“A codependent is someone who cannot function on their own and whose thinking and behavior is instead organized around another person, process, or substance. Many codependents place a lower priority on their own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others.”

Sharon here. LOL. All my ex’s thought I was codependent enough to put their well being before my own. I wasn’t. I was only willing to see my life disintegrate so much before I kicked them to the curb. Being with the right person, I now know, is about joining forces and watching your life take off in joy and happiness together.

Okay, folks, fatigue notwithstanding, I seem to have enough time to be lucid enough (LOL) to view a minute or two of what’s in the Yahoo headlines, or to view a truther’s video on youtube now and then. I’m determined to overcome this, but apparently the cure to chronic fatigue is not overdoing it. And I know I have a habit of overdoing my work for the Light right now. So solutions have to be sought.

I was shocked yesterday to see images of citizens’ militia groups lining up with guns at the ready, in Kentucky, I think it was, squaring off to protest police violence. I have a question: why are they protesting violence with guns? Doesn’t that seem like an oxy-moron to you? Like everything else, this also makes little sense to me. Maybe since they figure they were up against the cops, who are also armed. They’re sending a message. We won’t let you overwhelm us. Yeah, trouble is, when cops kill people they get a slap on the wrist, people go to jail. It’s only a matter of time, folks, before the bullets start flying.

A lady who was known to be the girlfriend of a criminal was killed after her new boyfriend, thinking they were being broken into, fired a warning shot. The police were doing a no-warning break-in of the apartment, looking for this criminal and they started firing after hearing the warning shot. This lady was killed in the fire.

Now there are militia groups meeting at key places in cities to protest, with these huge I think they’re hyped up rifles, or they look like AK 47’s to me, but then I don’t know the gun types at all. I didn’t see a hand gun on any of them. These people are carrying some serious fire power. What’s worse, there are black militia groups and white groups. I didn’t see any mixing at all.

I want to say to my American friends, that I feel for you, to see your beautiful cities descend into the depths of Rambo hell by people who think aggression is the answer to this. It has to be scary knowing that your neighbours are packing, and from what I’ve read lately as well, so scared they shoot first and ask questions later. This is NOT an ideal situation for you and your children. We live seeking safety and security as a priority for ourselves and our family always, and to have it come to this is really disconcerting. Safety is a first chakra priority and seeing scenes like this as well as the razing of Portland and other U.S. cities is disturbing to say the least. These people are Matrix pawns, being played upon by the likes of Soros and company, in order to make Trump look incompetent. They don’t realize they’re being used by the deep state.

I almost long for the days when the girth of Kim Kardashian’s bum was the most promoted news article in the media, ridiculous as those story lines are.

I don’t believe that this is the type of resistance that’s really necessary. The type of resistance I indulge in is refusing to comply. That’s all. In doing that, Ivo says I stay off the artificial cabal led timelines and stay on the Lemurian timelines.

I did read that people who attended a party somewhere in Ontario are considered to have been exposed to the virus and my feeling is this is baloney. What they will do is test them all and because the tests are rigged, they’ll all come back positive. I’m just waiting for the day when they start instituting punishment in some form for their doing this. What I believe happened is some person who went to this party went to the doctor’s and tested positive for Covid, because everyone is tested and will test positive for it, and then they had to say where they were in public without a mask on. It’s all bullshit and these people are falling for it.

Speaking of masks, I’m still not done on that subject. This is where codependency comes in.

In airlines, you’re told to put your oxygen mask on before you put the mask of your children on them. I remember years ago, when I was codependent, I thought this was bullshit. Those poor kids! Actually now it makes sense to me because how can you put their masks on when you’re passed out? You’re no good to anybody unless you take care of yourself first.

Which is the point about covid masks that I want to make now. People are running around with these skimpy cloth masks which have been mandated for use by more than one government! Incredible! They’re not even medical masks. But what they’re supposed to do is stop your spit from hitting the airwaves and infecting others. When others wear masks, they protect you from their spit. Except if you’re outside, then no masks are necessary, I’ve been told. Uh huh. I can’t see what the difference is, spit is spit whether it’s inside or outside, but as I’ve been told by so many mask wearers, I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m talking about.

This exchange is codependent. Why would anyone, if there is such a virulent, contagious, killer virus roaming about in people’s spit, leave it up to others to protect them? Those militia people don’t look like they’re leaving it to others to protect them, but mask wearers seem to be a whole different story.

I see them being used in hospitals and it’s probably for this purpose, so they don’t spit on you. Presumably, though, wouldn’t the medical professional want to be protected from someone with an illness they don’t want to get, so they would properly protect themselves, wouldn’t they?

My point is, why would you wear a mask that doesn’t protect yourself? If I truly believed there was a killer virus spreading around killing off elderly people anywhere but on the news, I would get a medical mask that would protect me from getting the virus. I would do this because as a non codependent I put myself first.

The irony of this is, in properly protecting myself, I would be protecting all others I come in contact with as well. In protecting myself, I protect others. This is the correct solution to the mask problem, not expecting others to protect you. That system is codependent and leaves you vulnerable, if in fact there is a chance of being infected by anything anyone might have that is spread in the air.

We have to remember, though, that the ones who are making mandates on this are the same ones who spread the virus and lie about it.

Taking personal responsibility for yourself is the way forward. Getting the proper mask to keep yourself from becoming infected is the way forward, and in so doing, you protect others as well. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Would you wear a condom that protects your partner but not yourself?

Would you buy an insurance policy that protects the person who hits your car but not you?

If you prepped for an SHTF event, would you give it all to your neighbours and go hungry yourself?

If you bought a tornado shelter, would you fill it with neighbours and then stand in the wind outside?

If you were starving and won a million dollars, would you give it all away and continue to starve?

Probably not. So why wear a mask that doesn’t protect you?

What they’re mandating you do goes against normal human behaviour. We always put ourselves first – unless we’re codependent. When we’re codependent, we spend our time focusing on others and what they’re doing that we like or don’t like, and we keep the focus off of ourselves. Codependents are notorious for not meeting their own needs, sometimes even basic needs.

Healthy people put themselves first and everyone else a close second. They are aware of their social responsibilities and take them seriously, but always ensure they come first. This is not being selfish. It’s being normal.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Codependency is the language of the Matrix.”

The difference between being codependent and being of service is that you always take care of your own needs as you serve others. Codependents neglect their own needs and are disappointed when they find others won’t fulfill them either.

The message is the same, no matter what: Stay out of the Matrix!

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  1. Psychopath MK brains are infiltrated throughout every sector of the United States. The time is HUMANITY! The U.S citizens are VICTIMS of MKUltra, Styrofoam BRAIN Carvers, and of course they move along like the rest of the world is stupid, and that is when the True Humanitarian Leadership Winner will step up as protector of all humanity! We need it !

  2. This morning I’ve left a comment about using a disinfected mouth mask here.
    I’ve created a video with the recording of the text, with the written text in the comment below the video. Be safe and good health to you!

  3. This morning, I felt the urge to share some advice about wearing a mask….. not the anonymous mask of Q or other Anons, sprouting like weeds and sunflowers all over the virtual place. Wearing a mouth-mask damp with an MMS solution.

    To be very practical, since wearing face-masks or mouth-masks are mandatory in many parts of our planet, in public places and public transport, I suggest to make the mask not only a cover that you’re obliged to wear, but also provide a disinfectant with it, protecting you from spreading and inhaling bad bugs.

    MMS is a remedy introduced by Jim Humble some decades ago. Initially, he used it as a water-purifier, since he travelled in the jungle of Africa. His comrades suffered from malaria fevers and one day he chose to use MMS on his comrades, see how it would affect their symptoms. To his surprise, one of his comrade’s fever stopped withing hours and all of them recovered in a short period of time.

    That’s how Jim began to treat malaria patients in Africa and cures 1000’s of them. The red cross has used MMS as well, but Big Pharma has made great efforts to ridicule Jim’s remedy and published reports about it, saying that it was equal to bleach. Now, that we’re decades later since that time, many cases treated with MMS are the proof in the pudding.

    Jim Humble has published his COVID-19 advice, using an MMS protocol, since the pandemic was announced in early spring March 11 2019.

    Here’s an excellent explanation of what Chlorine Dioxide aka MMS is, by Kerri Rivera:

    The idea is, and it’s my experiment, to add a mixture of MMS on the inside of the mouth-mask and by wearing it, inhale the damp of MMS that is on your mouth-mask, keeping your lungs clean as well, bringing the inside of your body in touch with the disinfectant, in the bloodstream, so that it kills pathogens in your body. Pathogens are the residue, the result of an infection. You could call them toxins and MMS a detoxification remedy.

    I’ve tried it out in the last days since I’ve found that a tick has visited me, probably. I’m not sure, I haven’t seen the creature, but the bite looked like as if there’s been such a visitor.
    I’m doing this experiment as prevention of possible effects by that tick-bite. Not all ticks cause trouble, of course. I’m not worried at all, keeping my immune system strong.

    Skin rashes and insect- or snake-bites can be treated with MMS as well. All forms of poisonous effects and infection in fact. Also food-poisoning.

    Now, I should make clear that I’m trying this out entirely as a new experience and I can’t tell you if it works (yet). This is my own choice and responsibility and you need to take yours, see what I mean? Just try it out when you feel it’s valuable for you and above all, read Jim Humble’s detailed explanations and advice. It’s thorough. Don’t hurry and don’t think that you can mix the remedy and drink it at random. It’s a strong potion and it doesn’t taste nice. Just inform yourself properly about what MMS is and its effect.

    When you don’t happen to have MMS in the home, you can order MMS here A German provider who serves almost entire Europe.
    This provider sells MMS as water-purifier, you’ll find it under that name.
    I’m Dutch, and so I know only of European providers. The UK has none.

    The solution I’ve made is as follows:
    Keep your clean mouth mask ready, self-made or pre-fabricated doesn’t matter.
    – Place it on a plate with the inside visible, folded open.
    – Pour 4 drops of bottle nr. 1 and 4 drops of bottle nr. 2 in a medium-size glass.
    – Stir it by moving the glass a bit so that the 2 are mixed. You can use a wooden
    spoon or chopsticks from the Chinese, or a spoon made of bone, NO metal.
    The colour of the mixture in the glass is light amber, opaque.
    – Add tap-water or clean rainwater to the mixture and fill the glass halfway.
    – Stir by moving the glass a bit, or use the spoon, and pour a few drops on
    the inside of your mouth mask, until it’s damp wet, not dripping wet.
    – Excess fluid is no problem, you can pour it in the glass or wet a 2nd mouth mask with it.

    – When there’s an emergency, wear the facemask immediately and breathe normally
    through it, don’t change your breathing pattern, at risk of starting to hyperventilate and

    – When you choose to wear your mouth mask all of the time, when going out, put it on
    also. Otherwise, take the mouth mask, or more than 1, prepared with MMS, with you in
    a plastic bag and wear it when you MUST wear it. Just observe and be vigilant when an
    effect occurs that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    The solution that you’ve made can be put in a small spray bottle or stored in a small bottle of dark glass (preferably) and put in the plastic bag with the mouth-mask so that you can refresh the substance during the day when you wear your mouth-mask. When you take it off, place it in the plastic bag again so that it remains moist. You can wear it again, for the disinfectant on it keeps it clean.

    Please, choose your own manner of using new mouth-masks frequently, by putting on a new moist mouth-mask each time you need to wear one. You can prepare a couple of them at home, before going out, to work or elsewhere.

    When you’ve got questions or feedback about this comment of mine, please let me know by leaving a comment here. Jim Humble and Kerri Rivera are experts that are practising with MMS for many years and they answer questions too. Kerri Rivera is a homoeopath, also offers Cease-therapy: removing toxins left by vaccines in children, suffering from autism and ailments related to autism.

    I believe that when you keep your immune system strong, that there’s not much risk of contamination. With a healthy immune system, a nasty bug may enter your body, but it will be neutralized and released through your digestive system, where lots of bacteria flourish to keep your digestion healthy and your energy tip-top ?

    Apart from MMS there are other purifiers and disinfectants, such as Sodium Bicarbonate. So far, I’ve used it externally, although whitening your teeth can be done with this one.
    Read instructions and inform yourself properly, before using it. When in doubt, don’t cross the street.
    Cleaning vinegar is a good disinfectant for table-tops and kitchens, at home or in public places like restaurants and pubs. It can be used to clean the windows in your home as well. You can take it with you and use it to disinfect objects.

    When I’m using these chemical substances in supermarkets, at the hygiene stations, to clean my hands, the shopping basket or – trolley, I find myself sneezing my nose off almost, due to the strong smell and prickling effect.

    When you don’t choose chemicals in the home or in the bathroom or shower, your sense of smell and touch is sensitive to those “alien” substances that can be truly called “aggressive” in my opinion. Natural remedies will do the job for me, I’m not afraid of dirt.

    Once in my very young life, my mother crashed a bottle of ammonia in the cellar and when I needed to ask her something, opening the cellar door, I was struck by the ammonia fog rising up into my nose and brain. That was an enlightening experience for sure, as long as it lasted. For a moment I was in another realm, the ammonia-dimension ??

    Living with bugs and other crawly critters seems to become the “new normal” with one “aggressive bug” forced upon us, impossible to ignore due to mass mind-programming that is looked upon by many as reliable “mean-stream eh.. main-stream media”.

    Let’s enjoy Bugs Bunny’s company without being ruled by fear and, foremost, let’s think for ourselves and choose our lifestyle in freedom. By welcoming this comment or leaving it alone, for what it is to you. Be safe and good health to you! ??⛹️??????❤️


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