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UPDATE from the Health Ranger: If you happen to notice any reduction in my article throughput lately, it’s because I’m prepping like crazy for what’s coming. We are watching the final battle for humanity, and the anti-human, demonic forces are unleashing everything they can muster in a last-gasp effort to try to destroy our human world. And yes, the upcoming coronavirus vaccines will be slow-acting euthanasia shots. Hence the desperation to censor all criticism of vaccines and even reject the Russian-made vaccine which isn’t a kill switch for the simple reason that Russia isn’t at war with the human race (unlike Western globalists).

The next global lockdown will be permanent, and they will attempt to vaccinate everyone using door-to-door vaccine compliance programs administered at gunpoint. If you refuse, you will be taken to a “quarantine camp” which is really just a death camp. If you take the vaccine, you are signing your own death warrant.

Meanwhile, famine is being engineered as a weapon of control, and the powers that be are working to keep people locked down until they can fully achieve their mass starvation goal, which will drive tens of millions of Americans into food banks and FEMA camps where vaccines will be mandated. (Want some food? Here, take this vaccine shot first.) That’s how they’re going to pull off their depopulation agenda: Starve people into vaccine compliance. Food is their weapon of control, followed by vaccines as the weapon of death.

If you aren’t stocking up on food right now, you’re crazy. I’m telling everyone to prepare for 18 months without a food supply. If you figure you can grow 50% of your own food, that means you’ll need 9 months of stored food to survive the full 18 months (and that’s assuming you already know how to garden, and you have seeds and soil, etc.). Most people don’t know how to grow food. Most people will starve to death or be culled in quarantine camps. This is the end game for humanity as you know it.

I’ve just posted a new interview with Jose of which offers a fascinating discussion of the problem of other people not being prepared. How do you deal with the non-preppers when it hits the fan?

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Elections analysis: Democrats are done for

Democrats already know they cannot win the November election if it’s fair and free, hence the new Big Tech censorship of any attempt to “interfere” with the election by criticizing Joe Biden. Yet most people already know that Biden is a brain-dead dementia case, and Krazy Kamala is a power-crazed authoritarian whose radical left-wing ideas are almost as bonkers as AOC’s. No one in their right mind will vote for this combination of a brain dead president and a power-hungry Hillary Clinton wannabe. Dems can’t win in a fair election.

So instead of trying to win the election, Democrats are primarily working on unleashing mass confusion through cheat-by-mail efforts, baseless attacks on the U.S. Postal Service, fake news media disinformation campaigns and widespread chaos and violence in the streets. Their only hope now is to make it impossible for the election to take place at all, and barring that, if the election does happen, they want to make sure nobody can have confidence in the results. The left-wing media will immediately claim Trump is “illegitimate” and they will call for Nancy Pelosi to assume the presidency. This will be how the political coup will be carried out against Trump, unless the treasonous deep state actors are stopped.

The best way for us to stop this is to vote for Trump in huge numbers, beyond the “margin of vote theft,” and give Trump an enormous mandate, including helping Trump win the so-called “popular vote.” This will make it far more difficult for the treasonous Democrats and left-wing media to carry out their planned political coup.

I have been told from high-level sources that the Democrats have already lost the election. Even more, I’ve been told that the DNC will be disbanded after this election, meaning the Democrats are finished. Trump has it in the bag, and the Federal Reserve is fully supporting Trump with endless money printing. Trump will also receive the full support of the Pentagon as soon as the military is allowed to engage in conflicts with China (the Pentagon has long wanted a war with China). This will no doubt begin in the South China Sea.

But make no mistake: When Trump wins the election, he will still be the last President of the USA as we know it. Left-wing states will attempt to secede. The violence in the streets will erupt to whole new levels of lawlessness and insanity. I wouldn’t be surprised at some point of left-wing mayors like Lightfoot (Chicago) or Wheeler (Portland) just rip off their human skin and go full-blown DEMON. There’s no more point in them pretending to be human, after all, when everybody knows they’re at war with humanity.

The financial collapse is coming

Adding to all this, the engineered financial collapse is now closer than ever, with central banks openly talking about rolling out digital currencies to replace fiat currencies. They know the dollar is finished, and they’re already well on the way to rolling out a global digital currency that will track all your purchases and tax you “automatically” based on what’s in your digital wallet. The era of financial privacy is over.

Between the medical police state lockdowns that are being tested in Australia, and the engineered collapses of food and financial systems, the vast majority of human beings won’t survive the first 90 days beyond the “final solution” lockdown. It doesn’t take long to collapse society and crush human populations, given the intricacies of modern complex societies. People like Bill Gates know this as well as anyone: To depopulate the planet, you don’t have to actually go around and murder billions of people, you merely have to eliminate the supporting infrastructure that makes feeding billions of people possible, all while injecting people with biological weapons that mop up the survivors.

That’s why food distribution centers and farming operations are being deliberately shut down. It’s why the banks are going to be shuttered in an engineered global financial collapse that halts all transactions, making farming and food production impossible.

States are stockpiling tens of millions of pounds of long-term storable food

It’s also why states like Washington are building massive bunkers of emergency food, as even the Seattle Times is now reporting. The people in charge know what’s coming. In fact, they’re engineering it. The food supplies aren’t for the people, either: They’re for the political elite. From the Seattle Times:

In Washington state’s new food warehouse, there’s enough Jif peanut butter to make nearly 3 million sandwiches. Barilla pasta boxes stretch to the ceiling, 100,000 in all. Large stacks of TreeTop applesauce, pancake mix and canned green beans sit on pallets, like soldiers waiting to be sent into duty.

After seeing food banks struggle to meet demand once the pandemic hit and the economy tanked, the Washington state Department of Agriculture (WSDA) began preparing to buy and stockpile tons of food to ward off a shortage in the months ahead. The new stockpile is driven by two major factors: A nearly doubling in demand for food assistance across the state and a national food supply chain that is bogged down amid an overwhelming surge in demand.

“We went into panic mode,” Sandison said. “That’s not an exaggeration. … So we jumped in with both feet and started active procurement on our end.” But as the WSDA was trying to buy as much nonperishable food as it could to increase the state’s emergency reserves, so was everyone else. Not only was the WSDA competing with other states and large national food-assistance programs, it also faced competition from grocery stores as national supplies of products such as pasta and peanut butter were becoming increasingly hard to come by.

Does that sound like a description of an economy that’s going to bounce back to normal with a “V-shaped recovery?”


And that’s a rare example of a story covering the massive food stockpiling efforts under way by governments across the nation. Most of the food stockpiling isn’t being reported.

Just remember this: When you stockpile food, the left-wing media says you’re “hoarding.” When the government stockpiles food, that’s said to be, “planning.”

Hoarding will be criminalized, which means local and state governments will go door-to-door, confiscating “hoarded” food supplies in order to add to their own “planning” stockpiles that they control. Mark my works.

What we’re doing at the Health Ranger Store

I want you know to know that we anticipated all this, and we’re working hard to maintain supplies of lab-validated storable food for our customers and readers. We recently opened up a new 7,000 square foot section of our food production facility, and we’re in the process of building another 20,000 square feet for storage of incoming food supplies from commercial trucks. We’ve secured food delivery contracts with numerous groups representing U.S. farmers, and we are stacking pallet racks to the roof with hundreds of thousands of pounds of food staples like beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, nuts and more.

Even though all of our storable foods are currently sold out at our store — see our storable food product lists here — we already have in our possession the materials to make thousands of new “Ranger Buckets,” and we are now producing 500 sets at a time.

The next 500 Ranger Buckets should be available in less than two weeks. The best way to get these is to go to this product page for Ranger Buckets and click on the “Notify me about restrock” button in the product description. This will automatically send you an email alert when the buckets are back in stock.

We already have enough materials to manufacture thousands of Ranger Buckets, but we are very short on human labor due to the insanely stupid federal government policy of the government paying people to stay home and avoid working. As a result of this insane policy — fully supported by GOP Senators, by the way — food production and distribution companies across America cannot find any labor, and the food supply is collapsing.

This has affected us as all. If not for this engineered labor shortage, we could easily produce double or triple the current output, but instead of allowing America to get back to work, both Republicans and Democrats are conspiring to pay American workers to stay home and do nothing while setting up the nation for engineered mass starvation.

This is not an oversight on their part: It’s the plan.

We have all been betrayed by our representatives in Washington. They signed our death warrants while they made “elite” plans for massive stockpiling and underground bunkers.

Download and listen to the Global Reset Survival Guide audio book

I’ve posted a free, downloadable nine-hour audiobook called the Global Reset Survival Guide. It’s free to download at

It covers everything you need to bug out, prep up and survive the onslaught against humanity that’s being waged by depopulation globalists and complicit Democrat anti-humanists.

A downloadable PDF transcript is printable, allowing you to have a hard copy of all this information in case the internet goes down (or we’re taken offline). Download and save all the MP3 files to your local computer or mobile device, so you always have the files. These are free to share.

Join the pro-human resistance against global tyranny and genocide. See the full details at

Also see for the new multi-speaker program “Final Warning: Brace for Impact,” where myself and other speakers offer our final warning for humanity. This is likely to be the very last message we are able to get out before the engineered collapse kicks in.

Lastly, I may not be posting as many articles as usual, as I’m spending a lot more time working on personal preparedness. Those who survive the collapse that’s being engineered for humanity will be those who undertook “extreme” preparedness plans in advance.

How much should you prepare? Unless your family and friends are looking at you and shaking their heads, saying you’re totally crazy, you’re not preparing enough.

People who think they’re “fully prepared” with a two-week food supply and a pistol with 50 rounds of ammo will be dead in less than a year, most likely. Natural selection has a way of eliminating those who are too stupid to accurately anticipate approaching events.

Watch the trailer here:

Download the full nine-hour audio book now at


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  1. OK, where to start? People claiming this stuff cannot usually answer these questions. Perhaps you can since your article is full of contradictions.
    1. You say Trump will win and we have to overwhelmingly vote for him to set a mandate. Fine. If he wins though, why are there going to be food shortages and death camps? He would be in charge. That would mean he is on the New World Order side and it doesn’t matter who we vote for. If he wins, why would the planned destruction of our country happen?
    2. Although we have the best military technologically in the world, we do not have an actual large number of troops. We do not have enough to disperse throughout the entire country to keep control of 300+ million people. There are as many guns in the country as people. To think the population wouldn’t fight back is delusional.
    3. We have an all volunteer military. How are you going to get the 18-20 year old soldiers to start harming the American citizens? Please explain how the kid next door that I have known since he was 4, who is now in the Marines, is going to be convinced to start going into citizens houses that he knows and doing things against their will? Even if he is sent to another neighborhood, how are these kids going to do this knowing full well what they are doing to people is happening to their own neighborhoods? It’s not possible I say.
    4. You talk about authorities going into people’s houses to steal their food and starve them. Again, who would do this to their fellow towns people that they know? If that actually happens, I and millions like me, will open fire on anyone trying to steal my food. Whether it’s military or police. They would now be the enemy. I have no delusion that I will hold off these people and survive. If they kick in my door, I know fully well I will die. However, I will take at least one person with me. Millions will do the same throughout the country. So again, if these 18-20 year old soldiers are kicking in doors to rob their fellow citizens, and they are several soldiers are dying to self defense in every neighborhood, how long to you think they will continue? Not long. It would be unlawful orders and these soldiers would know what they were doing is wrong and if I were in that situation the first thing I would do is put a bullet through any officers head telling me to do such an illegal act.
    5. You said they are going to come take your food, but grow food. What??????? If they’re coming to take your canned goods, why would they let you just grow a garden? Growing food is a complete waste of time if the SHTF for real. You have to stay put to grow crops and any government agency can just come take them from what you are saying. A giant mob of hungry people will probably take it first.

  2. What is stubbornness? It is not only refusing to believe a crucial message, but also shunning or at least looking down on those, who stated or believed it in the first place. Perhaps only when it’s too late for regrets will that person understand.

    I’m not sure how much people have that mentality to any degree, but as we can see in the tale “The Talisman of Solomon” in the book Twilight Land by Howard Pyle, resentment towards wise advice on account of selfishness comes at a price.


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