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Here are some psychological reasons people are scared and have a need to wear a mask. This research also explains the “psychos” who want to enforce the mask on you. I had to take a dive into this so I could understand it better. Now I present it to you. You can support my work at the links below. We are totally listener supported and we appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you and God bless!

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  1. MSM is the killer and try to make the best president guilty, who want to give the cure with HCQ . Fake new media report lies to create fear, and obligated the wearing of mask, that in no way could protect you from any virus. Look for yourself under a electronic microscope the size of the virus and do you think that the mask will stop it, please wake up.

  2. On the website it states that covid is no longer a High Contagious Infectious Disease, (HCID) since the 19 March 2020. Something is not right.

  3. What amazes me is how the term “Science” is used so loosely regarding masks.
    “The science is irrefutable’
    “The science , the science, the science”
    They have shown us zero studies on IF masks work to prevent the spread of a virus.
    They have shown us Zero science on whether social distancing actually is a proven method of slowing the spread.
    We heard “15 days to slow the spread”
    Here we are 4 months later and many businesses are not open.
    I personally dont parrot the belief its all Trumps fault.
    I dont believe the MSM when they claim Trump “killed” people.
    I believe if people would have had HCQ available many could have survived.
    What could it hurt, we have a right to try meds if we want.
    I am not a mask compliant person because i have the right to not believe lies I m being fed and other have choices too.

    • Yet there are plenty of studies prior to covid that found mask DO NOT prevent viruses and studies that found surgeons oxygen levels where significantly reduced while performing surgery. Science for sale

    • Thank you, Bonnie. I have traveled worldwide, solo, on a dime, which means I lived, eaten, and sleep along side the local people in conditions that most Westeners would find deplorable and never been sick. I guess my point here is, we have a kickass, amazing machine called the, Immune System, that is part of the human anatomy that works. I trust it, I take care of it, I nourish it by eating clean organic foods, clean water, excersise, I take suplements and herbs during the usual flu seasons of winter. I refuse to shop at big chains stores, the smell of chemicals is obnoxious. The big question needing to be ask, why are chemical corporation growing our food?! Herd, community, immunity is affective and if not why has the human population flourished forever? I am old enough to say, fool me once….
      NO, I will never wear a mask. NO, I will never get vaccined…..My Body, My Choice!!

    • This entire phenomenon with a global virus goes so much deeper than surface survival. I look forward to the day the real truth is revealed to us. In the meantime everyone should continually work on their belief systems esp. as to how you perceive govt. and the media. Wash yourself clean of them and you’ll have a better chance of getting through the psy op warfare we are experiencing. We are spiritual beings first and foremost but we’ve been so distracted from that by the above mentioned.


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