Another great video from our friend Lorie Ladd:

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  1. Great video with Lorie Ladd, as always to the point and clear. In her presentation she’s very good at cutting the crap, I like that.

    While I’ve listened to a Kryon channelling, today, I’m pretty sure that Kryon’s prediction of the 2 major disclosures during the pandemic and after, is correct. Besides, I can see it happening for some time now, the growth of thinking in sobriety and freedom:

    Disclosure 1: Child abuse, human trafficking, paedophilia and all programs related to it.
    Disclosure 2: Big Pharma will be exposed as fraudulent and unreliable by humanity, us.

    Personally, I’m wrapping my head around the shift where we’re, sort of… welcomed to let go of duality thinking, the judging in good or bad, right or wrong, etc. and dealing with the confrontation of horrific truths that are disturbing so much that it’s a logical response to burn in fury and weep in sadness.

    The experience of those strong emotions is in good company when the observer of these horrific truths is observed from within. In other words, when we’re able to feel and at the same time keep a balance with inner stillness, or presence in the eye of a storm (of emotions). The teaching is superb when it’s about the Awakening of Human Consciousness. Which is in full swing now, as I perceive it. Personally and collectively.

    That process seems to be similar to a meadow with wildflowers, where, at first, some tenacious weeds are prominent and prevent the wildflowers from flourishing. What the gardener finds out to his surprise, is that these so-called “tenacious weeds” have a habit of disappearing, almost by surprise. Their time is up, and so they disappear. And the wildflowers begin to grow and flourish, for they’re growing seeds that know of endurance.

    There are levels of consciousness where one is aware that not all is what it seems and also where one is aware of one’s ability to make a shift in perception and observation, the alchemy that Lori mentions, at times, as I perceive it. Also called “creating one’s reality”.

    I’ve found a “trick” by not letting myself go into thinking out solutions when it’s about a neighbour making noise and how it should end, on my conditions. I tell myself to address the issue with the neighbour in person when the time is right and in the meantime, I choose to not spend time and energy on being annoyed and irritated by the sounds.

    Knowing that I’m intending to speak about it, is the eye in the storm, see what I mean?
    When I apply that attitude, it seems that there’s a space where my neighbour suddenly begins to lower her voice and keep her 3 doggie-babies inside the home, and not on the balcony, where she talks to her babies constantly. I’ve been away for almost 5 years and she’s of course never confronted with her behaviour, with my garden never being used.

  2. Good video for those who are having trouble hearing info that is troubling and causing them confusion. Stay open so we as a collective can evolve. We must know the truth that we have been denied.


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