By Michael Snyder,

It looks like we are headed for the most chaotic presidential election in modern U.S. history.  According to some estimates, somewhere around 40 percent of all U.S. voters will vote by mail this year.  That means that tens of millions of votes will be going through the postal system, and that has the potential to create all sorts of problems.  For one thing, it is going to take a lot of extra time to open those ballots and count them.  For states that allow mail-in votes to be counted in advance, that shouldn’t delay final results by too much, but in other states we are facing the possibility of a nightmare scenario.  There are certain states that are not allowed to start counting any ballots until the polls close on election day, and that includes key swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania

In several states not accustomed to high volumes of mail-in voting, including Rust Belt swing states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, election officials cannot start counting ballots until voting ends on election night. Other swing states, such as Minnesota, allow absentee ballots to be postmarked up to Election Day.

So as we all watch the election results come in on the night of November 3rd, what we will be getting will only be partial results.

And at this point the mainstream media is assuming that the votes that are cast in person will heavily favor President Trump, and so they are warning us that there could be a “red mirage” scenario in which it appears that Trump is easily winning an election that he has actually lost.

Of course if Trump builds a huge lead on election night, he is likely to declare victory, and Facebook has already stated that they intend to “flag” any such attempt…

Facebook plans to flag any attempt by the Trump campaign to declare a premature victory in the presidential race on the platform, the company announced on Thursday.

The social media giant, which has come in for heavy criticism for failing to police foreign and domestic elections propaganda on its network, also said it would not accept any new political ads in the final week of the 2020 presidential race.

This is one of the reasons why I have always been strongly against mail-in voting.  Our nation is likely to be thrown into a state of chaos in November because it is going to take so long to count all the votes.  President Trump and his supporters will be absolutely convinced that they have won the election if they have a big lead on election night, and Joe Biden and his supporters will be absolutely convinced that they will be victorious once all of the mail-in votes are finally counted.  And then no matter what the final result is, about half the country will not be willing to accept it as legitimate.

This is going to be such a disaster, but nobody can do anything about it now.  All we can do is watch this slow-motion train wreck play out.

Biden supporters are already pointing to a recent poll which shows that Biden voters are far more likely to vote by mail than Trump supporters are…

Forty-seven percent of voters who plan to vote for Biden say they are likely to vote by mail, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday. That’s more than double the 21% of voters backing Trump who say they are likely to vote by mail. The poll found 56% of Republicans say they intend to vote on Election Day, compared with 26% of Democrats.

If all of the votes were counted and released at one time, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

But instead most of the results that we will get on election night will be from in-person voting, and most of the mail-in votes will be counted some time later.

At this point, everyone should be able to see that this is almost certainly not going to end well.

So many Trump voters prefer to vote the old-fashioned way, while many Democrats are very eager to vote by mail, and this has created a huge disparity in ballot requests in some of the most critical swing states.  Just check out these numbers

In Pennsylvania – a state Trump won in 2016 but where polling shows him behind – nearly 900,000 Democrats have requested a mail ballot for the election, more than twice the 347,000 Republicans who have done so. In North Carolina, another state Trump won in 2016 but where he and Biden are in a close race, nearly 313,000 Democrats requested mail ballots compared with nearly 93,000 Republicans.

We are seeing similar numbers in other states, and this is one of the reasons why Joe Biden will not concede no matter how large Trump’s lead on election night is.

This thing could end up dragging out for an extended period of time, and that is extremely unfortunate.

And the truth is that we may never even know the true winner of the 2020 election.  Voting by mail opens up so many opportunities for fraud, and large numbers of ballots never even get delivered to the intended voters in the first place.  As Breitbart has reported, 17 percent of the ballots that were sent out to registered voters in Nevada for their primary in June came back as “undeliverable”…

Last month, the Trump campaign filed suit against Nevada for their universal mail-in voting plans that would allow votes submitted after election day to count for the election. More than 223,000 mail-in ballots sent to registered voters in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their June primary bounced as “undeliverable” — 17 percent of the total 1,325,934 mail-in ballots that were sent out in the county.

Over the next couple of months, tens of millions of ballots are going to be floating around out there, and many will end up in the hands of people that should not have them.  For example, Hulk Hogan says that one of his friends just received a ballot that was addressed to his dog

Crazy stuff, a friend of mine just got a mail in ballot for his dog Nugget? Now even dogs can vote!

How does something like that happen?

Another thing to watch out for is “ballot harvesting”.  Democrats have become masters of this practice, and they used it with devastating effectiveness in California in 2018.  Now they are deploying this tactic all over the nation, and very alarming incidents of abuse are already being reported

Furthermore, a citizen journalist reported that Democrats were harvesting mail-in ballots from nursing homes in Texas by fraudulently submitting ballot applications in bulk.

The journalist said that at least 32 applications supposedly from elderly voters were all submitted with the exact same handwriting, and were all submitted using the same pre-printed envelope with the same-style stamp.

In the end, we should all want a legitimate outcome.  The integrity of our elections is of paramount importance, and the will of the American people should be respected.

But I don’t think that any of us will ever be able to feel good about the outcome of this election no matter who ends up winning.

Needless to say, the losing side is likely to be absolutely enraged over an election that they feel has been stolen from them, and that is likely to make the current chaos in our streets even worse.

At this point, even the Washington Post is warning that this election is likely to end “catastrophically”…

Perspective: The election will likely spark violence — and a constitutional crisis.

In every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically.

For once, I actually agree with the Washington Post.

I have a hard time trying to imagine how this election could possibly end well.

Right now, Trump and his supporters are convinced that Trump will win, and Biden and his supporters are convinced that Biden will win.

One side is going to be bitterly, bitterly disappointed, and they will almost certainly feel like the election was not won legitimately.

There is going to be so much anger, and when it explodes it is going to be very frightening to watch.

This is already such a dark chapter in American history, and this election is going to take things to an entirely new level.

Sadly, I believe that after November 2020 nothing in this country will ever be the same again.



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  1. This is exactly why I have long, long,, spoken about the need for an internet based (or for those without such service, a telephone option) system of voting using one’s own social security number (secretly of course), using the highest military grade encryption protocols and, more importantly verifiable by the voter, that their vote was accurately cast and reflected on the system. It would be immediate the result known within seconds of aers9n casting their vote, it would be accurate, and it would be indisputable…

    This could, as I have again, long advocated, be used to put every issue facing the United States, to the people themselves, to decide. This would then completely hold accountable every congressperson to do, as their voters decided, because one could easily check, to see their congressperson has voted, as the people of the district so directed ie: Direct Representation by congressional officials, and if they instead ‘vote their conscious, the next election they would be most likely voted out of office, for not, doing their job.

    The election system is set up for fraud, no one with any common sense, trusts the electoral college system, nor the utterly corrupt, gerrymandered congressional districting (I advocate settling this by using state and county lines as the district divisions), thus, no one with intelligence, trusts the elections, period and I think most Americans are smart enough to know the truth, the elections have been corrupt a long time. The 2016 election demonstrated that without question, remember “not my president”… This one, will be far worse, with results not known for days, if not weeks.

    It is time for modernizing democracy, it’s not 1776 anymore, it’s 2020 and we need to employ the technology currently available,, to clean up this mess, we call the election’s.

  2. I made a mistake in my post reading Clinton.
    He was waging war.
    What Im not sure about is How he managed to keep this country from attaining large amounts of debt like past Presidents after him did from their war games.

  3. Voters CAN do something about stopping this chaos, but many dont want to.
    Many want the chaos, anything to keep Trump out of office.
    They are like children having tantrums, these are not adults even though their physical age may state they are.
    Adults should be adults but many are still emotional children playing adult games.
    The politicians in DC, we cant control them but we can control our own actions.
    Get off your butts and go to the polls and vote.
    Unless you are truly unable to of course.
    Stop this childish behavior America or part of you anyway.
    If you Dont Like Trump Fine, dont like him.
    But stop embarrassing yourselves and this country by acting like crazed loons over him.
    Enough is Enough
    We do NOT need 4 more years of Americans who are sore losers exhibiting their defeat in childish ways, its just not good for our country.
    People claim Trump isnt good for our country, but they cant really name one thing he has done to hurt it.
    But they try Oh his corona virus response was poor
    Oh hes a womanizer or hes this oh hes that.
    Its really just Enough
    Hollywood , shut up and do your job; which is acting not telling us how to think and feel about politicians and policy.
    Musicians, same with you;Shut up about Politics and make your music.
    I’m sick of people trying to influence me that have no mind of their own………
    Peace America Peace
    We have had More World Peace during Trump than we have had since Clinton.
    The powers dont want wars stopped either, but Trump stopped them.
    I didnt vote for him in 2016 but Im going to in 2020 for Sure!


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