Interview by Lauren Eisenhower:

This is an excellent chronological history of our government and the alien faction:


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  1. Excellent presentation. Also appreciated the note on the ‘other sides’ look at the war, however, during war all sides do atrocities, no side is without it’s shame. Let’s move on.
    Let’s focus on the real topic presented and that is the deep state control and manipulation by a small group of people putting the strings along with the aliens. True.
    It has lead to very corrupted governments, corporations and a super elite out for greed, control and so much more. People are guinea pigs and the politicians puppet master with others continuing the dark art of drugs, crime, sex traffic, satanic sacrifice, mind control, etc. It’s time for a change, as mentioned, with the hidden technologies made available for clean air, healthy food, good health – holistic & homeopathic etc. governed by honorable, moral, people with integrity in a sustainable world. The politics of the past has lead us here. Now we need a total system change and strong leadership to shift this, not one that is manipulable. Focus on the world agenda and lets turn it around. Do please visit: my son’s Community-Type Society Social Standard for a heads up idea of what and how we can live. He spent 8 years developing and documenting it. Now in 6 books and online, The Auravana project see:

    • Yes you are so correct Taveta, Lets get on with Life as the Germans proposed in the 1930’s with Their Technologies & Healthy way of Living through Honorable Men & Women that had Integrity. We are 80 years behind schedule.

  2. 13 minute in, what a joke, Willis accuses Germany of infiltration of Media, Education & Entertainment while Germany was the one who threw out those elements in Germany in 1933. Is that not what All the yelling was about from the Marxist Industry?? Also Nazism & Germany itself is rather Beat up in the Media, Education System & Entertainment. Sounds to me like there was Jealousy towards Germany from U.S. & Britain pertaining to Germany being advanced with ‘Anti Gravity Craft.’

  3. There are many videos on the Eisenhower Rhine Meadows Death Camps on utube where 1.7 M German POWs and civilians were deliberately starved to death. There’s evidence that Eidenhower was selected and promoted by the cabal snakes, although he was ranked 300th in the selection pool. He was promoted because he represented them and followed orders, certainly in the beginning at least.

    The 1.7m POW scandal was referred to as the Morgenthou Plan after the Sec of Treasury. Supposedly Ike wrote his wife saying “I hate the Germans” which looks like a way for the cabal snakes to blame it all on Ike. He went along to go along and maybe had some pangs of conscious in the end to issue a warning in 1961 and establish a fall back plan to save the constitution with a Marine special section.

    There are other indications that Ike wasn’t in control of WW2, considering the fire bombing civilian genocide of Martin Luther rebel cities in northern Germany like Hamberg and Dresden and the whole Rudolf Hess intrigue, indicating a sinister hidden hand in furthering the war. There’s much evidence of a hidden cabal behind the scenes that was controlling events and manufacturing myths for the masses, that’s still widely believed.

    Ike probably didn’t have a lot of choice anyway. Forrestal was soon suicided, JFK was caught in a crossfire of 6 snipers and Reagan lasted 2 months until he was tamed and controlled. It’s amazing that Trump has lasted this long. Whether Ike was a good man or a hidden vilian, he probably had little choice either way.

  4. You can Not Flip History Again! Stick your Operations This & That Up Your Propaganda Flip Flop Butts! Germany Then & Germany Now Just want to be left Alone! Eisenhower was a Communist Globalist who extended the War &that was documented by General Patton. Eisenhower broke the “Geneva Convention’ Human Rights of Surrendered German Soldiers. He Starved to death Millions of German Soldiers known as ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’ (all documented) For those looking for Truth & why does it matter, watch ‘HELLSTORM’ Documentary. These Two Clowns are nothing more then that!

    • Millions is definitely a stretch. Put yourself in General Eisenhower’s time and place. Germany in general and German soldiers in particular were really unpopular in the spring of ’45. This animosity was particularly intense among the soldiers of the US, Free French, and British Armies. Whilst it be true that the treatment of surrendered German soldiers could well be subject to criticism, it has an aspect to it that is somewhat forgivable.

      • Your going by false history. General Patton exposed what Eisenhower did so USSR would get Berlin. Hello, ‘Berlin Wall.’ You yourself, Quentin, Should ask yourself what was United States doing so Far away from Home?? Germany was No Threat to America. Do you have Any idea what ‘The Royal Air Force’ & U.S. Air Force did to Civilian Cities in Germany?? Go watch ‘HELLSTORM’ Documentary. & Study WW1 to know how Roosevelt & Churchill got “Their” war.


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