (doubtful beyond a slap on the wrist) then great (though I have zero faith in the US law enforcement agencies or particularly the US “justice” system under the “Crown” Bar Association. Even so, if caught, tried, and ‘proven,, beyond a reasonable doubt’, and sentenced, it is one less criminal on the street, great)…but, it’s utterly, irrelevant, to my personal, life.
    I am far more concerned with our country falling apart in the meantime and the proven by their own words and actions plain for all to see, things “our” (alleged) “leaders” are doing to enhance and further that agenda of the destruction of our way of life for,, well, a far more fascist, for lack of a better word, way they want to usher in…
    This “Q” whomever “they” are, I don’t really care, they are doing nothing, to stop the ‘cabal’ agenda (by which I mean the 64,000+ interlocking corporate controlled companies which all seem to work together buying our politics and politicians to further one agenda, and more so, foreign control by rogue regimes like Israel whom owns our politicians through their sworn allegiance, which has nothing to do with our, freedom). This Q is doing nothing real, nothing provable, nothing verifiable, as far as I can tell, and thus, to me, it’s just fantasy, or more so, personally, irrelevant,
    So you Q supporters go ahead, bury your head in the fringe fanatical Q posts, if you can decipher it, that, this colon here,, this apostrophe there, means blah blah blah, it’s all dribble and BS to far as I am concerned and I find the Q group claims like JFK or was it JFK Jr is Q, makes me laugh we’re it not so sad, that some people, actually believe it.
    Meanwhile the USA under Trump (or some other Republican or Democrat – no difference to me) through his often (to me) insane and deliberate acts, will crash the USA around you whilst you worry about some (far as I am concerned) nobody,, and their alleged criminal activities, or what that colon there, might mean… it’s all too cryptic and easily could be deceptive creation, of teams working at NSA or CIA.
    I am far more concerned about the actual, real, activities, of (allegedly) “our government” (illegal and unconstitutionally acting as such, which is wholly owned and operated by a group of billionaires and their, corporations, and foreign states), the criminal acts they do, against we the people, published and posted openly. I am also extremely concerned about their real, hidden, criminal activities which affect us all…like Edward Morgan posted in the recent ‘Declaration’. That,, is real.

    Lastly, to that point, of their crimes… Yes, I have a personal,, axe to grind there. Off subject…
    It’s about the ufology coverup, because I photograph these craft, unidentified, which are flying around in fractions of a second over our heads, regularly (at least), that operate outside the ability of the human vision and mind to process visually flying at 1/25th a second thru our skies but, my camera, my tablet, captures almost daily, any time, I care to record some sky for a few minutes, I catch frames, images of them (countless thousands of times from 2013 thru and up to including Yesterday). However,, that’s my personal agenda, exposing this horrendous and unspeakable 70+ year ongoing crime, not just against the American people, but, against all of humanity, in covering up, the truth. Why? because I feel certain, exposing this truth, is going to unlock the truth, of most, if not all,, their, other crimes, it is the straw, that will break the cabal’s back, and my opinion, this Q stuff, is just a distraction from exposing the biggest deception and crime in history.
    That is real, that is verifiable, I have the evidence, the undeniable, irrefutable, proof beyond any reasonable doubt, that the US government, is lying about it, continue to lie about it (Mr Trump, Democrats and Republicans alike included, all are criminally liable) and if they lied about this, something this enormously huge for this long,, then, they are most likely, lying about most everything else… That is why, this government, illegally acting as our constitutional government, must be stopped, at all costs, along with “all of” the Republicans and Democrats whom participate in this crime by, not exposing the truth.
    Yes, I dislike Mr Trump for his lack of doing anything to “drain the swamp” and instead filling it with cabal pawns, and in fact committing acts which assist and further the cabal agendas, Yes, I dislike the Q cult, for brainwashing the people into belief in him, and yes, I feel the exact same about each and every one of the unindicted real criminals serving in DC right now, stealing your liberties and doing everything they can short of nuking us (9-11 and attempted nuke in SC aside) to murder as many as they can, or at last resort, brainwash and control the entire population through a 1984 like campaign, or campaigns of brainwashing (like Q) to set us Americans at each other’s throats.
    No, I choose freedom, I choose free will and I want to know the truth, all,, of it, not just what was selected for me to research. Free will, and freedom, requires, an open mind. I don’t feel that is true from the posts I have seen from any of the people, in the Q cult, I see only isolation separation anger and deliberate brainwashing, exactly what the CIA might do, to destabilize a nation, if they wanted to regime change, for their agendas.

    • I will not “bury my head in the fringe fanatical Q posts”, i’m not a fanatic for keeping an eye on Q post. But it is really WEIRD that people that follow this site, thinks Q its a psyop, i acess this site through COBRA (

      As this site is supposed to support the “movement” that COBRA inspires and it is strange for him(this site) to question information provided or confirmed by COBRA.

      On a specific post about satelites taken down COBRA says that he is surprised that Earth Military Aliance revelead or leaked info that pretty much confirming that Q is Earth Military Aliance this was a long time ago, i remember that he mentioned that he would not talk directly about Q movement.

      Never heard of this claim “FK or was it JFK Jr is Q”. People claming false things is common in everthing. And i’m almost sure Q already said that JFK Jr is dead.

      Q is a group, not a specific individual, Q never claimed to be someone specific, never asked for donation or adoration.

      I don’t follow any religion, God it’s inside of you and in every one of us and thats what matter. I also want to know the truth, but this is a War. Will take time to win.

      But i will say something that every human being will agree, time will tell and cofirm if Q it’s a psyop or not. If it is not, good for us one military group is trying to free us from all this corruption.

      I found the source of the claim above:

      From this link:

      “Partially, he is (rarely) also listening to guidance of the Positive Military Intelligence, and the Positive Military Intelligence is tactically stroking his ego by encouraging Trump worship in alternative media through QAnon and other alternative channels, as opposed to Trump criticism in the Rothschild controlled mainstream media. This makes Trump more willing to follow the suggestions of Positive Military Intelligence.”

      “That request was not respected for the first time in late August when QAnon leaked intel about hacking of the spy satellites (Operation Keyhole). Later, David Wilcock released a few breadcrumbs about the Plan in his latest article, thankfully nothing significant. The Light Forces have communicated that they understand enthusiasm which comes when important operations are completed, but it is not over until it is over, and we all have to keep absolute silence about operations of the Light Forces that are underway.”

      Also i read somewhere that it seens trials with the info that Gislaine have given will began soon, let’s hope it is true. So we will se arrests happening.

      • Jony, I was completely offline from 1-2019 thru most of 9-2019 (when I obtained a new tablet), due to having my 3 separate providers email accounts and both of my Twitter accounts hacked in late 2018 (I still am offline as far as social media and do not use any of the emails, I use one of the former addresses to post here but, do not, to this day, have an email account, that I log into, anywhere), and yeah, even my credit card number’s were stolen and used in Europe (never been there) to buy drinks and a limo… Thus I was offline most of 2019 and I had not read everything posted by Cobra during that time, and would not care to comment about Cobra’s words, except to say:
        If Cobra said the Positive Military is using this Q stuff to manipulate Trump into doing what they want more often, then it is indeed, a psyop, one aimed, at Trump (but, still, no one knows, whom is behind it). That’s a twist I’d not considered but, it does not negate the fact, this Q stuff, is also, I feel, manipulating the public in a very negative way, into believing in things which, have turned out not to be true and is, creating extraordinarily deep political divisions and therefore, not, a good thing for the people and why I’ve spoken against it..
        I don’t see a lot of comments or posts about Q being a psyop in fact, I was one of the first saying it in 2016 and have seen only a couple others posting here, which say this, as well.
        Yes, I know,, this is a war. Their (the cabal) hacking me, stealing my credit card number (a warning to me, they could destroy my credit too, if they wanted) was only the latest in, my own, personal war, with the cabal, which stretches nearly my entire life and includes a number of, deliberate attempts to murder me (and make it look like accidents, etc..cut brake lines, twice and more -you have no idea), one bombing attempt, harassment by military choppers (and the unmarked black helicopters) literally buzzing my rooftop more times than I can recall, jets diving on my locations (in 3 states) and both circling my location and buzzing the treetops at far far lower altitudes than FAA Regulations on any private or commercial airplanes are permitted, the latest of these occurring mid May 2020 -after moving which almost no one,, knew of or could have known of my new address (except the federal reserve affiliated banks and Social Security), to my present location, and at least one time someone chasing at high speeds and ultimately running one of my family members off the road, not to forget a rifle locking and loading a few feet away in utter darkness at a heavily forested area one night…the list goes on and on and may include murder (extremely suspicious deaths) of at least one, if not two, or possibly even, three, members of my family, over the last 40 years, the intentional ruination of business’s, marriages, and family relationships, I can tie back directly to government or cabal bank actions…
        Most people have no idea what it’s like to be on the front lines of this silent war and I hope, they never will… I may not be a General or even an ‘officer’ in this war (I quit ROTC in HS and was the only one to disclose, the then secret, Officers Oath, -yes it’s real, I took it in 1978- which I did to Karen Hudes in 2014, which yes, proved many of our military officers are in violation of their oath of office and therefore traitors).
        Yes, this is a war, one fought quietly, one mind at a time, for the heart and soul of the people, and most people (sheeple) have no idea, what’s going on.
        Yeah I often follow what Cobra, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Karen Hudes, David Icke, not to forget lesser known utuber’s like Kim Iverson and Brian Rhodes amongst a number of others are saying, and I might not always agree with everyone of them says (even they, do not agree) but, I have the deepest respect for each of them and for anyone, “putting it on the line” like that, in this war, because we are all, at risk of being ‘taken out’ as it were, for just,, speaking out publicly.
        Let me close our comments on this article (ie: I probably will not come back to, as I don’t get notified of new comments to my posts, not having email), by saying: This website, is more than just articles of information, and the people involved, are doing the best humanly possible I’d say run on shoestring of a budget, overworked as volunteers,, no doubt,,, while acting as a hub of information, in a war of conflicting idealistic views and acting without reservation, of personal danger, against corruption, which permeates every facet of society and includes the vastness of humanity held hostage thereby, at least both mentally and emotionally, and we are extremely fortunate,, that Cobra and the others founded, and I’m extremely grateful to those whom continue to operate it.
        If anyone whom ever reads this, is able, I highly recommend this wesbsite, is a cause, completely worthwhile of support, particularly financially.

  4. Bye Felicia. Hopefully Qannon will go the way of Alex Jones. Nothing Qannon predicts actually happens, its misinformation garbage.

  5. Just wanted to add, keep in mind that:

    -Q constantly speaks positive things, like proverbs and god win our light win.

    -Constantly asks to reader to do critical thinking and research.

    -Put key figures in Spotlight that need investigation and clearly have evil agendas.

    -Not only good people are reading Q post, cabal agents are obviously
    reading too, miss info is NECESSARY.

    -Constantly say that together we are stronger.(No division, REMEBER DIVISION IS CABAL AGENDA).

    -Practically every time you talked about prisons of key people and it didn’t happen (the arrest), some event happens somewhere in the world, like a school shooting, terrorist attack etc. etc.

    – Its saying GOD WIN a bad thing? A psyop? It’s showing to people what really matter a bad thing? A psyop? It’s exsposing a pedo ring a bad thing? A psyop?

    -Remember Q talked about Eptein and Gisselle way before it happened.

    Time to people to learn again how to use theirs brains.
    Research….. research….

    • I’m in an investigating mode regarding Quanon and although my first instinctive response was “Oh good, at least positive remarks are presented” my next hunch was “Ah yes, there we go again….. with a reference to the presence of God, the desire to hear talk about what’s good, based on dignity and respect, ignores the tactical manoeuvers of those who know of psychological warfare, the repetition of slogans that point at unity, at brotherhood, equality and liberty. With a sauce of God poured over it. The use of the name of God isn’t a guarantee that the good in life is served always when men assume to represent him/her.
      And step in his/her shoes in Church and Court.

      Don’t get me wrong, at times, I’m in resonance with what I feel like the presence of God, but in essence, that presence is nameless and wordless, to me. And yet, there’s presence, and it’s not “out there”, as if opposed to what I myself represent.

      The use of God’s name, quite often, might be part of the American culture, where it was an obligation, and, it seems the use of common sense, in the ’70s at least, for a so-called “spiritual” organization to include a declaration of acceptance of the authority of that God.

      I do hope that Qanon is a sincere initiative and that President Trump is accompanied and supported by fine minds that know of integrity and show it. And that Qanon enjoys a sense of humour that rules (and inhibit) the spark of fanatism or anarchism spawning violence in the streets and homes in America.

      Isn’t it true that the original purpose of the military, men with weapons like bow and arrow, and clubs or spears, was to kill predators, animal or human? And defend women, children and livestock, plus all that was present within the walled enclosure and fortress of that time in the past?

      Look at the complexity of interests now, chosen as values and assets in need of protection and defence against invisible forces that know how to infiltrate, divide and conquer. We’re living in a time where we need a vigilance that is like the training of new muscles, for there’s as much power as a risk of failure in this quote made by Richard Hoagland:
      “The lie is different on every level” Humanity seems to walk on a thin rope, nowadays, where discernment and finding factual truth is concerned.

  6. Yes Tye…this is the insanity that our collective consciousness has sown over the last 1000 years….The people who worship evil, the people who worship money, power, killing it is all coming home to roost…. America is in a death spiral….and where it ends I can not say…will it be a French Revolution type collapse or a Roman Empire collapse….it seems that there is no limit to the insidious insanity our leaders are displaying…and that goes for all the morons who believe that Trump is a good guy….comparing Trump to an honest good man is like comparing a vulture to a dove….the man has no limits to his greed…..face the obvious facts my friends…..we have an entire Government full of Emperor Nero like madmen and madwomen watching the US Republic burning into the ground….and we can’t do a God damned thing about it….

  7. Edward Morgan, this is a short but, “Brilliant” article. Thank You, so much, for posting it!! (loved paragraph 4 btw).

    We the people need to awaken from the black bag (Q and otherwise) that the deep state Republicans (not to, one side, this because, both parties,, play their psyop games but this Q campaign is a cancer in the truther movement) had fed us… They have been pulling that black bag of brainwashing over the eyes of many in the public, for years now (truly I could pin it to the day the TEA Party was taken over by the deep state and morphed into the Q psyop thru the Karl Rove- so described because it was his campaign- begun, the night of Obama’s inauguration- brainwashing campaign to discredit the left for the right ie: controlled opposition). The Democrats of course, have their own ‘channels’ through the main stream media (except FOX and ABC News which are of course wholly, Republican Brainwash channel’s).

    Personally I do not watch MSM, really do not read much if anything, of their ‘news’ papers, nor read their entertainment magazines anymore, I get my ‘news’ from the people, through Utube, and from, well, inner revelation, is the only way I can describe, and I highly recommend it, to others.

    Back to my point, this article goes a long way in a few words, at a critical moment in American history. Republican/ Democrat, it does not matter, both parties,, are,, in fact,, the cabal deep state, the swamp, and yes, Israeli pawns (blackmailed, brainwashed, or intentionally evil, only a grand jury inquiry might determine), and if we are to be free, freeing the world with it, we must end their hegemony of American Politics and get “all” the “traitors” (Republican and, Democrat both) and more, all money (fake fiat money and otherwise) out of politics and out of, all three, branches of government. Corporations are not, people, and cannot rightfully ‘donate to’ (purchase) our policies or our politicians (or at least, shouldn’t be allowed to, nor should any donation greater than $100.00 be allowed to any political campaign and for that matter, professional lobbyist’s should be banned permanently as should any ‘perks’, NGO’s and passing of insider information making former politicians millionaires & billionaires, be made illegal -I could ramble on at length but, you get the point)…

    Though it is their right, as a business, to run it as they see fit, I do not like this censorship and deplatforming (even Q stuff) nor endorse censorship, in any,, form (and my personal opinion is, I’d suggest such companies ie: Google, Twitter, Facebook and Utube should be ‘nationalized’ and put under US Law and public administration by law, treated as, a public utility).
    However, when a cabal organized (legal currently, for intentional propaganda ie: public brainwashing) campaign begins to program the public with outright lies, it’s time to stop it. Although alternatively, I would have preferred to see the formerly in effect, US law,, forbidding such propaganda brainwash campaigns to be re-instated (and then those running these campaigns could be prosecuted), rather than deplatforming any, opposing views, to the state cabal controlled MSM brainwashing, because this deplatform of the Q nonsense follows, the David Icke deplatform (which is a shame because so much of what he said was right on the money and true) but, this Q-Anonsense, had gone way way too far, and too many people were falling under the spell, their, carefully crafted (by NSA or CIA or some other alphabet agency group), campaign of lies, had created a real problem in this country, dividing America and putting Americans against one another…

    We must finally ask ourselves, could the deplatform policies, be a furthering,, of that, agenda? Could be.

    • What we need to ask ourselves is is why some people think that Q it’s a psyop if it insist of reader thinking by themselves and not beliving blindily in MSM or any other source of
      information even Q itselfs. Research….. research….

      Time to people to learn again how to use theirs brains.

      The Q movement it’s the only freedom movement that come really close to mass awakening all people around the world agaist cabal operatives, and even this heavy hit (censorship) was already predicted way back in one os his posts.

      But sure go ahead saying nonsense about psyop , while you at it maybe want to defend pedophiles like Gislaine too right? Because Q it’s poiting at all dark things these satanic pedophiles are doing.


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