Submitted writing by Volunteer Melissa:

The Solution is Love

At this time, our country is divided.  Both sides have deeply engrained beliefs.  Each side is unable to wrap their heads around the other side’s point of view.  I too have my own set of beliefs and I’ve struggled to understand others.  I’ve often got angry because I couldn’t find any sense in the other side’s point of view.  I’ll admit, I thought they were crazy, ignorant, ill informed, etc.  All those thoughts did was lead me to be more angry and confused.  Angry and confused is not a happy way to live, and I knew that deep down, but I just wasn’t sure how to rise above it.

Should I protest?  I saw many of my friends and neighbors participating in these protests to no resolution.  Some of these protests were became violent and seemed to contradict what the participants were protesting about.  They seemed to cause a greater divide in our country and just made both sides angrier.  This couldn’t be the answer.

Should I post my opinions on Facebook in hopes to sway others to see my side of things?  I tried this and inevitably resulted in the same- anger and cruelty.  I quickly realized that this is not the answer as well, that these beliefs were too deeply engrained to be changed by an article that could be debunked by a quick search on the internet – there was plenty of “facts” on both sides of the argument.

Should I campaign the Presidential candidate that was on “my side” of the argument in hopes that he win and get us out of this mess?  Same result – anger and cruelty from my friends and neighbors who had opposing views.  And let’s be honest, either candidate will not solve our problems.  The divide will still be there.

To find a solution for where we’re at, I think we first need to understand how we got here.  Unfortunately, the main stream media has manipulated all of us to believe different narratives.  This isn’t our fault, it doesn’t make us gullible.  The only fault of ours was our trust in our media to report truth and facts.  As we’ve all come to know, this is sadly not the case at all.  The question is Why?

I could speculate all day and yes, I do have my own beliefs here, but one that could not be debated is that the ones controlling these narratives do not want us to love one another.  They want us divided, they want us angry, they want us to hurt each other.  This is not what I want.  I’m guessing that this is not what anyone wants.  So the solution is love.  I love and respect you regardless of your beliefs.  I know your beliefs have been engrained in you because of what you’ve been told, same as myself.  Please join me in rising above and loving one another so we can get out of this mess.  And create new beliefs that are based on love and truth so we can live in a world that we all want to live in.

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  1. “yes, I do have my own beliefs here, but one, that could not be debated, is that the ones controlling these narratives, do not want us, to love one another. They want us divided, they want us angry, they want us to hurt each other. This is not what I want.”
    Thank You.

    I screamed about George Floyd, just as I have been screaming on the Internet, off and on, since 9-11. It has done little good. I have awakened a few but, there is so much opposing psyop ‘facts’ out there, I am deeply disappointed, the cabal control it all, and now, censor the rest.

    Yes, the George Floyd murder, truly angered me, just as the incidents in Kenosha WI. a few hundred miles south of my location, this very week, have enraged me….
    I’m white, Scotch Irish red haired Caucasian,, to divide it down but, any murder, or attack, by the city country state federal, cabal,, corporate cops, really enrages me, whether it is a white or black or any,,, innocent American, being assaulted and or murdered on our streets.
    Black or White, it does not matter (yes black lives matter because,, all life is equal and absolutely, all life,, matters), we the people, black, white, red, yellow,, or so they’ve called, to divide us, are all,, being attacked,, on all fronts (yes the shot black person makes national headlines — intentionally so but, how often does the shot white, red, or yellow man? Never!! Odd isn’t it…but not if you take in the big picture.).

    I’ve fought to point this out, this is not,, a race opposition or racism issue, that’s the cabal’s directed headline, it’s actually,, “the cabal making war on the people, -all of, the people,, -issue”.
    Just as it was in Waco, just as it was on Ruby Ridge, just as it was in Oklahoma, just as it was on 9-11 in NYC, just as it was when they tried to nuke Charleston SC, just as it was when they tried to start nuclear war passing orders through non traditional channels to launch the missiles -not accepted by the officer in charge- whom is still in lockup at last I heard, for saving our country and the world from nuclear holocaust), just as it was with George Floyd, just as it was in Kenosha (and yes, countless others too many to name). Just as it was, personally speaking, when they cut my brake lines, not once but twice, and broke my axle saddle in an attempt to make a high speed mechanical failure of my auto, look like “an accident” but it would have been murder had my mechanic not caught it while changing my tire, and pointed it out…or the time they tried to blow me and my family up -the list goes on…
    We are at war, we are all,,, at war, every day, and we, like or recognize it or not,, are,, the foot soldiers… Thus fighting amongst ourselves and screaming at one another, while we try,, to fight the true enemy (whom I add, are generally speaking, united,, against us), is doing us, no good at all..

    Getting angry and Screaming is doing nothing. Every time,, it gets co-opted,, and wrapped up in the cabal MSM misinformation psyop’s….

    The People, as a whole,, are misguided,, and misled,, misinformed, mis-educated, deliberately propagandized, intentionally hypnotized thereby and utterly brainwashed, about well, most everything. Clearly, every last one of us, in this matrix state, are., to some degree, or another. I certainly was,, some of my most cherished beliefs of three decades ago, are now laughable to me because I was so misled and accepted the things ‘I was told’, even “researching for myself” from their starting point, using their leads and materials I was provided, I came to the exact conclusions they desired, That is, the problem, we can all, prove anything, we want, because someone has already laid down the conclusions in print somewhere,, they want us to reach, and lead us one step at a time exactly where they want us to go, anger and hatred, ie: “Negativity”.

    It leaves just one answer yes,, that of Love and respect. We cannot tie others to a chair and deprogram them (much as I’d like to, with a family member of mine, or two or several…issue dependent.). We can only let them come to their own conclusions and follow their own path, as we did, on their own, to one day realize, their most cherished ‘beliefs’ of today, may, and most likely, in some way, will, be laughable,, to them,, too, one day.

    This is ‘spiritual growth’ and everyone, in this life, or another, must come to it, on their own, by themselves, by their own karma.

    However that said, I still believe, right or wrong, in putting what we know ‘out there’ for others to find because not doing so is like burning books, a suppression of human thought idea and form. Telling our viewpoint to others is okay, So long as, we do not,, attack others personally,, or respond with anger, attacking them, for them exercising, or us, exercising “our”, freedom of speech. I say this because I believe strongly in challenging the narrative, in confronting actions of the cabal and their minions, because in not, doing so, it will lead to deeper slavery to them through that silence, than we already endure (at least here in the US).

    So yes, “Love, and respect, is the key, and when they don’t agree, we do ourselves well, if we, just, let them be”. A lesson I am trying,, to make a core value, in myself. So I understand, how hard it is… I want nothing more than to see these cabal minions get their just reward but, I or someone else would have to violate what is right and wrong to do that, as they did to begin the hatred circle. So we must denounce these actions without becoming part of the problem, like the kid in Kenosha that shot at protestors.

    They want us to burn our cities, they want us, to grab our assault rifles, and go shoot protestors (ie: mostly innocent, peaceful, fellow Americans, fellow ‘humans’, our own, “brothers and sisters”,, exercising their rights, to freedom of speech), yes they, the cabal want us to scream for and against Trump or Biden, for and against the police, bottom line, they want us to,,—Be Divided.

    Divide and conquer, oldest strategy, in the cabal’s play book.
    Love conquers division, it is, the only,, real answer.

      • Jon, Evidence?
        That is an assertion I have heard but, not as yet, seen such evidence.

        My point is still valid, many blacks (though they get the headlines), and people’s of every other race, are being murdered on our streets every year, by these cabal corporatized state, and federal, employee, cops. One article here at PFC reported over a thousand a year, of us, US Citizens, murdered, annually.

        It is going on, everywhere, even a small town I lived not far from, not that many years ago (trying specifically not to provide too much detail here, out of concern of reprisal for talking about the things I know)., a school kid, ‘a child’ under the law, whom was attending a school related function, was murdered by a cop in the parking lot (though I don’t know the full detail of the story, no one ever will either, as the only one that knew what occurred, besides the cop, that murdered him in cold blood, is dead, but, from what I was told by locals, this occurred while they were using drug sniffing dogs to check car door handles, so they knew, which cars, to pull over, leaving, due to the fact more recent drug residue left on door handles ie: resin residue, the dogs can, and do, detect – This is a small county that derives a great deal of it’s revenue from drugs, which I have heard first hand from at least one, pot dealer, in that town,, the cops themselves, supply, and this individual told me firsthand, they protect certain dealers, that the cops then, essentially, ‘employ’ thereby, whom supplies them with info on whom they sold to, the cops then pick and choose, whom to bust, and of, anyone else, is selling that is not one of their protected dealers, ie: “their competition” they bust. Yet, their protected dealers, if they are about to get raided through some slip up or tip they cannot ignore, that dealer, then gets a call in advance, to clear out anything from their residence and vehicles.
        Even the former judge of this town, from what I heard repeatedly, was a cocaine addict, I have been told by one first hand witnesses whom witnessed this judge and police officers, snorting their cocaine off a bar, he was bartender at).

        Whom is going to stand up and publicly tell the truth about this kind of thing, and every other such crime, the authorities, including cops, commit… they’d be arrested imprisoned and killed, for naming names.

        I know,, I have had cops in my family, two former cops in Chicagoland, that talked about the corruption though, they only told me of limited ways the cops were corrupt, as they were still officers at the time…
        However, I’ve had friends whom were former police officers, that told me of the corruption firsthand, and we all know, cops have weapons, guns, knives, (yes drugs too) whatever needed, available, to ‘drop’ at any such ‘potential’ or actual, crime scene they want to create, and they can, then, like in the case of a shooting/murder, put the dead persons fingerprints on the weapon which takes all of a couple seconds, then claim ‘they pulled a weapon’, And had to defend oneself. I don’t believe a word a cop says anymore, nor would I suggest anyone else.
        These friends that were former cops, that have discussed openly in a general way (out of fear), the corruption that takes place, were not just in one specific regional area, but these were across several US states. Former cops that were either forced out, or quit, out of disgust, the police force, due to the ‘clique corruption’ ie; You’re either one of the corrupt, with them, or you have to leave the force but, one way, or another, your done…

        It’s all, just a game to them, they have their unwritten rules how to handle any such situation, and even if,, such extreme measures of murdering, a fellow citizen were necessary (questionable in any circumstance), the cops rarely, even if caught in undeniable wrongdoing, do “real time for the crime” as any, of, “we the people”, would,, were we, in their stead, and god forbid, you ever actually are put in the position and you must, defend yourself,, against these often psycho ex military cops because, you are a dead man, they make certain, of that, whether it is ‘in the moment’ or later, in jail or prison, they’ll get you… They can, will, and do, murder anyone they want, opposing them, even if one is acting in self defense against their criminal activity,
        It’s all corrupt, top down in this country, every aspect of the legal and “criminal,, justice system” (never a more apt term, far as I am concerned, they are mostly corrupt criminals, in the system, from the cops to prosecutors to judges to lawyers to the court mandated counselors to the psychiatrists to the probation and parole officials to the prison administrations especially for profit imprisonment facilities etc. etc., the list goes on and on) and I personally, am sick of it, I was sick of it forty years ago when cops, merely confiscated your weed, so they had free pot to smoke themselves (which yes, actually happened to me, the cop stuffing it in his pocket and saying ‘get out of here’), and far far far,, more sick of it today, because the corruption runs far wider and deeper now through every aspect of ‘government’ in general.
        The corruption and psycho cops, is not,, psyop, generally speaking, I know, and this corruption, truly, must stop, and we the people as a whole, must stop it, one way or another. Thus, you can make the claim the Floyd murder was psyop, I don’t know I have not seen the evidence your deriving this from but, I do,, know what I know, first hand, second hand, and generally speaking, it is my feeling the corruption is beyond rampant in this country at every level, and my opinion, is far worse within government circles, law enforcement, and the “criminal” (ie; actual “authorities” being the criminal), justice system, than in,, the general populace, and nothing, anyone can say to me will change that fact (because I have not only witnessed it personally but, heard first hand “testimony” one could say, from their own former officials, regarding this truth).
        If we do not stop it. We’re doomed.

        • Tye, If you can Not see that the Video that was posted on George Floyd was Faked, then that makes you ‘Part of the Problem’. I Know for a Fact that Evidence, such as that would Never be released to the Public on an ongoing Investigation. & Don’t say it was someone else’s, it still would have been pulled, Fact!

          • He is not part of the problem, he is a victim in all of this as we all are. He has been told a story that he chooses to believe because of his past experiences. He

  2. I feel the same as you Melissa, so i understand where your coming from. If we can all just listen to each other with open hearts and understand where the other is coming from with out judgement I think that would go a long way to helping the situation but that is just my humble opinion. I learned a long time ago you cant make someone see someone else’s viewpoint. We are all on a journey, it’s just some take different, longer or more bumpier paths than others. Not one path is better or more righteousness than another. They are all equally valid learning experiences and and chosen for a reason by us. One by one we will all get there just not all at the same time, that is if you believe in time as a linear idea.

  3. Dear Sweet Melissa,
    The problem with the USA is too much government. The government is mostly comprised of heathen (loveless) individuals who are “narcissistic control freaks” who want you to worship them (satan). God your heavenly father would never lie to you or want you to put a mask on your face. These lies and demands are all from satan designed to turn folks from God. God made man to be free of government controls. It is very simple: If every human would just abide by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule as laid out in Matthew, man could self govern. But man chooses to live in sin and tyranny. It’s all about choice. People choose to worship their TV/social media instead of spending quality time with their Father in heaven through prayer and devotion. Prayer and devotion bring love, joy and peace. What is that TV/social media giving you?????

  4. The answer is: Righteousness & Truth. That will Lead you to Love. You cannot have Love without Moral Law. You cannot have Love built on Lies. The Light responds to Righteousness & Truth. There are some on this PFC platform that believe it’s O.K. to have shackles on their brother because it benefits them & or their Nation. That is not Love. But in Moral Law it would not be acceptable. Righteousness = Moral Law. Truth = something Proven. Love = is an Emotion (a feeling).

    • Sheep he thought! Lost foolish sheep! Deserving of the cruel fate that awaits all of the sleeping masses that buy into this fake reality.


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