by Ethan Huff of Natural News

(Natural News) Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., has decreed that everyone present in the federal territory must wear a face mask, including three-year-olds, to supposedly help stop the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But exempt from the order are all lawmakers and government employees, because they are apparently a different breed that is incapable of catching or spreading invisible germs.

Bowser’s mandate, which was not legally passed as a law, orders everyone over the age of two in D.C. to wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors, or else face fines of up to $1,000. All non-politicians two-years-and-one-day-old and above will be aggressively policed for compliance, even as Bowser and her ilk push to defund and abolish the police.

“Under the new Mayor’s Order on masks, people must wear a mask when they leave their homes if they are likely to come into contact with another person for more than a fleeting moment,” Bowser’s office announced.

The only people who are not being told they must wear face masks under the order are lawmakers, judges and government employees who are “on duty,” a highly subjective designation that can be easily thwarted by “public servants” who can now arbitrarily decide that they are “working” whenever they feel like not wearing a cloth covering.

“The enforcement provisions of this Order shall not be applied to persons in the judicial or legislative branches of the District government while those persons are on duty,” the order states, adding that it also “shall not apply to any employees of the federal government while they are on duty.”

Meanwhile, parts of Florida are now “requiring” that people wear masks inside their own homes

Set to expire no earlier than October 9, 2020, Bowser’s order is among the most restrictive in the country, save for the mask “mandate” recently decreed in Florida’s Miami-Dade County.

Residents of this South Florida enclave are being told that they must wear face masks at all times, even inside their own homes whenever guests who do not normally reside at the property are present.

“All persons who reside on any residential property, whether single family or multi-family, and irrespective of whether they own or rent the property, must ensure that all persons on the residential property, including guests, comply with all applicable guidelines of any Broward County Emergency Order, including the facial covering requirements,” the Miami-Dade order reads.

“Residents who fail to ensure compliance with all applicable Broward County Emergency Orders by such persons shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Section 8-56 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances, with each person present and in violation of an applicable Emergency Order constituting a separate violation,” it adds.

While Miami-Dade residents are not being commanded under penalty of persecution to wear face masks inside their homes when they are just there alone or with family members, the area government is encouraging them to do so at all times.

For violating the others aspects of the order, Miami-Dade is threatening to fine violators based on a sliding scale. The first offense incurs a $50 fine, while the second incurs a $100 fine. After that, the fines jump to $500 per violation with the additional possibility of jail time.

The disturbing irony of this newfound threat of jail for refusing to cover one’s face and mouth is that early on during the plandemic, some leftist areas of the country had decided to release prisoners because keeping people locked inside prison cells in close proximity to other prisoners is said to increase the risk of viral spread.


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  2. This is how Wars are started. What do you always here? Demonizing & Blaming China. People Grow a Backbone & Realize you live in “Their” Matrix & “They” can Not make you do anything, Period. If EVERY PERSON were to take Off their mask what are “They” going to do.


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