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  1. According to what I’ve heard from the, the vaccine will attack and destroy our chromosome 8 gene which gives humans intelligence, and helps prevent cancer. Those who take the vaccine will slowly get downs syndrome , and cancer , it will cull the population , and allow them to easily control us through the nano technology and the app on our “smart” phones , through the 5G technology . Beaming 5G technology at 60 ghz at the population will remove oxygen from our lungs, by preventing hemoglobin from attaching to oxygen. ( this is what happened at Wuhan China ) Read about the Georgia guidestones, and eugenics, to lower the world population to only 500 million

  2. I assume the footage in the first 8 minutes is about 25 or more years old, or I get this impression because zealous Christians dress in old fashioned style, see the ladies with hats on. Gosh, the inventor hasn’t found a way to a more simple and sober diet, has he?

    For a moment, while listening to this micro-chip inventor, I felt like “At least, he should be proud of himself for finding out what the consequences are of inserting these micro-chips smaller than a grain of rice”. With this testimony he now knew and thus he had a choice to educate people about this subject and help prevent the application, according to his ability to inform them.

    It’s utterly bizarre to me, that he felt he wasn’t supposed to read Revelations, while the title of that last Bible chapter says it all, to Bible readers who long to understand and know.
    While he worked for Bill Gates, he should’ve informed himself properly, about the micro-chip design and its use, about the plan how to apply the chip and use it. He should’ve thought better and ask questions. Alas, I guess he was one of many, with a good income.

    When he’s awake to his moral values only after finding out what he has accomplished: fulfilling a prophecy of Revelations, as an instrument of God, to say it in a dark humorous way, he could’ve responded in a way that balance the scales of his conscience, with the help of his moral values awake, going back to the days of his work in the micro-chip fabrication and in that way find forgiveness for himself. The imprint of a fear for God’s punishment is as strong as the imprint of a fear for the Devil. And so, you can never be at ease or win the lottery for your personal heaven earned with good points ?

    After the 8 first minutes, there’s a doctor warning for the vaccination danger, I guess he’s speaking for Nigeria Voice TV also. He’s quite upset and hard to follow in his report, for he speaks very fast. Besides, is it new news? Am I mistaken, thinking that the information about the dangers in vaccines, and the suppression of warnings by medical staff, has been spread wide and far all over the virtual cloud by now?

    • Hi Devon. The info about the danger of vaccines IS all over the internet but it is amazing how many are still unaware. I do get concerned about the amount of unawakened people even during this virus psy op going on. Best if the message keeps broadcasting.

      • Hello AliceinW, may I ask, are you concerned for other people (those that are assumed to be unaware) because you think about them and their fate, or are you actually in touch with them, so that you see them in where they are with themselves? (and possibly lend a hand in informing them)

        I’m now expressing my critique on “the internet of things”, if I may. This comment might be an article on its own, for one of PFC’s pages, also because I’m very interested to hear other people’s views and experiences, related to the question
        “Is it helpful to be concerned for others who we assume to be present in our world, without ever having met them, or seen them?”

        Assumptions about the state of “humanity” that include sentiments, made in the cloud, are one of the ingredients that are, to me, addictive, in what I sarcastically call the Wishing Well of Wonders.

        Ask yourself, what’s actually real in the cloud? Who’s for real? Can we truly assume other peoples’ state of being when we’ve never met them in person?
        Look at the amount of shouts, copied by many without thinking for themselves, let alone taking the time to verify if truth or lies are presented.

        “Monkey see …. monkey do” that’s often the name of the game, in social media with discussions and the world of twitter (which I find unreliable, for they’re empty shouts often).

        The digital world of instant gratification, junk-food for the soul, and a second-hand identity based on feeling one with the “influencer” on social media, the one with the most “followers”, it’s all artificial, not real to me. The number of followers is an indication for joining the ranks, not the person who has become an “influencer”. It’s a virtual fata morgana, perceived by the entire company travelling in the desert.

        To me, that’s how polarisation is increasing now, with many human minds programmed to ridicule an opponent, simply for the fact that one’s friend feels that way, or one’s spouse, or one’s employer. The need to belong has become an artificial external aspect in many of us, a dependence on stimulus and distraction of entertainment that is as empty of nutrients for the soul as spun sugar fluff is for the physical body. Eh.. I guess I’m trying to write about what integrity means to me.

        Many surfers online are following the waves others make and hardly dare to be with themselves on a surfboard alone, making their own waves and ride to the shore, safely. I’m now using metaphors, as you may have guessed.

        Forgive my long sort of “rant” AliceinW. Let’s return to the subject here. To me, there’s no point in worrying over those who are outside my field of vision and out of touch, literally. I’m not at all concerned for other people’s state of mind, when they’re not in my circle of real people whom I meet in person, or with which I feel as if we’re family on a soul-level.

        Only when I’m engaged with a real human being, experiencing the person in its life-style, its choice of “making home”, the interaction with others, the body-language, the little details that make a person into a real human being, with emotions and enthusiasm in joy, or moving through hard times, silent.

        That’s an experience that is far more rich and valuable to me than interaction with anonymous “people” in the cloud. As soon as I’ve met a person in real life and stay in touch with that person, through emails etc. it’s a whole different experience, see what I mean?

        It’s the reason why I present myself as a human being in touch with the world of form, the daily life events, and how I am with myself with that. One reader here suspected me of covering up facts about myself, when I shared an unusual event, twisting my right foot and unable to walk for a week, almost. To me, that sort of suspicion resembles the windmills of a person’s mind in overdrive. I find it hilarious.

        Regarding the moment of ascension, which one of us can and will tell us when a sufficient number of awakened people is reached, so that the whole of humanity will make a leap? I know of the idea that so and so many of us need to reach a certain level of clarity, discernment and consciousness, in order to ascend as a whole. By the way, as an incurable optimist and creator, I’m sure we’ll be fine, all.

        I’m pretty sure that with the possibility to access information about the dangers of vaccines, present in numerous sources, mainly online I assume, all people have or have had a chance to educate themselves. Those that are unaware now, are willingly unaware, although mostly unconscious of it, or in that state of half clarity: knowing of it and yet…. not knowing of it…. for a reason (the game of denial).

        When we keep spreading this type of information endlessly, we’ll arrive in a tiredness and an overdose of more of the same, (I begin to feel this is happening on these pages here) which I’ve heard quite a number of people about.

        If it’s anxiety, uneasiness, discomfort, too upsetting, or in a brainwashed state, thinking that all warnings around this subject are “made up”, I tend to think that those who are unaware WANT to be unaware, although it’s an unconscious choice mostly.

        Apart from feeling reluctant to spread vaccine information endlessly, I also question the publishing of so many repetitive posts with the same subject, here on the pages of PFC. I truly don’t expect visitors of these pages here to be unaware, and live like couch-potatoes all day, eating ready made dinners, creating their world while gaming.

        And now, I’m finishing my sermon of this Saturday evening, sitting in the garden of a farm in Normandy, with an evening sky in yellow and purplish grey, feeling the chill of nightfall creeping up my legs. 8 geese are grazing on the grass around me, communicating with each other all of the time, little sounds, content with filling their stomachs with pears, figs and… most of all… grass, completely at ease with their being geese, ha!

        The silence without noise of traffic, air-plane or machines, is what I love best and I can see the moon through the tree to my left, which is almost full. A wren is twittering in the tree nearby and my hands are getting cold now. I wish, at times, that we humans were more like animals, just present in the moment.

        Thank you for reading this long comment, AliceinW. Spread your light, I suggest, the rest will take care of itself, usually life itself knows best how to assist us on our path, when we say “yes” to life with the joy of being alive and kicking.

  3. Great info in this video. The young have lived their lives on computers and devices and are vulnerable to any new app that comes along. They must be educated about healthcare and its failings (i.e. vaccines) so as not to fall victim to any “quick solution” to CV. From this video finally learned how 5G would be used on us. Take the time to watch this.

  4. How can they make us use a smarty-pants phone. That’s what a friend of mine calls them. My husband has a flip phone and I have an android that I guess they could attach an app to. We also have a land line which we get ridiculed about. Who’s laughing now. I have copied the phone numbers and addresses of all the people/companies that I order health products from like Dr. Joe Mercola. I am 74 so Jesus and I know what I must do and want to do. I will not take the “sign of the beast.” I just feel sorry for all the younger people that would want to die if they could not use their smart phones. Remember how the Obama administration decided everyone should have free phones??? My objective is to spread love, peace and joy wherever I go. But I will remain a warrior also. Namaste


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