By Michael Snyder,

People have been asking me to do an article like this for quite some time.  In all the years that I have been writing, I have never seen so many of my readers so alarmed about our immediate future.  Over and over again, I have been getting emails from people asking for advice about how to prepare for what is ahead, and so many of them are using the word “urgency” to describe what they are feeling.  And I can definitely identify with that, because around the middle of last year that is a word that I started using constantly.  I felt an urgency about 2020 that I had never felt about any other upcoming year, and there were certain things that I knew that I had to get done.  One of those things that I had to get done was my new book, and it is now finished.  The plan is to release it this month, and after reading it there will be no doubt about why I have been feeling such a sense of urgency in recent months.

I want to warn you in advance that the list below is not an exhaustive list.

Instead, it is meant to be a very basic starting guide.  There are many other things that could (and probably should) be added to this list, and I very much encourage readers to leave comments after this article with their own suggestions and recommendations.  We should always be willing to learn from one another, because nobody is an expert on everything.

To me, the four primary priorities for preparing for an emergency scenario are food, water, energy and shelter.  Once you have got those four basic areas covered, you can certainly build on that foundation by addressing other considerations.

In the title of this article I use the phrase “the next 12 months”, but I do not mean to imply that everything will be fine after those 12 months are over.  In fact, I am convinced that our problems are only going to intensify as time rolls along.

And I certainly hope that you will not need everything on this list during the next 12 months.  Hopefully, you will not need to use some of these items for a few years.  But this is definitely a great opportunity to purchase many of these things, because a lot of them are only going to become more expensive and more difficult to acquire the worse conditions get.

In putting this list together, I was envisioning a scenario in which most of you will be sheltering at home rather than “bugging out” to an alternative location.  In a “bugging out” scenario, this list would look quite a bit different.

Also, I didn’t address self-defense in this list, but without a doubt it is very important.  In fact, if you live in or near a major city, it is imperative to have a plan for defending yourself and your family.  For years, I have been encouraging readers to move away from the major cities, but for a lot of people that simply isn’t possible at this moment.  More than 51 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment so far this year, and so a good stable job is an extremely valuable thing to have at this moment.  If your job is keeping you in a potentially dangerous area right now, you will also want to have a plan for “bugging out” to a more remote location if the need arises.

With all of that being said, the following are 50 things that I am encouraging everyone to stock up on in order to prepare for the chaotic times that are coming…

#1 A Generator

#2 A Berkey Water Filter

#3 A Rainwater Collection System If You Do Not Have A Natural Supply Of Water Near Your Home

#4 An Emergency Medical Kit

#5 Rice

#6 Pasta

#7 Canned Soup

#8 Canned Vegetables

#9 Canned Fruit

#10 Canned Chicken

#11 Jars Of Peanut Butter

#12 Salt

#13 Sugar

#14 Powdered Milk

#15 Bags Of Flour

#16 Yeast

#17 Lots Of Extra Coffee (If You Drink It)

#18 Buckets Of Long-Term Storable Food

#19 Extra Vitamins

#20 Lighters Or Matches

#21 Candles

#22 Flashlights Or Lanterns

#23 Plenty Of Wood To Burn

#24 Extra Blankets

#25 Extra Sleeping Bags

#26 A Sun Oven

#27 An Extra Fan If You Live In A Hot Climate

#28 Hand Sanitizer

#29 Toilet Paper

#30 Extra Soap And Shampoo

#31 Extra Toothpaste

#32 Extra Razors

#33 Bottles Of Bleach

#34 A Battery-Powered Radio

#35 Extra Batteries

#36 Solar Chargers

#37 Trash Bags

#38 Tarps

#39 A Pocket Knife

#40 A Hammer

#41 An Axe

#42 A Shovel

#43 Work Gloves

#44 N95 Masks

#45 Seeds For A Garden

#46 Canning Jars

#47 Extra Supplies For Your Pets

#48 An Emergency Supply Of Cash

#49 Bibles For Every Member Of Your Family

#50 A “Bug Out Bag” For Every Member Of Your Family

Are there certain key items that you would add to this list?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

I understand that there are a lot of people out there that are feeling extreme financial stress during this severe economic downturn, and acquiring all of the items on this list may not be possible.

And that is okay.  Our job is to do the very best that we can with what we have, and we shall trust God with the rest.

I know that a lot of people out there don’t like it when I write such “negative” articles.  But I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t warn people about what was coming, and I actually believe that articles like this give people a lot of hope.

There is hope in understanding what is coming, there is hope in getting prepared, and there is hope in connecting with others that are also preparing.

Just like we witnessed during the early stages of this COVID-19 pandemic, the people that will be freaking out when things get really crazy will be those that do not understand what is happening and haven’t made any preparations in advance.

Millions upon millions of Americans will not be able to handle the times that are coming, but we prepare because we believe that with God’s help we can make it through all of the storms that are ahead.

If you wish to mock us for being preppers, please feel free to do so, but you also need to be prepared to issue one whopper of an apology when you are forced to turn to one of us for help one day.



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  2. Hello David, of course, there are different ways to approach prepping and solar power or wind power is a smart way of using energy. Another choice is changing location. Why do so many of us feel that we need to stay where we are, as if stuck, glued to it?

    Changing location may involve change of lifestyle, income and relationships with others, but in the end, when it means the security of survival, the security of well being, what’s the priority? Part of the huge changes that are boiling in the undertow, all over the planet, slowly pushing many of us to the limits in all sorts of ways, as I perceive it, may require migration, a moving around of people, worldwide.

    Natural unbalances are occurring for as long as planet Earth exists, it’s not our out-breath causing damage, as I see it. People move around, leave their birth ground, start all over elsewhere. Out of necessity, due to hunger and loss of livestock, fertile soil etc.

    Why seems the Western world, with people living in a metropolis, in cramped housing, in the density of digital technology, where living conditions aren’t safe and secured, stuck in remaining where one is, how one lives?

    With the freedom to move, passing borders, except a break from it, this year, one should be free to make a change, in harmony with one’s family members and otherwise, choosing for oneself. Freedom to move goes forwards and backwards, and the internet connects us on screen, with the phone as well. I’m not saying that it’s like doing the dishes, not at all.

    The free-men of our planet, those who live in the wilderness, are ready to teach newcomers and offer their assistance, pointing out where chopping wood is most effective without harming a forest. I suggest checking out the work of Michael Reynolds, the designer of Earthships, a veteran architect of the 70’s. First ridiculed and now enjoying acknowledgement and the fruit of his work, in most practical ways, still building.
    Since the lockdown, the website below offers many virtual tours, tips and tricks and an Earthship-building plan is on offer now as well. What’s an Earthship?

    The initiatives to create self-sustaining communities grow fast, which is a natural result of the present plandemic, with the climate change report and other alarm bells tolling, for better or for worse. There are groups of youngsters, choosing to release their smartphone, and start growing crops, learning to find edible food in nature, securing their future.

    I’m each week working with a group of 4 owners of a large market-garden, all in their early 20’s or 30’s. With self-harvesters arriving each weekday, choosing an account, for 1 to 3 people, picking their share and volunteers working in the fields during the week. An online shop is existing, a physical shop is in the making as well.

    Just like I’ve done in Britain, I’m volunteering on the land and eating vegetables and fruit freshly picked after I finish work. Clean food from clean soil, in The Netherlands, and next year, maybe, I’ll be collecting seaweed on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, on the West Coast of Ireland or the coast of IOW, to fertilize the small vegetable garden near my home.

    • Hello Devon, thanks for the URL to the best in earthships. ( I support the concept. When we think of earth systems in this way, the entire planet benefits. There is quite a “Cob”-building community in California, but it doesn’t appear as fully developed as what you all are doing. Thanks for all you do to educate. I suspect those who brought the plandemic to us (for those who just sneered, re-watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Look for the gigantic blue coronavirus. We Deplorables were played.), I doubt they will allow the free movement of large numbers of those stuck in the cities, when we come to truly need the items in this article’s list. Citizens frustrated with their governor’s lockdown dictums, should make the choice sooner than later for the kind of living you are designing in New Mexico.

  3. Prescription medicine: If your physician is willing to do so, at least a six-month supply so you don’t have to go out to get monthly refills. The same with herbs including herbal teas and homeopathic remedies.

  4. Personally, I doubt if such a list is useful. One needs to know how food is produced and fabricated first, before making a choice of what to stock up. Apart from knowing one’s motive, coming from fear or the use of common sense.
    What’s in need to be questioned?
    Do I live in a safe location (with my family)?
    What brings me peace of mind and body (and those of my family)?
    What do I need to study, explore and learn, practice, in order to create a lifestyle that keeps me alive (with my family)?
    How do I reach peace of mind?
    Do I have to be at peace with my mind first, before finding clarity of mind?
    What’s the best choice, navel staring and wait for answers?
    Or start acting and DOING things that need to be done… in order to.. achieve?

    At times, the answer emerges from the question, when it’s about peace of mind. For isn’t it true that finding peace of mind is equal to being at peace with one’s mind? In the presence of our NOW?

    Many of us live in a linear fashion of mind and when a plan is made, it’s like a path disappearing in the distance with the destiny at the end. With peace of mind at the end next to it. Hence the lack of peace at the start of such an endeavour, for our mind goes fast-forward reaching toward that state of peace…. at ease, at the end of that path.
    A choice on itself can be a state of peace in itself, a conscious creation with clarity.

    When we reach forward to that destiny, with our attention, we risk ignoring the beauty that grows alongside our chosen path, even our travel-companions and the way-showers at crossings with other travellers on it. Those travellers are also way-showers often, showing a different approach/direction.

    In other words, seeing oneself as whole, complete and capable right now, is helpful, to focus on our present moment and be joyful about it, in contentment. Including others around oneself, sharing the same path, close by or a bit further on distance. Every journey begins with the first step, make it an enjoyable one, I suggest.

    To me, the best self-empowering way to achieve one’s goal, fulfil one’s mission, and create a lifestyle that includes the wellbeing of all creatures and not just one’s own, with confidence in tow, is making everything a choice, consciously. No matter how small.

    And start acting on that choice, with observation in tow, also of one’s inner responses and physical signals. Without the judgment of failure, doubt, guilt or shame ruling one’s choice, observed nevertheless, at times. They can remain “passers-by” disappearing again.

    When daily life, in its practicalities, such as finding out how to survive and be safe, shows a need for change, a need for a new choice, then one makes a new choice, in the same fashion, etc. etc. By doing this consciously, one witness motive, manner and style of achieving, within oneself and in others. That’s highly educational, see what I mean?

    Even more, when this ability is shared with one’s family members and/or one’s community-members, life begins to be so much more interesting and rewarding. Communication rises to a whole new level, in openness, non-violent. Of course, it’s a learning curve and a work in progress, always. No linear fashion is helpful in this realm. Which brings me on the subject of time.

    In the Western world, we’re living in linear time, with a flat surface of the clock in a circle of 12 numbers. In the ancient world, we were living in cyclical time, with the number 13 pulling off the circle of 12 from the clock’s surface, into a spiral. The Classic Mayan priests observed the skies, were capable of observing planet Earth from a distance. They observed the completion of 13 full moons in a year of 364 days. Each moon lasting 28 days 13 x 28 = 364 days. In other parts of our planet, this was known as well, like in the Shinto religion of old Japan.

    Today, July 25th, is the Day Out of Time, according to the 13-moon calendar of the Classic Maya astronomers. Today, it’s Kin 118 White Magnetic Mirror. Reflecting, confrontational, cutting the crap. Magnetic means: nr 1, leading a 13 day-wavespell. I’m a Yellow Cosmic Star Kin 208, the 13th in a wavespell.

    Tomorrow it’s New Year’s Day in this calendar, with the Blue Lunar Storm Kin 119. The year-bearer until July 24th 2021. The energy of the Blue Lunar Storm is polarizing by nature, the action needed is “stabilizing” and the purpose is “challenge”.

    Challenge doesn’t have to be experienced in soaring blood pressure and heart palpitations. Unless our physical safety is at stake. Making everything into a choice releases one from insecurity and confusion, which are energy-draining emotions.
    It requires stepping out of duality consciousness and release polarizing tendencies.

    Every choice is a piece of mosaic in the pattern of one’s plan, be it in survival mode or in times of peace. The latter may emerge from the former. Unless our physical safety is at stake, and after all, ask yourself, while reading this, how much comfort you’re enjoying,
    our external conditions and circumstances are no rulers over us, unless we make that a choice, consciously.

    Wouldn’t we immediately feel that this choice would be the loss of our autonomy?
    Laughing now, I must confess that I remind myself often of what I’ve shared with you here.
    ? ? ? ?? ? HAPPY NEW YEAR

    • Here’s the same text as in my comment above, my new web page with illustrations and some more of what I hope is a good thing:
      Be safe and good health to you!

  5. I should make a couple of corrections. Pasta (not paste – poor spelling!) and it is the chlorine that bleach is made of, that when combined with ammonia explodes – basic chemistry that many have forgotten.

    There was a warning on the information sold with the Virex cleaner warning of the problem of explosion. Unfortunately, their website, etc. no longer admits to the problem. And, there are many, many cleanser made in the same way. One cleanser states on the container, contains ‘alcohol’ and is explosive. So, if an individual spreads it on his skin which is covered with hair it could set him/her on fire and the manufacturer will not be held accountable.

  6. There are more than 400 million Americans, most living in high density. Your “plenty of wood to burn” item is disastrous. My short-sighted neighbors will steal my wood, then cut down my plantings.
    A more enlightened item is a solar cooker. The UN is freely passing out stacks of pre-cut, flat-patterned solar stoves in developing countries, whose landscapes are approaching the moon’s, for the trees cut to make fire. Easy to use models can be purchased. Foldable cutting patterns downloaded for free from the Internet. Home improvement stores sell foil, mylar, sun shields and sheet metal.

    To get started:

    Thanks for getting us to think about prepping!

  7. yeah, that’s a real nice “wish list”, but honestly – with so many out of work for months and never seeing a dime of stimulus – who the heck has all that extra money laying around to stockpile this stuff? most of us are just trying to keep the lights on, and some ramen noodles in the house, which we’re likely to be evicted from real soon….

  8. Thank you for this important list. At our home we have many of these things. Also you need fuel for the generator and should be careful how you store it. On a lighter note, we continue to remember to have a good sense of humor and laugh about something every day. I just received my new doormat that says “COME BACK WITH A WARRANT.” The neighbors love it.

  9. White flour is OK if not bleached.Alloxan is type of uric acid used in bleaching flour to appear white.Alloxan is known to destroy pancreatic cells which produce insulin.Asians use triple bleached white flour.There is white flour in supermarkets with sign UNBLEACHED.Vegetable oils are not good for eyesight,as they use chemical hardeners to appear oily not watery,same with margarine.Eye capillaries get blocked form these hardeners,people go blind.Long ago I have tasted canola oil,it smelled and tasted like motor oil.You are right Dhara.Sanitizers like triclosan,don’t kill bacteria they just stop it from spreading.Every marine life and Humans have triclosan in their body.Just imagine what is in making with this covid19 scam when all sanitizers get into our food chain.If you can kill bacteria then there wont be any life on this planet.How we are brain washed today we will sanitize our selves into extinction.There are already law suits for fire retardants.

    • Thank you Dr. fungus. I’ve added that to my health information. You are correct. Without healthy bacteria, there is no life, including our own bodies.

  10. Dr James B. Brown, M.D. warns that paste and all white flour products are made with a toxin called Alloxan that makes any condition you may have worse (organ damage). And it makes the poisoning from many foods worse, including Aspartame, Splenda, etc.

    Unless stated otherwise, most canned foods are sealed with lead.

    Hand Sanitizers are all too often made with bleach and ammonia and when combined EXPLODE. Virex, made with these two explosive ingredients are used in hospitals and the reason patients are experiencing ‘spontaneous combustion.’ In truth, there are many cleanser made with explosives. (Please read all warning label.)

    Milk, powdered or otherwise, has been pasturized, destroying the digestive enzymes.

    Peanut butter is a GMO, so is corn and soy. There was a letter written some years ago by Mr. Ford (Motor Company) who said that peanut, soy – add canola oil today – are made for autos and should never be eaten.

    The Bible is called holy because it is full of holes and I threw mine out to the trash years ago. And that began my healing from the abuse of male dominated religions.

    • Hello Dhara Wood, the last part of your comment here reminds me of the women who were gathering in the ’70s in Holland, feminists and others who were fond of the blame-game, staying in rooms of what was popular in those days, living in the so-called “keep your hands off” homes, after leaving domestic violence, taking their kids with them. In Dutch, it’s “Blijf van mijn lijf” It rhimes.

      I believe that religious imprints aren’t removed by throwing a Bible on the trash. Believe me, I’m a daughter of a Calvinistic minister, the 3rd of 9. The apple which rolled away farthest from the tree, growing my own. And regarding the tinkering with seeds, it’s too easy to call all peanut butter, corn and soy GMO. Although corn and soy are grown in huge amounts, initially for livestock and soil-fertilizer (soy), and later, after fermenting the soybean, for Asian food-products like tofu, tempeh, and miso, oil as well, there are organic farmers, those who sow clean seeds in clean soil.

      After eating peanut butter sandwiches every day, since I could eat solid food, and fortunately choosing organic food when I was 21 years old, I haven’t found an extra ear or eye growing on my face, or a tail. I’m a Capricorn, I might grow horns 1 day ??


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